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  • Weirton, Oak Glen, Steubenville, Middle Beaver, Burgettstown, Raccoon Twp, Indian Creek, Ohioville
  • OVGSL welcomes Raccoon Township (PA) in 2014!
  • Good Luck to All the GIRLS!!!
  • Welcome Players, Coaches, Parents, and Sponsors!
Raccoon Township (PA) joins OVGSL in 2014!


April 12, 2015 – 04:00 PM

The OVSGL would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The 2015 Season is quickly approaching as registrations are currently underway in the various communities around the Ohio Valley.

   The next OVGSL Board Meeting will be held on SATURDAY, April 12th  at 4:00PM at the Weirton American Legion. Agenda will include finalizing 2015 schedule, finalizing rule changes for 2015, and voting on Division Agents for 8U/10U/12U/ and 15U. All community reps are expected to attend and anyone interested is welcome to attend.


CAN YOU BELIEVE THE OVGSL SEASON is almost here?  Opening night begins on April 24th and Opening Day on April 25th around the various communities. The OVGSL Schedule will be out by April 12th so check back for more details.

***15U Rule Update - Steel spikes are NOT permitted in 2015 due to safety reasons based on community vote at March 8th meeting.



THE OVGSL would like to extend a warm welcome to new 2015 OVGSL Members WELLSVILLE (8U, 10U, 12U & 15U) and SOUTHERN LOCAL (12U and 15U)!



The OVGSL continues to grow as we had over 500 girls and 45 teams compete in 2014 and looking forward to more girls in 2015. If any community is interested in joining the OVGSL in 2015, please send an e-mail to or call 412-266-5844.



2nd Annual OVGSL All Star Classic

The 2nd Annual All Star Classic was another huge succes this year and was held on Tuesday, July 15 in Beaver, PA in 10U/12U/15U divisions. New this year was having 3 leagues competing: OVGSL, Beaver County (PA) Girls Fastpitch League BCGFPL, and Lawrence County (PA) Girls Softball League. The OVGSL All Stars played 2 games and represented the league well bringing home victories in all 3 divisions. The girls also had the opportunity to meet new girls on the diamond from around western PA.












10U FUN POSE at the 2nd Annual OVGSL/BCGFPL/LCGSL All Star Classic:


15U OVGSL Playoff Results


CONGRATULATIONS to Head Coach JOE ELLEK and the BURGETTSTOWN BLUE DEVILS for winning the 2014 OVGSL 15U Championship and finishing the season with a perfect 13-0 record.

15U Playoff Results:

Game 1:  #9 East Liverpool POTTERS wins via forfeit over #8 Weirton INDIANS

Game 2:   #4 Oak Glen HALL won 10-9 over #5 Oak Glen CREESE

Game 3:  #3 Raccoon Twp VASQUEZ win via forfeit over #6 Weirton MARLINS

Game 4: #1 Burgettstown BLUE DEVILS won 15-5 over #9 East Liverpool POTTERS

Game 5: #2 Weirton METS won 10-0 over #7 Steubenville SONIC

Game 6:  (Semifinal #1) #1 Burgettstown BLUE DEVILS won 5-3 over #4 Oak Glen HALL 


Game 7: (Semifinal #2)   #3 Raccoon Twp VASQUEZ won 11-3 over #2 Weirton METS

Game 9 (15U 3rd Place Game): #2 Weirton METS won 14-9 over #4 Oak Glen HALL

Game 10 (15U Championship Game) #1 Burgettstown BLUE DEVILS  won 7-5 over #3 Raccoon Twp VASZQUEZ 

12U OVGSL Playoff Results


 Congratulations to the Weirton CARDINALS and Head Coach JOE APERFINE for winning the 2014 12U OVGSL Championship!



12U Playoff Results:

  • GAME 1:  #5 Steubenville STORM won via forfeit over #12 Oak Glen ALLISON
  • GAME 2:  #6 Steubenville BLAST won 15-3 over #11 Middle Beaver NAILERS
  • GAME 3:  #7 Oak Glen ENOCHS won 14-12 over #10 Steubenville CRUSH
  • GAME 4:  #9 Weirton PIRATES won 11-0 over #8 Middle Beaver ELCH
  • GAME 5:  #1 Weirton CARDINALS won 5-0 over #9 Weirton PIRATES 
  • GAME 6:  #2 Indian Creek INDIANS won 13-3 over #7 Oak Glen ENOCHS
  • GAME 7:  #6 Steubenville BLAST won 5-3 over #3 Raccoon Twp CONLEY
  • GAME 8:  #5 Steubenville STORM won 11-1 over #4 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS 
  • GAME 9:  #1 Weirton CARDINALS won 6-3 over #5 Steubenville STORM
  • GAME 10:  #2 Indian Creek INDIANS won 6-4 over #6 Steubenville BLAST
  • GAME 11 (3rd Place Game):  #5 Steubenville STORM won 8-7 over #6 Steubenville BLAST in extra innings.
  • GAME 12 (12U Championship Game):  #1 Weirton CARDINALS won 12-2 over #2 Indian Creek INDIANS
2014 12U OVGSL PLAYOFFS (Single Elimination Format)
  (1) Weirton CARDINALS      
(8)  Middle Beaver E.L.C.H.    (1) Weirton CARDINALS    
   (9) Weirton PIRATES      
(9) Weirton PIRATES        
    Semifinal #1    
(5) Steubenville STORM        
  (5) Steubenville STORM    (1) Weirton CARDINALS  
(12) Oak Glen ALLISON        
     (5) Steubenville STORM    
  (4) Weirton DIAMONDBACKS      
      12U Championship Game  (1) Weirton CARDINALS
        12U Champs
  (3) Raccoon Twp CONLEY      
(6) Steubenville BLAST     (6) Steubenville BLAST    
   (6) Steubenville BLAST      
(11) Middle Beaver NAILERS        
    Semifinal #2  (2) Indian Creek INDIANS  
(7) Oak Glen ENOCHS        
   (7) Oak Glen ENOCHS      
(10) Steubenville CRUSH    (2) Indian Creek INDIANS    
  (2) Indian Creek INDIANS   (5) Steubenville STORM  
      3rd Place Game  (5) Steubenville STORM
        12U 3rd Place
      (6) Steubenville BLAST  

10U OVGSL Playoff Results

Congratulations to Weirton CARDINALS and Head Coach CRYSTAL TICE for winning the 2014 10U OVGSL Championship and finishing the season with a perfect record 14-0!


10U Playoff Results:

  • GAME 1: #7 Oak Glen HOLDEN won via forfeit over  #10 Middle Beaver LADY CREAMERS
  • GAME 2: #8 Raccoon Twp PLATKO won via forfeit over #9 Steubenville DIAMOND GIRLS
  • GAME 3: #1 Weirton CARDINALS won 12-0 over #8 Raccoon Twp PLATKO
  • GAME 4: #2 Weirton PIRATES won 12-0 over #7 Oak Glen HOLDEN
  • GAME 5:  #3 Oak Glen POWER won 8-5 over #6 Weirton DIAMONDBACKS
  • GAME 6:  #4 Steubenville STAMPEDE won 8-6 over #5 Middle Beaver NAILERS
  • GAME 7:  #1 Weirton CARDINALS  won 14-2 over #4 Steubenville STAMPEDE
  • GAME 8: (SEMIFINAL #2): #2 Weirton PIRATES won 14-12 over #3 Oak Glen POWER
  • GAME 9 (10U 3RD PLACE GAME):  #3 Oak Glen POWER  won 11-10 over #4 Steubenville STAMPEDE
  • GAME 10 (10U CHAMPIONSHIP GAME):    #1 Weirton CARDINALS  won 6-2 over #2 Weirton PIRATES


2014 10U OVGSL PLAYOFFS (Single Elimination Format)
  (1) Weirton CARDINALS      
(8)  Raccoon Twp PLATKO    (1) Weirton CARDINALS    
   (8)  Raccoon Twp PLATKO      
(9) Steubenville DIAMOND GIRLS        
    Semifinal #1    
  (5) M.B. NAILERS    (1) Weirton CARDINALS  
     (4) Steubenville STAMPEDE    
  (4) Steubenville STAMPEDE      
      10U Championship Game  (1) Weirton CARDINALS
       Weirton Field #1, 8PM 10U Champs
  (3) Oak Glen POWER      
     (3) Oak Glen POWER    
  (6) Weirton DIAMONDBACKS      
    Semifinal #2  (2)Weirton PIRATES  
(7) Oak Glen HOLDEN        
   (7) Oak Glen HOLDEN      
(10) M.B. LADY  CREAMERS    (2)Weirton PIRATES    
  (2)Weirton PIRATES   (4) Steubenville STAMPEDE  

3rd Place Game

Weirton Field #1, 6PM

  (3) Oak Glen POWER
        10U 3rd Place
       (3) Oak Glen POWER  



*** Congratulations to Raccoon Township and Head Coach HEATHER BLINKEY for winning the 2014 OVGSL 8U Playoffs.





1st Round Game Results THURSDAY, JUNE 12th:


Game 1:  #3 Middle Beaver PEACHES won via forfeit over #14 Weirton PHILLIES (530pm, EastEnd Field)

Game 2:  #4 Middle Beaver DIAMOND DIVAS won via forfeit over #13 Steubenville YANKEES (7pm, East End Field)

Game 3: #5 Ohioville THUNDER won via forfeit by #12 Oak Glen HOLDEN

Game 4: #6 Weirton TIGERS won 15-5 over #11 Oak Glen COOPER PINK STARS (630pm, Field #4)

Game 5: #7 Oak Glen HALL PIZZAZ won 5-3 over #10 Steubenville LADY SCOUTS (630pm, Chester Pinto)

Game 6:   #9 Raccoon Twp BLINKEY  won 13-2 over #8 Steubenville PHANTOMS (7pm, Field #5)

 2nd Round Games SATURDAY, JUNE 14th

Game 7: #1 Weirton PIRATES vs#9 Raccoon Twp BLINKEY (10am, Chester Pinto)

Game 8: #5 Ohioville THUNDER vs #4 Middle Beaver DIAMOND DIVAS  (10am, Chester Bronco)

 Game 9: #2 Weirton RANGERS vs  #7 Oak Glen HALL PIZZAZ (1130am, Chester Main)

 Game 10:#3 Middle Beaver PEACHESvs  #6 Weirton TIGERS (1130am, Chester Bronco)


Game 11: (SEMIFINAL #1) #9 Raccoon Twp BLINKEY vs#4 Middle Beaver DIAMOND DIVAS (12pm, Chester Pinto)

 Game 12: (SEMIFINAL #2) #2 Weirton RANGERS vs #6 Weirton TIGERS (1pm, Chester Main)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Game 13: (8U CHAMPIONSHIP) #9 Raccoon Twp BLINKEY vs #6 Weirton TIGERS(3pm, Chester Main)



2014 8U OVGSL PLAYOFFS (Single Elimination Format)
  (1) Weirton PIRATES      
(8)  Steubenville PHANTOMS Chester Pinto, 10am  (9) Raccoon Twp BLINKEY    
   (9) Raccoon Twp BLINKEY      
(9) Rac Twp BLINKEY   Semifinal #1    
    Chester Pinto, 12pm    
(5) Ohioville THUNDER        
  (5) Ohioville THUNDER    (9) Raccoon Twp BLINKEY  
(12) OG Holden TORNADOES        
  Chester Bronco, 10am  (4) M.B. DIAMOND DIVAS    
(4) M.B. DIAMOND DIVAS        
   (4) M.B. DIAMOND DIVAS      
(13) Steubenville YANKEES     8U Championship Game  (9) Raccoon Twp BLINKEY
      (Chester Main, 3pm)  
(3) M.B. PEACHES        
   (3) M.B. PEACHES            8U Champs
(14) Weirton PHILLIES        
  (Chester Bronco, 1130am)      
(6) Weirton TIGERS    (6) Weirton TIGERS    
   (6) Weirton TIGERS    (6) Weirton TIGERS  
(11) OG Cooper PINK STARS        
(7) OG HALL PIZZAZ   Semifinal #2    
   (7) OG HALL PIZZAZ Chester Main, 1pm    
(10) Steubenville LADY SCOUTS (Chester Main, 1130am)  (2)Weirton RANGERS    
  (2)Weirton RANGERS      







The 2014 OVGSL Schedule for all divisions is posted.  Team Schedules can easily be downloaded by using the "Schedules" link to the left and then choosing your team.

NEW for 2014: 

  • The OVGSL welcomes Raccoon Township (PA) in all 4 divisions and the expansion of 8U Coach Pitch.We have the most teams ever competing in the OVGSL for 2014 with 45 total and over 500 girls - WOW!


  • 8U COACH PITCH: 14 teams with a 13 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs.
  • 10U FASTPITCH:  10 teams split among 2 divisions with a 13 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs.
  • 12U FASTPITCH: 12 teams with a 13 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs.
  • 15U FASTPITCH:  9 teams with a 14 game regular season schedule followed by playoffs.




Are you ready for some SOFTBALL!

The OVGSL continues to thrive and grow with 45 teams in 4 age divisions! in 2014, the OVGSL welcomes Raccoon Township (PA) and President Carl Platko as they will compete in each age division.


OVGSL All-Stars vs Beaver County All-Stars INAGURAL GAME (July 17th)

The Ohio Valley Girls Softball League hosted the inaugural ALL-STAR Classic on July 17th in Chester, WV and it was a huge success. The OVGSL All-Stars in 10U, 12U, and 15U took on the All-Stars from the Beaver County Girls Fastpitch League BCGFPL in Western, PA. It was a hot evening but the girls had fun and got to meet some new friends on the softball diamond!

    • The 10U game was won by the OVGSL All-Stars led by Butch Brown and Joe Aperfine.

  • The 12U game was won by the BCGFPL led by Ray Creese while Stephanie Tingler coached the OVGSL 12U Team.

  • The 15U game was won by the OVGSL All-Stars led by Tony McKay, Chris Clunk, Ryan Rinestine, and Mike Smith.



A special thank you to Mike Anderson from BCGFPL for making this happen!

Ohio's Return To Play Law in 2013

Starting, April 26, 2013, Ohio's new "Return to Play" law goes into effect which requires coaches, umpires, or officials to REMOVE AN ATHLETE FROM PLAY if the athlete is exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion during practice or a game.

All Coaches must be familiar with the new rule and it is highly recommended that all coaches are certified in the Concussion.

For more info:


Ohio Department of Health - Ohio's return to play law:


The OVGSL is will have 4 Age Divisions in 2013 after having a successful inaugural season in 8U Coach Pitch to go along with 10U, 12U, and 15U!

8U Division - Instructional Coach Pitch will introduce younger girls (8 and under) to the game of softball and develop their skills using 11 inch ball and having modified rules.

10U Division - Beginner's Fastpitch introduces girls to fast pitch softball while developing their skills(ages 9-10) using 11 inch ball and 35 feet pitching distance while having modified rules.

12U Division will use 12 inch ball and 40 feet pitching distance and closely follow high school rules.

15U Division will begin after the high school season ends and use 12 inch ball with 43 feet pitching distance.