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  • Weirton, Oak Glen, Steubenville, Middle Beaver, Wellsville, Southern Local, Indian Creek, Ohioville
  • OVGSL welcomes Wellsville (OH) and Southern (OH) in 2015!
  • Good Luck to All the GIRLS!!!
  • Welcome Players, Coaches, Parents, and Sponsors!
Wellsville (OH) and Southern (OH) joins OVGSL in 2015!

February 28, 2016 – 06:30 PM

The OVGSL will hold its 2nd meeting of 2016 on 2/28//16 @ 630pm at the Weirton American Legion. 


Agenda topics will include: 

  • 2016 Registration Count by Community
  • 2016 Rules Review
  • 2016 Scheduling Info


Any community interested in joining the OVGSL is invited to attend.





3rd Annual Tri-League All Star Fest - July 15th

The OVGSL participated in the 3rd Annual All Star Fest on Wednesday, July 15th in Chester, WV! The OVGSL All Stars from 10U, 12U, and 15U competed against the All-Stars from BCGFPL (Beaver County, PA) and LCGFPL (Lawrence County, PA).  The OVGSL All Stars were nominated by the coaches from each community and the head coach for each OVGSL All Star team was the Head Coach from the OVGSL Playoff Champions in each division (10U - Crystal Tice, 12U Butchy Brown, 15U Rod Rosnick). Our girls from the OVGSL held their own as they were victorious in all 3 Divisions.

This was a great opportunity for our girls to compete against girls from other leagues and to meet new friends on the diamond.  Below are some pics from this year's event:


10U OVGSL All-Stars posing with 10U Lawrence County All Stars:


12U OVGSL All-Stars posing before their game with Beaver County All-Stars:


15U OVGSL All-Stars having some fun:





15U Playoff Results

Congratulations to #1 Weirton DIAMONDACKS and Head Coach ROD ROSNICK for winning the 15U OVGSL Championship with a  thrilling 7-6 victory in 10 innings over #3 Weirton MARLINS!





15U 3rd Place Game :#2 Oak Glen HALL won 13-1 over #5 Weirton PIRATES

  • Game 1:  #8 Wellsville VFW won 14-3 over #9 Southern Local
  • Game 2:  #7 Oak Glen CREESE won 19-9 over #10 Middle Beaver RIDDLE LODGE
  • Game 3:  #4 Steubenville STEEL loses via forfeit to #5 Weirton PIRATES
  • Game 4:  #3 Weirton MARLINS won 12-3 over #6 Wellsville AMATO LAW
  • Game 6:  #2 Oak Glen HALL won 13-1 over #7 Oak Glen CREESE
  • Game 5:  #1 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS won 7-2 over #8 Wellsville VFW 
  • Game 7:  Semifinal #1:  #2 Oak Glen HALL lost 21-5 to #3 Weirton MARLINS
  • Game 8:  Semifinal #2: #1 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS won 4-3 over #5 Weirton PIRATES



12U Playoff Results


12U Playoff Results:


Game 11: 12U Championship Game 

Congratulations to #2 Steubenville VENOM and Head Coach BUTCHY BROWN who won the 12U Championship by scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the 6th in a 6-4 win over #5 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS.


2015 12U OVGSL Champions - Steubenville VENOM


And here is good sportsmanship as both 12U Finalist Teams posing together with their trophies:



Game 10: 3rd Place Game - #1 Oak Glen ENOCHS lost 3-0 to #3 Weirton CARDINALS


Monday, June 22:

Game 1:  #6 Wellsville ELKS   won 15-11 over #11 Steubenville Storm

Game 2:  #7 Oak Glen HOLDEN won 8-4 over #10 Middle Beaver TIM HORTONS 

Game 3:  #8 Middle Beaver VALLEY ROOFING won 12-5 over #9 Southern Local INDIANS

 Tuesday, June 23:

Game 4:  #1 Oak Glen ENOCHS won 10-0 over #8 Middle Beaver VALLEY ROOFING 

Game 5:  #2 Steubenville VENOM won 12-2 over #7 Oak Glen HOLDEN

Game 6:  #3 Weirton CARDINALS won 11-1 over #6 Wellsville ELKS

Game 7:  #4 Indian Creek REDSKINS lost 4-3 to  #5 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS


Game 8:  #1 Oak Glen ENOCHS lost 5-1 to #5 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS

Game 9:  #2 Steubenville VENOM won 12-3 over #3 Weirton CARDINALS


10U Playoff Results



Congratulations to the #1 Weirton CARDINALS (16-0) and HEAD COACH CRYSTAL TICE for winning the 10U Championship by a score of 2-1 in a thrilling contest over #2 Oak Glen POWER (14-3). The Cardinals scored the game winning run in the bottom of the 6th inning in a well played game by both teams.





And the OVGSL prides itself in exhibiting good sportsmanship between the communities. Below is a picture of the 10U Champions Weirton Cardinals and 10U Runner Ups Oak Glen Power showing off their trophies after the 10U Championship Game.


***Congratulations to the Weirton CARDINALS for going undefeated in the regular season (13-0) and securing the #1 Seed in the 10U Playoffs!


Schedule Date/Time Time Location 10U Playoff Schedule 
Game 1 Monday, June 15, 2015 6pm Chester Pinto #2 Oak Glen POWER won 8-2 over #7 Wellsville T&T Towing
Game 2 Tuesday, June 16, 2015 6pm West Point #3 Middle Beaver ROOFING won 10-0 over #6 Wellsville LA BELLA VITA SALON
Game 3 Wednesday, June 17, 2015 5pm Steubenville Field #5 #4 Weirton PIRATES won 7-5 over #5 Steubenville THUNDER
Game 4 Tuesday, June 16, 2015 7pm Steubenville Field #5 #9 Oak Glen ZOELLERS wins via forfeit over #8 Steubenville FIREBALLS
Game 5 Wednesday, June 17, 2015 6pm Weirton Field #4 #1 Weirton CARDINALS won 10-0 over #9 Oak Glen ZOELLERS


Game 6: SEMIFINAL #1:  #2 Oak Glen POWER won 5-2 over #3 Middle Beaver HISSOM ROOFING 

Game 7: SEMFINAL #2:   #1 Weirton CARDINALS won 5-1 over #4 Weirton PIRATES

Game 8: 10U 3RD PLACE Game#3 Middle Beaver HISSOM ROOFING and #4 Weirton PIRATES ended in a 2-2 tie. Both teams awarded 3rd Place Medals.

Game 910U Championship Game#1 Weirton CARDINALS won 2-1 over #2 Oak Glen POWER.






8U Playoff Results


CONGRATULATIONS to the WEIRTON TIGERS for winning the 8U OVGSL Championship!


Congratulations to Weirton TIGERS  and Weirton PIRATES for finishing the season 10-1 and being Regular Season Co-Champions in the 8U Coach Pitch Division.


***The Weirton TIGERS earned the #1 Seed in the OVGSL Playoffs by ASA tiebreaker rules (***Weirton Tigers won the head to head matchup with Weirton Pirates).


Below are the Playoff Results for 8U Division.

Rules used for regular season will be enforced for tournament. All participants will receive a medal for playing in 8U Coach Pitch.

And let's remember, it's all about the GIRLS so make sure you exhibit good sportsmanship and congratulate everyone for playing. GOOD LUCK to ALL THE GIRLS!


Schedule Date/Time Time Location 8U Coach Pitch Playoff Schedule
Game 1 Tuesday, June 9, 2015 6pm MB Rogers #6 Middle Beaver L&B Donut won 5-4 over #11 Wellsville SIMPLY SWEET
Game 2 Wednesday, June 10, 2015 6pm Chester Pinto #8 Oak Glen COOPER lost 5-9 to #9 Oak Glen HOLDEN
Game 3 Friday, June 12, 2015 6pm Weirton Field #3 #5 Weirton ROYALS won via forfeit over #12 Steubenville YANKEES
Game 4 Friday, June 12, 2015 6pm Chester Pinto #7 Oak Glen ROBINSON won 13-3 over #10 Steubenville BLUE ANGELS
Game 5 Saturday, June 13, 2015 1pm Weirton Field #4 #2 Weirton PIRATES won 13-0 over #7 Oak Glen ROBINSON
Game 6 Saturday, June 13, 2015 1pm Weirton Field #3 #4 Steubenville PHANTOMS lost      to #5 Weirton ROYALS
Game 7 Saturday, June 13, 2015 3pm Weirton Field #4 #1 Weirton TIGERS won 15-3 over #9 Oak Glen HOLDEN
Game 8 Saturday, June 13, 2015 3pm Weirton Field #3 #3 Weirton RANGERS won 9-7over #6 Middle Beaver L&B DONUT


SUNDAY, JUNE 14th:   All games at WEIRTON Complex:

Game 9 (Semifinal #1):  Weirton Royals lost 13-1 to  Weirton Tigers  (10AM, Weirton Field #4)

Game 10 (Semifinal #2):  Weirton Pirates won 15-1 over Weirton Rangers (10AM, Weirton, Field #3)

Game 11 (3rd Place Game): Weirton Royals lost 8-5 to Weirton Rangers (12PM, Weirton Field #3)

Game 12 (8U Championship Game): Weirton Tigers won 7-3 over Weirton Pirates (2PM, Weirton, Field #1)



2015 OVGSL - What's New

 NEW for 2015: 

  • The OVGSL welcomes WELLSVILLE (OH) in all 4 divisions and SOUTHERN LOCAL(OH) in 12U/15U.  We now have 43 teams and over 500 girls competing in the OVGSL in 2015 - WOW
  • 8U COACH PITCH: 12 teams with a 11 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs June 9th-14th.
  • 10U FASTPITCH:  9 teams with a 13 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs June 15th-20th.
  • 12U FASTPITCH:11 teams with a 13 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs June 22 - 26th.
  • 15U FASTPITCH:  10 teams with a 14 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs June 25th - 30th.

RULE CHANGES:  Check out the Handout section for new rules in 2015 notably no steel cleats allowed in 15U. 




May 4, 2015

All Coaches Contact Information and Rules can be found in the Rules and Coaches Contact Info section by clicking on the tab on the left side of this page.