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Last Updated: October 7, 2015
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Coca Cola Fundraiser


Deadline reminders:

Please turn in all orders along with money by Friday, October 16th

Drinks will be ready for pickup on Saturday, October 24th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

(Oso needs white form with money, customer keeps yellow form to pick up product)

For questions, please call:  Veronica Maxwell at 816-9234


Thank you!!

Director Duty Schedule

Friday’s 5:30-close, Saturday’s 8:30-12:15 & 12:15-close

9/18   Alonzo  

9/19   1st Eric & 2nd Dwaine

9/25   Heath

9/26    1st Gabe & 2nd Justin

10/9   Leon

10/10   1st Pablo & 2nd Alonzo

10/16  Eric

10/17   1st Dwaine & 2nd Gabe

10/23   Heath

10/24   1st Justin & 2nd Leon

10/30   Pablo

10/31   1st Alonzo & 2nd Dwaine

11/13   Eric

11/14   1st Gabe & 2nd Heath

11/20   Justin

11/21   1st Leon & 2nd Pablo

Tournament Registration/Payment

Oso Clutch wins 2015 Mustang World Series 15-11 over Chesterfield, Virginia

Oso Clutch dominates the Mustang World Series in Lafayette,  Louisiana. Congratulations coaches and players On winning the 2015 Mustang World Series. Oso Clutch not only represented Our league but also our South Zone With class. The boys left it all on the field and showed why Oso Pony is so successful in tournament play. Oso Clutch brings home Oso's first ever World Series Banner. On behalf of the Oso board we are extremely proud of the boys and coaches. Parents thank you for your countless hours of dedication To these boys who you allow to play a game they love. Thank you again  Oso Strong

Fall Ball 2015 Registration has begun online.  Season begins Sept 18th for all Divisions except Peewee Sept 19th

Coaches if you plan on bringing your entire team for fall ball please keep in mind that we are capping all division. Please get with the VP of your respected division.

All select teams registration fees are due Aug 29 if we don't have your complete team by then we will drop the team from the divison. 

Peewee Division (3/4 year olds) -  10 teams (8 teams registered) Division is Full

Teeball Division   (5/6 year olds) -  9 teams (10teams registered) Division is Full

Pinto Division     (7/8 year olds)  -  9 teams (10 teams registered) DIVISION IS FULL

Mustang Division  (9/10 year olds)  - 9 teams (9 teams registered) Division is full

Bronco Division   (11/12 year olds)   - 9 teams (5 teams registered)

Pony Division      (13/14 year olds)    - 8 teams ( 3 teams registered) games on friday or sat's

Colt Division       (15/16 year olds)    - 8 teams (5 teams registered) games on Sundays only





Please call the VP of your child's respected div for questions and concerns. Thank you Oso Pony Baseball

***Pee-Wee (3-4)          $75   VP - John Trevino. 774-5500   

*** T-Ball (5-6)             $80     VP - Heath Yeager  290-3505

***Coach Pitch (7-8)    $80  VP -  Eric Rodriguez 249-1892

***Mustang (9-10)       $85      VP - John Trevino 774-5500

***Bronco (11-12)    $90      VP - Leon Montoya 728-8739

***Pony (13-14)  & Colt (15/16)     $90           VP - Rey Saenz 739-2903 

Upcoming Games

Friday,  Oct 9
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
A's @ Rangers 6:00pm T-Ball Field
Yankees @ D'Backs 7:10pm T-Ball Field
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Lone Star Rangers @ 7u Slam 6:00pm Pinto Field
WhiteSox @ 8u Vipers 7:30pm Pinto Field
Braves @ Bats 6:00pm Bronco Field
Fire @ Clutch 8:00pm Bronco Field
Saturday,  Oct 10
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
Diablos @ Royals 10:00am T-Ball Field
Pirates @ Terrors 11:10am T-Ball Field
Astros @ Braves 12:20pm T-Ball Field
Yankees @ Rebels 1:30pm T-Ball Field
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Bulldogs @ 3C Creepers 10:00am Pinto Field
Lone Star Rangers @ 8u Vipers 11:30am Pinto Field
G51 @ Astros 1:00pm Pinto Field
Oso Sharks @ WhiteSox 2:30pm Pinto Field
Slam @ Cubs 9:00am Mustang Field
Wrecking Crew @ Astros 10:45am Mustang Field
Hurricanes @ Oilers 12:30pm Mustang Field
Hurricanes @ Punishers 2:15pm Mustang Field
Bats @ Fire 9:00am Bronco Field
Royals @ Clutch 11:00am Bronco Field
Friday,  Oct 16
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
D'Backs @ Royals 6:00pm T-Ball Field
Rangers @ Yankees 7:10pm T-Ball Field
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
7u Slam @ Bulldogs 6:00pm Pinto Field
8u Vipers @ Oso Sharks 7:30pm Pinto Field
Clutch @ Royals 6:00pm Bronco Field
Braves @ Fire 8:00pm Bronco Field
Saturday,  Oct 17
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
D'Backs @ Astros 10:00am T-Ball Field
Rebels @ A's 11:10am T-Ball Field
Braves @ Terrors 12:20pm T-Ball Field
Diablos @ Pirates 1:30pm T-Ball Field
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
G51 @ Lone Star Rangers 10:00am Pinto Field
Astros @ 3C Creepers 11:30am Pinto Field
Bulldogs @ WhiteSox 1:00pm Pinto Field
3C Creepers @ G51 2:30pm Pinto Field
Cubs @ Astros 9:00am Mustang Field
Astros @ Islanders 10:45am Mustang Field
Wrecking Crew @ Slam 12:30pm Mustang Field
Skeeters @ Punishers 2:15pm Mustang Field
Friday,  Oct 23
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
Rebels @ D'Backs 6:00pm T-Ball Field
Astros @ Rangers 7:10pm T-Ball Field
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
Lone Star Rangers @ Oso Sharks 6:00pm Pinto Field
Astros @ 7u Slam 7:30pm Pinto Field
Fire @ Bats 6:00pm Bronco Field
Braves @ Royals 8:00pm Bronco Field
Saturday,  Oct 24
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
Royals @ Pirates 11:00am T-Ball Field
A's @ Braves 12:10pm T-Ball Field
Terrors @ Diablos 1:20pm T-Ball Field
Yankees @ Astros 2:30pm T-Ball Field
Pinto (Coach Pitch)
7u Slam @ G51 10:00am Pinto Field
8u Vipers @ 3C Creepers 11:30am Pinto Field
Oso Sharks @ Astros 1:00pm Pinto Field
WhiteSox @ Lone Star Rangers 2:30pm Pinto Field
Wrecking Crew @ Hurricanes 9:00am Mustang Field
Skeeters @ Hurricanes 10:45am Mustang Field
Islanders @ Punishers 12:30pm Mustang Field
Oilers @ Cubs 2:15pm Mustang Field
Friday,  Oct 30
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
Pirates @ Astros 6:00pm T-Ball Field
Rangers @ Terrors 7:10pm T-Ball Field
Fire @ Royals 6:00pm Bronco Field
Braves @ Bats 8:00pm Bronco Field
Saturday,  Oct 31
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
Rebels @ Royals 10:00am T-Ball Field
D'Backs @ Diablos 11:10am T-Ball Field
Pirates @ A's 12:20pm T-Ball Field
Braves @ Yankees 1:30pm T-Ball Field
Skeeters @ Astros 9:00am Mustang Field
Slam @ Oilers 10:45am Mustang Field
Astros @ Punishers 12:30pm Mustang Field
Hurricanes @ Cubs 2:15pm Mustang Field
CC Bats @ Cyclones 10:00am Pony Field
Cyclones @ Port A 12:00pm Pony Field
Punishers @ CC Bats 2:00pm Pony Field
Port A @ Punishers 4:00pm Pony Field
Friday,  Nov 6
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
A's @ Royals 6:00pm T-Ball Field
Rebels @ Rangers 7:10pm T-Ball Field
Saturday,  Nov 7
T-Ball Shetland 5-6
Braves @ D'Backs 10:00am T-Ball Field
Diablos @ Astros 11:10am T-Ball Field
Terrors @ A's 12:20pm T-Ball Field
Pirates @ Yankees 1:30pm T-Ball Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!