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Pony Rule Changes for 2018

Age change to August 31st cut off.  Link is below and was voted on and adopted by OVYBL

Player born 6/21/05 will forgo his 2nd year of Bronco and move up to Pony in 2018

Player born 8/16/06 will jump from Mustang 2017 to 2nd year Bronco in 2018 then Pony in 2019

Pitch Tracker

We have used and adopted last 2 seasons but now is a Pony Baseball Rule


All bats will have to have the new insignia.  All information is in article link below.  Make sure you buy a 2018 bat with USABat standards, the exception is drop 3 BBCOR.  Please read up or call with any questions


Mike Bachinski

2018 January Meeting


I hope to see representatives for all area leagues in attendance of the 2nd of 3 meetings for the Spring 2018 season

When: Saturday January 6th

Time: @ 2 PM

Where: Follansbee Baseball Association Pressbox at ball fields

This meeting will vote on any rule changes that are wanted.

We will have another final meeting in mid March and at that time all leagues must provide Team Rosters and Coaches contact, field availability, proof of insurance and payment written out to FBA by check or cash for every Mustang, Bronco and Pony team you will have in the amount of $40 per team.  Too many came unprepared this year and that cannot happen again.  Please schedule your sign ups accordingly so you have this information readily available to provide at the meeting.


Thanks and let me know if any questions in advance of meeting

Mike Bachinski



OVYBL Voted to continue PitchSmart at Mustang, Bronco and Pony levels, rather than innings. Pitchers will now enter, exit and rest based on the guidelines on the PitchSmart website.  Number of innings pitched are no longer a factor.  Number of pitches thrown will be the only rule effecting when and how much a pitcher may pitch. For information as to pitching restrictions, please review the following website:

MLB Baseball and USA Baseball endorse Pitchsmart

Coaches will need to agree at the end of each inning how many pitches have been thrown.  Total number of pitches for each pitcher in a game will be recorded under the players name, the winning team reports the game results and pitch counts on the website within 24 hours of the game.  All games that are cancelled or postponed must be accurately changed also so that pitch counts are tracked correctly during actual game date