Last Updated: May 25, 2017

Presidents and coaches please review full schedules of all leagues, TBP, SPD and PPD's need rescheduled and changes must be emailed to OVYBL for changes, as of 5/22 only 4 weeks left before playoffs begin on 19th!  Rescheduling should be completed as soon as possible and I would advise not to schedule them all on the last week of season, you will have trouble with pitch count and better hope its not a rain week!   Thanks


Make up games should be rescheduled within 48 hours of cancelling please adhere to this and email OVYBL with changes.  This is very important for pitch tracker as well as getting all your games in before it's to late.  As stated at meetings please use Sundays and other fields if needed. 



Couple reminders:

All game changes and or make ups should be handled in a prompt manner and the home team should email so that I can make the changes on the website.  This is very important so Pitch Tracker as well as standings are up to date and accurate.

All game scores should be reported by the winning team within 18 hours of completion in case of back to back scenario's.  This also ensures accuracy and accountability for all teams.  It only takes a couple minutes and can be easily be done by your phone, make sure your score and pitch counts are both filled in accurately.  Coaches should agree on score and pitch counts at conclusion of every inning and at games end.  The password for score reporting will be ovybl17.

I look forward to a competitive season and watching the great athletes in the Ohio Valley

If any questions or comments please feel free to call any Rep or Officer or send me an email



Mike Bachinski


Our league Meeting was conducted on 3/14 and all organizations were represented.  Minutes are attached in League Documents

Some quick bullet points:

We have a total of 16 organizations in the OVYBL this year consisting of below teams!

  • Total Mustang Teams = 26
  • Total Bronco Teams = 26
  • Total Pony Teams = 21

Season will begin April 22nd and all games must be completed by June 17th

Year End tournaments will begin June 19th and will consist of an A and B bracket for Mustang and Bronco to make competition better and give lower seeds an opportunity to win.  Size of bracket will be determined at end of season.  Pony will have all teams in one Tournament Bracket.  Seeding is determined by record, then Head to Head play, then lastly Runs Allowed.

We will begin working on schedules now since we have total team counts, please do not ask when they will be done.  We will work diligently on getting them completed by early April, as you can imagine a massive amount of moving parts with field availability, multiple teams, etc.

Rule changes:

  • Mustang will not have Infield Fly Rule
  • An DH/EH may be subbed for during a game and also can play in this position back to back games now, they still cannot play the field once designated a DH/EH

I will begin adding rosters in this week if you see any errors please let me know

Thanks and if any questions let me know




OVYBL Voted to continue PitchSmart at Mustang, Bronco and Pony levels, rather than innings. Pitchers will now enter, exit and rest based on the guidelines on the PitchSmart website.  Number of innings pitched are no longer a factor.  Number of pitches thrown will be the only rule effecting when and how much a pitcher may pitch. For information as to pitching restrictions, please review the following website:

MLB Baseball and USA Baseball endorse Pitchsmart

Coaches will need to agree at the end of each inning how many pitches have been thrown.  Total number of pitches for each pitcher in a game will be recorded under the players name, the winning team reports the game results and pitch counts on the website within 24 hours of the game.  All games that are cancelled or postponed must be accurately changed also so that pitch counts are tracked correctly during actual game date

Upcoming Games

Friday, May 26
Weirton Yankees @ Dillonvale Devil Rays6:00pmDillonvale Pony
Weirton Angels @ Toronto6:00pmFollansbee Pony/Bronco
Edison Grey @ River Valley 26:00pmRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Oak Glen Gold (Adkins) @ Oak Glen Blue (C.Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Southern Local Bronco @ Pleasant Hill Wildcats6:00pmPleasant Hill
Steubenville Orioles @ Steubenville Athletics6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Toronto Red @ Toronto Blue6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Steubenville Red Sox @ Wellsburg Defenders6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Wellsburg Bats @ Follansbee Rippers8:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Jewett Vikings @ Follansbee Aces6:00pmFollansbee Pinto/Mustang
Steubenville Indians @ Steubenville Brewers6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 3
Weirton Royals @ Weirton Indians6:00pmWeirton Field #1
ICYBSL Angels @ ICYBSL Cubs6:00pmWintersville Mustang
Saturday, May 27
Steubenville Pirates @ Weirton Angels10:00amWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Dillonvale Devil Rays @ Edison Grey11:00amEdison (Hammondsville)
Bergholz @ Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson)11:00amOak Glen Pony
Oak Glen Gold (Shuman) @ River Valley 111:00amRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Southern Local @ Hopedale Dodgers12:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Pony)
Steubenville Angels @ Weirton Yankees12:30pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsburg White Sox @ Edison Black2:00pmEdison (Hammondsville)
Toronto @ Weirton Cubs3:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsville @ ICYBSL Yellow3:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Wellsburg Vipers @ ICYBSL Red6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Wellsburg Pirates @ Wellsburg Bats10:00amWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Jewett Vikings @ ICYBSL Gold10:00amWintersville Bronco/Pony
ICYBSL Grey @ ICYBSL Red12:30pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Oak Glen Sauers @ Oak Glen Druschel11:00amOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Salineville Mustang @ Southern Local11:00amSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Steubenville Indians @ Pleasant Hill Wildcats12:00pmPleasant Hill
Weirton Pirates @ Wellsburg Marlins1:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Wellsburg Thunder @ Wellsburg Indians4:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Toronto Pirates @ Toronto Nationals6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Sunday, May 28
Weirton Angels @ Bergholz5:00pmBergholz Pony
Oak Glen Blue (C.Patterson) @ River Valley #12:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Monday, May 29
ICYBSL Red @ ICYBSL Gold10:00amWintersville Bronco/Pony
Wellsburg Bats @ Steubenville Orioles12:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Tuesday, May 30
River Valley 1 @ Edison Grey6:00pmEdison (Hammondsville)
Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson) @ Hopedale Dodgers6:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Pony)
Wellsburg White Sox @ Oak Glen Gold (Shuman)6:00pmOak Glen Pony
Edison Black @ River Valley 26:00pmRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Toronto @ Southern Local6:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Dillonvale Devil Rays @ Steubenville Pirates6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
ICYBSL Red @ Weirton Cubs6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Bergholz @ Wellsburg Vipers6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Weirton Yankees @ Wellsville6:00pmWellsville Hammond Park
Weirton Angels @ ICYBSL Yellow6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Follansbee Renegades @ Follansbee Base Hawgs6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Oak Glen Gold (Adkins) @ River Valley #16:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Follansbee Fireballs @ Follansbee Aces6:00pmFollansbee Pinto/Mustang
Follansbee Dari-Owl @ Jewett Vikings6:00pmJewett Mustang (Scio)
Oak Glen Druschel @ River Valley 16:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Salineville Mustang @ Toronto Nationals6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Weirton Pirates @ Weirton Indians6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Wellsburg Marlins @ Wellsburg Thunder6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
ICYBSL Cubs @ ICYBSL Nationals6:00pmWintersville Mustang
Wednesday, May 31
Toronto @ Bergholz6:00pmBergholz Pony
Follansbee Rippers @ Follansbee Bulldogs6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
River Valley #2 @ Oak Glen Blue (C.Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Toronto Blue @ Southern Local Bronco6:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Steubenville Red Sox @ Steubenville Athletics6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Pleasant Hill Wildcats @ Toronto Red6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Weirton Rockies @ Weirton Indians6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Weirton Mariners @ Weirton Marlins6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsburg Defenders @ Wellsburg Pirates6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Jewett Vikings @ ICYBSL Grey6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Pleasant Hill Wildcats @ Steubenville Indians6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 2
Steubenville Rays @ Steubenville Brewers6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 3
ICYBSL Astros @ ICYBSL Angels6:00pmWintersville Mustang
Thursday, Jun 1
Oak Glen Gold (Shuman) @ Toronto6:00pmFollansbee Pony/Bronco
Edison Grey @ Hopedale Dodgers6:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Pony)
River Valley 2 @ River Valley 16:00pmRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Dillonvale Devil Rays @ Steubenville Angels6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Southern Local @ Weirton Yankees6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsburg White Sox @ Wellsburg Vipers6:00pmWellsburg Pony
Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson) @ ICYBSL Yellow6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Oak Glen Gold (Adkins) @ River Valley #26:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Weirton Marlins @ Weirton Rockies8:00pmWeirton Field #1
Oak Glen Sauers @ River Valley 26:00amRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Steubenville Rays @ Follansbee Dari-Owl6:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Southern Local @ Toronto Pirates6:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Wellsburg Indians @ Weirton Royals6:00pmWeirton Field #1
ICYBSL Nationals @ ICYBSL Cubs6:00pmWintersville Mustang
Follansbee Aces @ Follansbee Fireballs8:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Friday, Jun 2
River Valley 1 @ Steubenville Angels6:00pmSteubenville Murphy's Field
Wellsville @ Weirton Angels6:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Edison Black @ ICYBSL Red6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Toronto Red @ Oak Glen Blue (C.Patterson)6:00pmOak Glen Mustang/Bronco (Chester)
Weirton Indians @ River Valley #26:00pmRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Steubenville Orioles @ Wellsburg Bats6:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
River Valley 1 @ Steubenville Indians6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 3
Weirton Indians @ Steubenville Brewers6:00pmSteubenville Belleview Park Field 4
Saturday, Jun 3
Oak Glen Blue (C. Patterson) @ Weirton Cubs10:00amWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Steubenville Angels @ Edison Grey11:00amEdison (Hammondsville)
Steubenville Pirates @ River Valley 211:00amRiver Valley Pony (East Liverpool High School)
Southern Local @ Wellsburg Vipers11:00amSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Oak Glen Gold (Shuman) @ Wellsville11:00amWellsville Hammond Park
River Valley 1 @ Weirton Yankees12:30pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Toronto @ Hopedale Dodgers1:00pmHopedale Bice Park (Pony)
Edison Black @ Weirton Angels3:00pmWeirton Field #2 (Pony)
Wellsburg White Sox @ ICYBSL Yellow6:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Oak Glen Gold (Adkins) @ Follansbee Base Hawgs10:00amFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Follansbee Bulldogs @ Weirton Indians10:00amWeirton Field #1
Follansbee Rippers @ Wellsburg Pirates10:00amWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Steubenville Athletics @ ICYBSL Gold10:00amWintersville Bronco/Pony
Follansbee Renegades @ River Valley #111:00amRiver Valley Baseball Complex Mustang/Bronco
Toronto Blue @ Weirton Marlins12:30pmWeirton Field #1
Steubenville Red Sox @ ICYBSL Red12:30pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Jewett Vikings @ Southern Local Bronco2:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
River Valley #2 @ Weirton Rockies3:00pmWeirton Field #1
Wellsburg Defenders @ ICYBSL Grey3:00pmWintersville Bronco/Pony
Pleasant Hill Wildcats @ Weirton Mariners6:00pmWeirton Field #1
Oak Glen Druschel @ Southern Local11:00amSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Toronto Pirates @ ICYBSL Angels11:00amWintersville Mustang
Wellsburg Indians @ Jewett Vikings12:00pmJewett Mustang (Scio)
Oak Glen Sauers @ Pleasant Hill Wildcats12:00pmPleasant Hill
River Valley 2 @ Toronto Nationals12:00pmToronto Mustang/Bronco Memorial Park
Weirton Royals @ Wellsburg Marlins1:00pmWellsburg Mustang/Bronco
Wellsburg Thunder @ Salineville Mustang2:00pmSouthern Local (Salinesville)
Follansbee Fireballs @ ICYBSL Nationals2:00pmWintersville Mustang
Weirton Pirates @ ICYBSL Cubs5:00pmWintersville Mustang
ICYBSL Astros @ Follansbee Aces8:00pmFollansbee Mustang/Bronco
Sunday, Jun 4
Southern Local @ Wellsburg White Sox4:00pmWellsburg Pony

For a complete schedule listing, click here!