Last Updated: May 1, 2016

If you don't know how to do this, the instructions are in the League Docs page 
of this site entitled "Game Score Reporting Doc".
Pitch Count for every pitcher in the game should be listed on the comments section when you report scores as well as updated in the Pitch Count section of score reportlng.  
If a league has not yet submitted an electronic roster, the Pitch Counter cannot be used.
SSL Rules and information can be located at:



A few notes about PitchSmart


  • As of 4/29, all team rosters should be available on the OVYBL website.  Coaches will use rosters to report pitch counts from games.  The OVYBL Score reporting tool will show you when a pitcher is available to pitch.  Please check this for your players after each game for accuracy.  IT IS ULTIMATELY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH COACH TO KNOW IF A PLAYER IS ELIGIBLE TO PITCH.  The website is a great tool, but technology should not trump common sense.  If the tracker on the website is wrong, please e-mail


  • Using an ineligible pitcher in a game will result in a forfeited game.   Rest Days are counted as full days.  If a player pitches Saturday morning, it does not mean they are available to pitch the evening of the day they come off rest. Rest begins at midnight on the day the player pitches.


  • If you are playing against a team and you believe the opposing coach is pitching a pitcher who should be resting - it is the responsibility of the HEAD COACH to address this question to the Umpire and HEAD COACH of the opposing team.  Please do not allow a coach to pitch a player who should be resting because you do not think it will affect the outcome of the game.  Remember our goal is to act with integrity to preserve our players so they can enjoy years of baseball in their future.


  • Actual pitches thrown will be recorded on the score reporting portion of the website.  Regardless of what the pitch count was when the pitcher started the batter.  

OVYBL Votes to enact PitchSmart at all age levels, rather than innings. Pitchers will now enter, exit and rest based on the guidelines on the PitchSmart website.  Number of innings pitched are no longer a factor.  Number of pitches thrown will be the only rule effecting when and how much a pitcher may pitch. For information as to pitching restrictions, please review the following website:

Coaches will need to agree at the end of each inning how many pitches have been thrown.  Total number of pitches for each pitcher in a game will be recorded in the Comments section when the winning team reports the game results on the website.

Rule Update (3rd to 1st Move is now a Balk)

May 7, 2013


Under a rule change imposed by Major League Baseball for 2013 season, pitchers are no longer be allowed to fake a pickoff to third base and throw to first as a way to dupe a runner on first base into breaking for second.  That move is now a balk.  

If a pitcher steps to 3rd, he must throw to 3rd.  Pitchers can still step off the rubber and fake to third.

OVYBL Umpires are asked to enforce this rule.   MLB Rule 8.05(c).


OVYBL Rule Reminder

RULE #4 on the 2012 OVYBL Pony Rule Sheet clearly states, "No Steel Spikes Permitted".  It has been brought to our attention that teams are not following this rule, and have players wearing metal cleats, even when in some cases they have molded cleats in thier bags.

Managers, this is one of the most simple rules to understand.  It has been in place for years for the safety of the kids.

During the pregame meeting of managers with the umpire, the umpire asks "Coach, is all of your teams equipment legal?"  This is not only in regards to the bats, but all rules on equipment, including shoes.  Any infraction of these rules, after you have stated that your teams equipment is legal will result in the equipment being removed from playing field, the manager being ejected from the current game, and suspended for the next scheduled game.

Upcoming Games

Monday, May 2
River Valley Pro Tech @ Dillonvale Devastators6:00pmDillonvale Pony
ICYBSL Red @ Follansbee6:00pmFollansbee Pony
Edison @ Hopedale6:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Bronco/Pony)
Steubenville Bluejays @ Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Pony
ICYBSL Gold @ Southern LocalPostponedSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Weirton Diamondbacks @ Steubenville Angels6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Wellsville @ Wellsburg Pirates6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Steubenville Athletics @ River Valley Bronco 3 (Kinsey)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
ICYBSL Red @ Weirton Athletics6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Toronto Pirates @ Weirton Yankees6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsburg Cowboys @ Wellsburg Pirates6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
ICYBSL Pirates @ Jewett6:00pmJewett Mustang (Scio)
Steubenville Brewers @ Oak Glen Sauers6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Tuesday, May 3
Toronto White @ Dillonvale Destroyers6:00pmDillonvale Pony
Toronto Red @ Weirton Marlins6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Steubenville Pirates @ Wellsburg Bombers6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Weirton Bluejays @ River Valley Bronco 1 (Weigand)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
ICYBSL White @ Weirton Giants6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Steubenville Rays @ Follansbee Outlaws6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Steubenville Indians @ Oak Glen McKay6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Wellsburg Intimidators @ Wellsburg Bats6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Wednesday, May 4
Follansbee @ ICYBSL Gold6:00pmFollansbee Pony
Steubenville Angels @ Oak Glen Gold (D.Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Pony
Wellsville @ Steubenville Bluejays6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
River Valley Pro Tech @ Weirton Diamondbacks6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Oak Glen Green (Dotson) @ Follansbee Pirates6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Weirton Yankees @ Oak Glen Blue (Wiley)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Steubenville Athletics @ Wellsburg Astros6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
River Valley Bronco 2 (Suznevich) @ ICYBSL Red6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
River Valley Bronco 3 (Kinsey) @ ICYBSL Gold6:00pmWintersville Mustang
Weirton Pirates @ River Valley 1 (Davis)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Thursday, May 5
ICYBSL Gold @ Dillonvale Devastators6:00pmDillonvale Pony
Wellsburg Pirates @ Follansbee6:00pmFollansbee Pony
ICYBSL Red @ Hopedale6:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Bronco/Pony)
Toronto White @ Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Pony
Weirton Marlins @ Southern Local6:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Toronto Red @ Steubenville Pirates6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Edison @ Wellsburg Bombers6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Steubenville Red Sox @ Follansbee Warriors6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Wellsburg Pirates @ Oak Glen Gold (Glass)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Weirton Athletics @ Weirton Giants6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Toronto Red Sox @ Weirton Bluejays6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsburg Cowboys @ Wellsville6:00pmWellsville Hammond Park
Steubenville Orioles @ ICYBSL White6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Steubenville Brewers @ Steubenville Indians5:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
River Valley 2 (Reed) @ River Valley 3 (Pease)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Toronto Marlins @ Toronto Royals6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Steubenville Rays @ Wellsburg Intimidators6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Saturday, May 7
Toronto White @ Steubenville Bluejays10:00amSteubenville Murphy's Field
Toronto Red @ Dillonvale Devastators11:00amDillonvale Pony
Weirton Diamondbacks @ Wellsburg Bombers12:30pmWellsburg Pony
Steubenville Bluejays @ ICYBSL Gold12:30pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Hopedale @ River Valley Pro Tech1:00pmRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Southern Local @ Steubenville AngelsPostponedSteubenville Murphy's Field
Wellsville @ Weirton Marlins3:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Oak Glen Gold (D.Patterson) @ ICYBSL Red3:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson) @ Steubenville Pirates4:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Dillonvale Destroyers @ Edison5:00pmEdison
Follansbee Pirates @ Steubenville Athletics11:00amSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Follansbee Warriors @ Wellsville12:00pmWellsville Hammond Park
River Valley Bronco 3 (Kinsey) @ Wellsburg Pirates12:30pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Oak Glen Blue (Wiley) @ Bergholz1:30pmBergholz Bronco
River Valley Bronco 2 (Suznevich) @ Follansbee Bulldogs1:30pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
River Valley Bronco 1 (Weigand) @ Steubenville Orioles1:30pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Toronto Pirates @ Toronto Red Sox2:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Oak Glen Green (Dotson) @ Wellsburg Cowboys3:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
ICYBSL Gold @ Steubenville Red Sox4:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Oak Glen Gold (Glass) @ Wellsburg Astros5:30pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Weirton Yankees @ River Valley 1 (Davis)10:00amRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Follansbee Black Diamonds @ Wellsburg Orioles10:00amWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Wellsville @ Bergholz11:00amBergholz Mustang
River Valley 4 (Shaw) @ Follansbee Dirt Devils11:00amFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
River Valley 2 (Reed) @ Oak Glen McKay11:00amOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Oak Glen Sauers @ Toronto Marlins11:00amToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Weirton Orioles @ Weirton Pirates11:00amWeirton Field #1
ICYBSL Pirates @ Southern Local12:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Weirton White Sox @ Jewett1:00pmJewett Mustang (Scio)
Toronto Royals @ Weirton Braves1:00pmWeirton Field #1
ICYBSL Red Sox @ ICYBSL Tigers1:30pmWintersville Mustang
Wellsburg Bats @ ICYBSL Angels1:30pmWintersville Mustang
Sunday, May 8
10U Sunday Select
Follansbee @ ICYBSL2:00pmWintersville Mustang
12U Sunday Select
Weirton @ Toronto2:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Oak Glen @ ICYBSL2:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Monday, May 9
Weirton Marlins @ Dillonvale Destroyers6:00pmDillonvale Pony
Dillonvale Devastators @ Hopedale6:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Bronco/Pony)
ICYBSL Gold @ Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Pony
Wellsville @ River Valley Pro Tech6:00pmRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Oak Glen Gold (D.Patterson) @ Steubenville Pirates6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Follansbee @ Weirton Diamondbacks6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Southern Local @ Wellsburg Bombers6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Toronto White @ ICYBSL Red6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Oak Glen Green (Dotson) @ Oak Glen Blue (Wiley)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Steubenville Orioles @ Steubenville Red Sox6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Weirton Bluejays @ Toronto Pirates6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Follansbee Dirt Devils @ River Valley 1 (Davis)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Weirton White Sox @ Weirton Braves6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Tuesday, May 10
Toronto Red @ Steubenville Angels6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Steubenville Bluejays @ Wellsburg Pirates6:00pmWellsburg Pony
River Valley Bronco 2 (Suznevich) @ Bergholz6:00pmBergholz Bronco
Follansbee Pirates @ Follansbee Bulldogs6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Follansbee Warriors @ Weirton Giants6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
River Valley Bronco 3 (Kinsey) @ Wellsville6:00pmWellsville Hammond Park
ICYBSL White @ ICYBSL Gold6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Southern Local @ Oak Glen McKay6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Steubenville Brewers @ River Valley 3 (Pease)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Wellsburg Orioles @ Steubenville Rays6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 3
ICYBSL Tigers @ Toronto Marlins6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Weirton Yankees @ Weirton Orioles6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Follansbee Outlaws @ Wellsburg Bats6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Follansbee Black Diamonds @ ICYBSL Red Sox6:00pmWintersville Mustang
Wednesday, May 11
Dillonvale Destroyers @ River Valley Pro Tech6:00pmRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Toronto White @ Steubenville Pirates6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson) @ Weirton Diamondbacks6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Dillonvale Devastators @ Wellsville6:00pmWellsville
River Valley Bronco 1 (Weigand) @ Oak Glen Gold (Glass)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Toronto Red Sox @ Steubenville Athletics6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Weirton Yankees @ Weirton Athletics6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Wellsburg Pirates @ Wellsburg Astros6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Wellsburg Cowboys @ ICYBSL Red6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Wellsville @ River Valley 2 (Reed)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Thursday, May 12
Toronto Red @ Hopedale6:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Bronco/Pony)
Follansbee @ Southern Local6:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Edison @ Steubenville Bluejays6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
ICYBSL Red @ Wellsburg Pirates6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Steubenville Angels @ Wellsburg Bombers6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Oak Glen Gold (D.Patterson) @ ICYBSL Gold6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Steubenville Brewers @ Follansbee Outlaws6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Weirton White Sox @ Oak Glen Sauers6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
ICYBSL Pirates @ River Valley 4 (Shaw)6:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Bergholz @ Steubenville Indians6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 3
Weirton Orioles @ Toronto Royals6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Jewett @ Weirton Yankees6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Weirton Pirates @ Wellsburg Intimidators6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Weirton Braves @ ICYBSL Angels6:00pmWintersville Mustang

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