Coaches and  Players,


 Looking forward to tonight as I am sure all of you are.


 It looks like we will be dealing with some rain tonight.


 We will deal with the weather as all of us are used to.


 That being said, My Board and I have to take into consideration for the safety of all players and families involved.


 If the games is called for weather related situation, the game will be rescheduled unless half of the game has been played. If half of the game has been played the score is final.



Please bring proper ID tonight before your game when every player registers and pays their dues.


No player will be allowed to play without proper ID. This is to ensure all players are proper age. All players must be 30 years old my today, 1 player can be 29 by today.




Are the fields going to be perfect, no


Are the refs going to be perfect, no.


Will the fields be perfectly sized, probably not.


Will there be confusion for some, yes.


Will there be any problems that we cant figure out, no.




Any problems or concerns come see me, 




Excited to kick off our first of many season !!!


 Jeff WIlls






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