Last Updated: September 14, 2015

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Rained Out

Please sign up for the texting program. This is a great tool for coaches to get a hold of you. We have 36 kids that need to be fitted for equipment. Lets not wait till the last minute to do this!!!

*Link to the website For Rainedout*

a href="Join">">Join Owosso Youth Football text alerts on RainedOut

Enter mobile phone number, then wait for validation code to be texted back to you, then enter code on website, then choose which grade you belong to.


To get alerts for weather cancellations for games/practices or general information

Please follow the messages below to get alerts for this upcoming youth football season.

Text 75735 to 84483 to receive alerts from Owosso Youth Football.

  • Text 75734 to 84483 to receive 3&4 GRADE alerts from Owosso Youth Football
  • Text 75755 to 84483 to receive 5 GRADE alerts from Owosso Youth Football
  • Text 75736 to 84483 to receive 6 GRADE alerts from Owosso Youth Football
  • Text 75737 to 84483 to receive 7 GRADE alerts from Owosso Youth Football
  • Text 75738 to 84483 to receive 8 GRADE alerts from Owosso Youth Football.  

         Everyone will have to redo there RainedOut subscriptions

We're looking forward to a Fun, Exciting & Safe year!

The Owosso Youth Football coaches & board members would like to wish all our player and parents a happy and safe year of football. Please help us support our great program by assisting and volunteering your services to help us continue to make OYF a first class program.

Please observe our parking rule

There is to be no parking in the back of the High School, or dropping off by the practice fields. Please pick up and drop off in the student parking lot by the tennis courts. Failure to follow this can result in your child being suspended for half a game. This rule is installed as a SAFETY rule. Too many young players crossing the road during drop-off/pick-up times.

Like Owosso Youth Football on FACEBOOK

Click on the football player and it will take you to the Owosso Youth Football Facebook Page. If you're a Facebook user you can join the Owosso Youth Football Facebook page and stay up to date even quicker on sign-up dates, schedules, events, game changes and bad weather cancellations. We will try to STAY UP TO DATE ON EVENTS as much as possible. Thank you.


Home game entry fee into games are $3.00 adults and $1.00 children and senior citizens until further notice.