Last Updated: October 18, 2016
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Youth NFL Flag Football Waiting list 2016
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Fall YNFL Flag Football waiting list in now open

2016 Old Skewl Sports YNFL schedule: All games will be played at Monhagen Middle School
 Sept. 11th  Game 1 
 Sept. 18th  Game 2 
 Sept.  25th Game 3 
 Oct.    2nd  Game 4 
 Oct.    9th   Game 5 
 Oct.   16th  Game 6 
 Oct.   23rd  Final Game 7  (special Schedule single elimination playoffs) 
Game Times (subject to change)
  6U & 10U    10 a.m.
  8U & 14U    11 a.m.
Mandatory practices occur 30 minutes prior to game time
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The 2016 season will consist of 6 regular season games, single elimination playoffs and a championship game. 
Any team that does not make the playoffs will play in a final consolation game (Game 7).
The playoff seeding will be determined by the following:
1.       Overall record
2.       Head to head games
3.       In case of tie it will then go to point differential (points for – points against)
4.       Coin flip
Please bring your son/daughter to the field 30 minutes prior to their game time in order to practice and receive their Jerseys.  
In addition to this, this is a reminder that all athletes must purchase their own mouth piece to be used in every game.  If they do not have a mouth piece, coaches will not permit them play.
Recommended optional equipment:
      Protective eye wear
Once again we ask that everyone check the schedule, website and/or Facebook page each week for up to date information.  
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