• Weirton, Oak Glen, Steubenville, Wellsville, Indian Creek
  • OVGSL welcomes 18U division in 2017!
  • Good Luck to All the GIRLS!!!
  • Welcome Players, Coaches, Parents, and Sponsors!


OVGSL Conference Call - Sunday, April 8 @ 7:00PM EST

The OVGSL will holds its next meeting of 2018 via conference call on Sunday, April 8th at 7:00PM EST.

Dial in information will be provided to league members. If interested in participating, please send a text to 412-266-5844.


Agenda topics include:

1. 2018 Schedule

2. 2018 New members Review, Fields/Rules (Follansbee, Middle Beaver, Wellsburg, Southern Local)

3. Rules

4. Age Groups: 8U, 10U, 12U, 15U and high school division.



OVGSL Meeting Notes - 3/4/18

Below are the meeting notes from 3/4/18 conference call:


  • Southern Local - Alaina Beadle asked to come back and was voted in to participate in 2018. Will play home games at Salineville Field.


  • Team Count by community: 53 teams total projected
    1. Weirton (WV), 9 teams total:  3 in 8U, 3 in 10U, 2 in 12U, 1 in 15U
    2. Steubenville (OH), 8 teams total:  2-3 in 8U, 2 in 10U, 2 in 12U, 1 in 15U
    3. Oak Glen (WV), 8 teams total:  3 in 8U, 2 in 10U, 2 in 12U, 1 in 15U
    4. Indian Creek (OH), 5 teams total: 1 in 8U, 1 in 10U, 1 in 12U, 2 in 15U
    5. Wellsville (OH), 4 teams total:  1 in 8U, 1 in 10U, 1 in 12U, 1 in 15U
    6. Middle Beaver (OH),8 teams total:  2 in 8U, 1-2 in 10U, 2 in 12U, 2 in 15U
    7. Follansbee (WV), 3 teams total: none in 8U, 1 in 10U, 1 in 12U, 1 in 15U
    8. Wellsburg (WV), 6 teams total: 1 in 8U, 2 in 10U, 2 in 12U, 1 in 15U
    9. Southern Local (OH), 2 teams total:  1 in 12U, 1 in 15U
  • 2018 Schedule:
    • Send requests to tonyandrachel@comcast.net by March 18th
    • Opening Day is Saturday, April 21 for 8U, 10U, 12U
    • 15U will start on Monday, May 14
    • Regular Season followed by Single Elimination Playoffs
    • 8U, 10U playoffs tentative will be June 11-17
    • 12U Playoffs tentative will be June 18 - 27
    • 15U Playoffs TBD but expected to be completed before July 1st
  • Metal Cleats: not allowed for 15U and under divisions. 
  • Next Meeting:  Sunday, April 8th @ 7pm via Conference Call






OVGSL Changes in 2018 - Welcome Follansbee, Middle Beaver, & Wellsburg!

The OVGSL recently held a meeting on July 11th and is excited to announce that Follansbee will be joining the league in 2018! 


  • Also - the age divisions for 2018 will change back to 8U, 10U, 12U, and 15U!
  • For 18U, there will be a new high school league independent of the OVGSL run by local high school coaches - stay tuned next summer for more info.
  • Follansbee joins Weirton, Steubenville, Oak Glen, Wellsville and Indian Creek community league participants
  • Fall ball is currently being offered by Weirton for 12U and younger divisions.
  • Middle Beaver may be coming back in 2018 and will be voting soon on it.




Stay tuned for more updates as the OVGSL enters the 2018 season.






OVGSL Meeting Notes - 1/14/18

Below are the notes from the 1st meeting of 2018: 1. 2017 Season Recap: 32 teams competed in 8U, 10U, and 13U and 4 teams competed in the new high school league in Steubenville. 2. 2018 New Members: Welcome Follansbee (Tony Taibi), Middle Beaver (Kelly Keller), and Wellsburg (Micah Knisley) 3. 2018 New Age Dvisions: 8U, 10U, 12U, 15U and high school league (hosted by Steubenville Franciscan University). 4. Opening Day: Saturday, April 21st 5. Next Meeting: Sunday, March 4th @ 7pm and will be held via conference call. Please bring # of teams and rosters per division.

2017 OVGSL Playoff Results

The OVGSL regular season and playoffs are now complete for 2017. The OVGSL would like to thank all the players, coaches, and fans who supported the league in 2017. 


2017 OVGSL Playoffs

  • 8U Playoffs Congrats to Oak Glen Hartung for winning 8U!
  • 10U Playoffs Congrats to Steubenville Phantoms for winning 10U!
  • 13U Playoffs Congrats to Steubenville Black Widows for winning 13U!

2017 OVGSL 8U Playoff Results

2017 OVGSL 8U Championship Game:


#1 Oak Glen Hartung won 14-6 over #3 Steubenville Pretty Tough

Congratulations to OAK GLEN HARTUNG (pictured below) and Head Coach Howie Hartung for winning the 8U Championship with a 14-6 win over #3Steubenville Pretty Tough. 

Congratulations to STEUBENVILLE PRETTY TOUGH  and Head Coach Frank Guntrum for placing 2nd!

And here's a picture of both teams displaying good sportmanship!


2017 OVGSL 8U Playoff Results:

Game 1:   #8 Oak Glen O' Rourke won vs. #9 Steubenville Lady Yankees 

Game 2:  #7 Indian Creek won vs. #10 Steubenville Wild Things 

Game 3:  #6 Wellsville won vs.  #11 Oak Glen May 

Game 4:  #1 Oak Glen Hartung won vs. #8 Oak Glen O'Rourke 

Game 5:  #3 Steubenville PRETTY TOUGH won vs. #6 Wellsville 

Game 6:  #2 Weirton 8U Rockies won vs. #7 Indian Creek 

Game 7:  #4 Weirton Angels won vs. #5 Weirton Yankees 

Game 8:  #1 Oak Glen Hartung won 7-6 over #4 Weirton Angels 

Game 9:  #3 Steubenville Pretty Tough won 9-3 over #2 Weirton Rockies 

Game 10 (8U Championship):  #1 Oak Glen Hartung won 14-6 over #3 Steubenville Pretty Tough








2017 OVGSL 10U Playoff Results

Congratulations to Steubenville Phantoms and Head Coach Hakim Edwards for winning the 10U OVGSL Championship game with a 6-4 victory over #3 Weirton Cardinals. 


Congratulations to the Weirton Cardinals and Head Coach Rob Hawthorne for placing 2nd in 10U Division (see below for group pic of 10U game)



2017 OVGSL 10U Playoff Results:

Game 1:  #8 Weirton Royals won 14-4 over #9 IC Redskins 

Game 2:  #7 OG Holden won vs. #10 Steubenville Lady Yankees

Game 3:  #1 Steubenville Phantoms won 6-2 vs  #8 Weirton Royals 

Game 4:  #2 Weirton Pirates won vs #7 OG Holden

Game 5:  #3 Weirton Cardinals won vs #6 Wellsville Tigers 

Game 6: #4 Steubenville Chaos won 7-6 over #5 Oak Glen Murray

Game 7:  #1 Steubenville Phantoms won 6-1 over #4 Steubenville Chaos

Game 8:  #3 Weirton Cardinals won 14-6 over #2 Weirton Pirates

10U Championship Game: #1 Steubenville Phantoms won 6-4 over #3 Weirton Cardinals


2017 OVGSL 13U Playoff Results

2017 OVGSL 13U Championship Game:

#1 Steubenville Black Widows won 4-1 over #2 Oak Glen Brown


2017 OVGSL 13U Playoff Results:

Game 1:  #9 Steubenville Blast won vs. #8 Indian Creek White 

Game 2:  #7 Oak Glen Hall won vs. #10 Oak Glen Fish 

Game 3:  #6 Wellsville won 14-2 vs. #11 Indian Creek Red 

Game 4:  #1 Steubenville Black Widows won 10-0 over #9 Steubenville Blast

Game 5:  #3 Weirton Pirates won 4-2 over #6 Wellsville

Game 6:  #2 Oak Glen Brown won 12-0 over #7 Oak Glen Hall

Game 7:  #4 Weirton Cubs won 8-7 over #5 Indian Creek Grey

Game 8:  #1 Steubenville Black Widows won 3-0 over #4 Weirton Cubs 

Game 9:  #2 Oak Glen Brown won 6-1 over #3 Weirton Pirates 

13U Championship Game: #1 Steubenville Black Widows won 4-1 over Oak Glen Brown


All Coaches Contact Information and Rules can be found in the Rules and Coaches Contact Info section by clicking on the tab on the left side of this page.



Division Team  Head Coach Cell #
8U Indian Creek 8U Redskins Barb McKendree 740-275-8694
8U Oak Glen 8U Hartung Howie Hartung 304-374-2677
8U Oak Glen 8U May Alli May 304-670-4919
8U Oak Glen 8U O'Rourke Jessica O'Rourke 304-479-8489
8U Steubenville 8U Lady Yankees Jim Looman 740-512-2392
8U Steubenville 8U Pretty Tough Frank Guntrum 681-328-7082
8U Weirton 8U Angels Joe Tunno 304-374-1736
8U Steubenville 8U Wild Things Lisa Hall 740-632-2115
8U Weirton 8U Yankees John Barnhart 304-914-1132
8U Wellsville 8U Tigers Roxanne Lucas 330-303-9167
8U Weirton Rockies Sean Lash 724-600-9503
Division Team  Head Coach Cell #
10U Indian Creek 10U Redskins John Brettel 724-255-1457
10U Oak Glen 10U Holden Noah Holden 724-777-3312
10U Oak Glen 10U Murray Matt Murray 304-374-5986
10U Steubenville 10U Chaos Laura Guntram 681-328-7082
10U Steubenville 10U Lady Yankees Bryan Jones 740-275-7847
10U Steubenville 10U Phantoms Hakim Edwards 740-632-4815
10U Weirton 10U Cardinals Rob Hawthorne 304-670-2470
10U Weirton 10U Pirates Chad Baker 330-383-3725
10U Weirton 10U Royals John Kirlangitis 304-374-1673
10U Wellsville 10U Tigers Tom Hackney 330-271-1447


Division Team  Head Coach Cell #
13U Indian Creek 13U Grey Dave Ferroni 412-496-1194
13U Indian Creek 13U Red John Ruttencutter 740-298-0412
13U Indian Creek 13U White Rick Gillette 740-317-3465
13U Oak Glen 13U Brown Sheryl Brown 304-670-7312
13U Oak Glen 13U Fish Jerry Fish 304-670-2194
13U Steubenville 13U Black Widows Butch Brown 740-497-3792
13U Steubenville 13U Blast Squig Roe 740-632-7430
13U Weirton 13U Cubs Don Donaldson 412-292-0596
13U Weirton 13U Pirates Butch Shoemaker 724-809-6420
13U Wellsville 13U Tigers Tim McNicol 330-383-0456
13U Oak Glen 13U Hall Shawn Hall 304-914-5091