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Last Updated: April 17, 2014

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Mustang Division Concession Schedule

4/28 Nationals

4/29 Astros

5/1 Reds

5/3 Angels

5/5 Giants

5/6 Rangers

5/8 Braves


5/9 Tigers 

Thank you to our sponsors!!

In addition to our league officers, volunteers, parents and coaches, our sponsors are a huge part of the league's success. Thank you for your support in the youth of our great city!




Please call the VP of your child's respected div for questions and concerns. Thank you Oso Pony Baseball

***Pee-Wee (3-4)               VP - John Trevino. 774-5500

*** T-Ball (5-6)                  VP - Heath Yeager  290-3505

***Coach Pitch (7-8)           VP -  Eric Rodriguez 249-1892

***Mustang (9-10)              VP - Geroge Nunez 537-5922

***Bronco (11-12)               VP - Leon Montoya 728-8739

***Pony (13-14)                  VP - Rey Saenz 739-2903

Oso By Laws

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 19
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
A’s @ Twins 11:00am Pinto
Pirates @ Dodgers 12:30pm Pinto
Twins @ Yankees 2:00pm Pinto
Astros @ Reds 3:30pm Pinto
Monday,  Apr 21
Shetland (T-Ball)
Reds @ Pirates 6:00pm T-Ball
Astros @ Tigers 7:15pm T-Ball
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
A’s @ Mariners 6:00pm Pinto
Dodgers @ Yankees 7:30pm Pinto
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Shetland (T-Ball)
Rangers @ Yankees 6:00pm T-Ball
Nationals @ Athletics 7:15pm T-Ball
Nationals @ Brewers 6:00pm Pony field
Marlins @ Reds 8:00pm Pony field
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Giants @ Twins 6:00pm Mustang
Cubs @ D-Backs 6:00pm Pinto
Athletics @ Red Sox 6:00pm T-Ball
Rangers @ Marlins 7:00pm Mustang
Astros @ Dodgers 7:00pm Pinto
Yankees @ Braves 7:00pm T-Ball
Thursday,  Apr 24
Shetland (T-Ball)
Red Sox @ Blue Jays 6:00pm T-Ball
Dodgers @ Mets 7:15pm T-Ball
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Astros @ Twins 6:00pm Pinto
Mariners @ Twins 7:30pm Pinto
Tigers @ Reds 6:00pm Mustang
Rangers @ Astros 7:45pm Mustang
Astros @ Tigers 6:00am Bronco
Rangers @ Cubs 8:00am Bronco
D-Backs @ Tigers 6:00pm Pony field
Tigers @ Nationals 8:00pm Pony field
Friday,  Apr 25
Shetland (T-Ball)
Pirates @ Red Sox 6:00pm T-Ball
Reds @ Blue Jays 7:15pm T-Ball
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Red Sox @ Rangers 6:00pm Pinto
Astros @ A’s 7:30pm Pinto
Rangers @ Reds 6:00pm Mustang
Tigers @ Giants 7:45pm Mustang
Brewers @ Marlins 6:00pm Pony field
D-Backs @ Reds 8:00pm Pony field
Saturday,  Apr 26
Astros @ Twins 9:00am Mustang
Cubs @ Rangers 9:00am Pinto
Dodgers @ Marlins 9:00am T-Ball
Yankees @ D-Backs 9:00am T-Ball
Braves @ Red Sox 10:00am Mustang
Athletics @ Giants 10:00am Pinto
Shetland (T-Ball)
Angels @ Royals 11:00am T-Ball
Rangers @ Dodgers 12:15pm T-Ball
Cubs @ Yankees 1:30pm T-Ball
Tigers @ Mets 2:45pm T-Ball
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Yankees @ Pirates 11:00am Pinto
Reds @ Dodgers 12:30pm Pinto
Red Sox @ A’s 2:00pm Pinto
Astros @ Angels 11:00am Mustang
Nationals @ Braves 12:45pm Mustang
Blue Jays @ Braves 10:00am Bronco
Cubs @ Yankees 12:00pm Bronco
Monday,  Apr 28
Shetland (T-Ball)
Athletics @ Astros 6:00pm T-Ball
Giants @ Nationals 7:15pm T-Ball
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Reds @ Yankees 6:00pm Pinto
Pirates @ Astros 7:30pm Pinto
Braves @ Rangers 6:00pm Mustang
Reds @ Astros 7:45pm Mustang
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Shetland (T-Ball)
Pirates @ Angels 6:00pm T-Ball
Red Sox @ Giants 7:15pm T-Ball
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Rangers @ Mariners 6:00pm Pinto
Twins @ Red Sox 7:30pm Pinto
Braves @ Reds 6:00pm Mustang
Rangers @ Nationals 7:45pm Mustang
Rangers @ Tigers 6:00am Bronco
Blue Jays @ Astros 8:00am Bronco
Nationals @ Marlins 6:00pm Pony field
D-Backs @ Brewers 8:00pm Pony field
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Shetland (T-Ball)
Angels @ Rangers 6:00pm T-Ball
Mets @ Astros 7:15pm T-Ball

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Apr 19
Pinto Red Sox Concession Duty
Monday,  Apr 21
Pinto Rangers Concession Duty
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Starr Testing
Pinto Dodgers Concession Duty
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Starr Testing
Thursday,  Apr 24
Pinto Pirates Concession Duty

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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