Last Updated: May 30, 2016

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  • Lafferty Dodgers improves to 11-0 with a victory over Hannibal Pirates!
  • Marshall County has won 5 of their last 6 games!
  • Belmont County drops 12th straight with a doubleheader loss to Weirton, 20-0, 17-1.
  • The OVBL would like to thank all its loyal fans, we couldn't do it without you!
2016 Schedule Announced

 The 2016 Schedule has been entered on the site. Any changes that need to be made should be agreed to by managers involved. Please Contact VP Bill Timko so the adjustment can be noted on the website.

Congratulations Wheeling Cardinals on 2015 OVBL Championship!

Any teams not returning for the 2016 season need to contact Laney Simone as soon as possible with that information. Any coaches in discussing any changes in league rules or the goings on of the league are also encouraged to make contact.

West Liberty reenters the OVBL and will play their homes games at West Liberty college.

Hannibal will be rejoining the OVBL in the upcoming 2016 season.

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 31
Bethany Blue Jays @ Belmont County Cubs6:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Shadyside Casket Makers @ Marshall County Monarchs6:00pmJohn Marshall High School (Marshall Co.)
Wednesday, Jun 1
Shadyside Casket Makers @ Barton Braves6:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Hannibal Pirates @ Marshall County Monarchs6:00pmJohn Marshall High School (Marshall Co.)
Wheeling Cardinals @ West Liberty6:00pmWest Liberty University
Friday, Jun 3
Barton Braves @ Bethany Blue Jays6:00pmBethany College
Maynard Reds @ Shadyside Casket Makers6:00pmFlemming Field (Shadyside)
West Liberty @ Hannibal Pirates6:00pmHannibal Sports Complex (Hannibal)
Wheeling Cardinals @ Belmont County Cubs6:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Sunday, Jun 5
West Liberty @ Shadyside Casket Makers1:00pmFlemming Field (Shadyside)
Wheeling Cardinals @ Hannibal Pirates1:00pmHannibal Sports Complex (Hannibal)
Maynard Reds @ Belmont County Cubs1:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Bethany Blue Jays @ Marshall County Monarchs1:00pmJohn Marshall High School (Marshall Co.)
Barton Braves @ Belmont County Cubs4:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
West Liberty @ Marshall County Monarchs4:00pmJohn Marshall High School (Marshall Co.)
Monday, Jun 6
West Liberty @ Bethany Blue Jays6:00pmBethany College
Barton Braves @ Maynard Reds6:00pmFiremens Field (Maynard)
Belmont County Cubs @ Shadyside Casket Makers6:00pmFlemming Field (Shadyside)
Marshall County Monarchs @ Wheeling Cardinals6:00pmPatterson Field (Wh Cardinals)
Wednesday, Jun 8
Hannibal Pirates @ Bethany Blue Jays6:00pmBethany College
West Liberty @ Maynard Reds6:00pmFiremens Field (Maynard)
Marshall County Monarchs @ Shadyside Casket Makers6:00pmFlemming Field (Shadyside)
Belmont County Cubs @ Barton Braves6:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Friday, Jun 10
Maynard Reds @ Hannibal Pirates6:00pmHannibal Sports Complex (Hannibal)
Barton Braves @ Marshall County Monarchs6:00pmJohn Marshall High School (Marshall Co.)
Shadyside Casket Makers @ Wheeling Cardinals6:00pmPatterson Field (Wh Cardinals)
Belmont County Cubs @ West Liberty6:00pmWest Liberty University
Sunday, Jun 12
Wheeling Cardinals @ Bethany Blue Jays1:00pmBethany College
Marshall County Monarchs @ Maynard Reds1:00pmFiremens Field (Maynard)
Hannibal Pirates @ Shadyside Casket Makers1:00pmFlemming Field (Shadyside)
West Liberty @ Barton Braves1:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Marshall County Monarchs @ Barton Braves4:00pmHenning Field (Barton)
Monday, Jun 13
Maynard Reds @ Bethany Blue Jays6:00pmBethany College
Belmont County Cubs @ Hannibal Pirates6:00pmHannibal Sports Complex (Hannibal)
West Liberty @ Marshall County Monarchs6:00pmJohn Marshall High School (Marshall Co.)
Barton Braves @ Wheeling Cardinals6:00pmPatterson Field (Wh Cardinals)
Wednesday, Jun 15
Wheeling Cardinals @ Maynard Reds6:00pmFiremens Field (Maynard)
Bethany Blue Jays @ Shadyside Casket Makers6:00pmFlemming Field (Shadyside)
Barton Braves @ Hannibal Pirates6:00pmHannibal Sports Complex (Hannibal)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!