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Our girls have been invited to perform at intermission of the Chicago Wolves Spooktacular event!!

This will take place October 25th at the Allstate Arena.  It is a very simple dance that the Wolves Choreograph for us.

Cost for performers is $16.50  Cost for anyone else who would like to attend is $20.  All tickets include a Wolves hat.

Forms and money should be turned into Samantha Rojas no later than Thursday October 1st.

Please email Samantha at for more detail or any questions.



OYTF Spirit Wear Store

We will be doing the spirit wear a little different this year. Please follow the attached link to our all new online store to view and purchase your spirit wear items and have them delivered right to your door!



Please help us reach our goal!
Our newest fundraiser is upon us.  We will be selling scented candle.  These come in a 16oz mason jar in a variety of scents at $13 per candle.

Money is due to coaches no later than Thursday September 17th. No late orders will be accepted. 

Delivery is the week of the 28th.

Please continue to support OYTF by visiting our online Spiritwear store and joining in our fundraisers.



Announcing our BIG Changes!!

We are very excited to announce that we have chosen to join the Midwest Big 12 Youth Football League! This decision was done after very careful consideration and meeting with other leagues in the area and felt that this was the best fit for us. They will operate very similarly to what we are familiar with and will include teams from Yorkville, Kaneland, DeKalb, Burlington, as well as Saint Raphael's travel program. Once we have more information regarding the league and registration we will be posting that as well so please check back soon!


Please use this link to read more on the league itself:




Partnership with Premier Gymnastics!



We have very exciting news for all our cheerleaders this year!

We have partnered with Premier Gymnastics to help our girls this year! They will be offering a discounted price of $55 a month for our OYTF families to help the girls in our program push themselves even more. This will be for their tumbling classes and their schedule is posted on their website. It is definitely a great deal. You can sign them up starting now to take advantage of the discount. They are also conveniently located close to ESP!


Here is a link to their website if you would like to check out what they have to offer:



We are very excited about this for all the girls in the cheer program to make them a stronger program this year and this is only the beginning!


Please feel free to contact our Cheer AD at if you have any questions. 


 OYTF 2015 Sponsors

We ask that you patronize the following businesses
who have shown their loyal support of our OYTF Organization. 

MVP Sponsors



A All Temp Inc. Heating & Cooing

(630)355-4477 Ray Emmick 

Grant & Power Landscaping Inc



LaFarge North America



   Platinum Sponsors



Every season starts at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Located next to Kohls on Route 34 in Oswego

Green T Services



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Maciano's Pizza





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OTree Photography

Caton Commercial Real Estate Group

CL Tactical Training-Conceal Cary Certification


And of course a BIG thank you to the everyone else who helps us with their partnership.

 Oswego Chamber of Commerce
"The Oswego Chamber of Commerce promotes the growth and prosperity of our members by connecting them to resources, relationships, and value-added benefits to foster a successful business community."

 John's Rib House
"The Best Little Rib House in Town"
(630) 241-4150 -

 John's Rib House, the home of the famous 'Remix' can now be found at OYTF Practices and Games.  If you need to get your fix of John's Rib House, you can also visit the resturant, 1221 Maple Ave., Lisle, IL 60532

Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s success”
Located on Mitchell Drive in Oswego

 A HUGE Thank You to the Oswegoland Park District for without their support OYTF would not have the beautiful Practice and Game Fields at Grande Park.


OYTF thanks you for your Support! 




2015 Season Q & A


2015 OYTF Q/A


1.     What happened to TriCounty?  Shortly following the wrap of the 2014 season it was announced that Seneca, Coal City and Chanooka were leaving the league.  OYTF was in the process of assessing our current situation and this news reinforced the reason we were looking as well.

2.     Why did these Teams leave TriCounty?  From what we have heard Chanooka reacted to the other programs leaving and wanted more diversity in their scheduling, Seneca was looking to join a league that matches their participation and competitive level and Coal City possibly the same reason.  We have no definitive answer however

3.     What did OYTF do to evaluate our options for 2015 and beyond?  First step was to identify all leagues known within our area and grid out details like rules, affiliations and potential travel distance to games.  Top 3 candidates were identified and brought in for interviews with the Board and a number of our Coaches from the 2014 season.

4.     What Leagues made the final cut? Greater Chicagoland Youth Football and Cheer (UFY), The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL), and the Midwest Youth Big 12 League

5.     Other Leagues Considered? River Valley was considered but they were not accepting more additions and this may not have been the best home for us given we had originally left this league to join TriCounty.  Bill George was also not considering additions so a further exploratory conversation was not completed.

6.     Travel distances were considered:  estimated based on known cities and an equal schedule to all potential destinations.

7.     What League will OYTF participate in for the 2015 Season:  The Midwest Big 12 is our new Home!

8.     Why was this league chosen?  After dissecting the various league choices it became clear that the vision of this League matched OYTF the best.  The current platform and future vision is one of a program that is focused on being competitive while at the same time focused on player development pointing down the road to the high school programs.

9.     What Teams/Towns are in the Big 12? Yorkville, Kaneland, Burlington, Dekalb, Plano, Sandwich, Oswego and St Raphael’s feeder travel program

10.  What are the levels and weight breaks for Big12? 8u and under, 9u, 10u, 11u, 7th and 8th

11.  What are the rules for ball carriers? 8u and under max weight for ball carrier =85, 9u =100, 10u =120, 11u through 8th = unlimited

12.  What does that mean for stripers? It means there will be no striper rules.  Kids will be able to play both sides of the ball.  The distinctions for weight limits are specific to carrying or lining up in a ball carrier position.  See rules as posted on the Big 12 website. There may be some further definition as we go but this is a plus

13.  How many levels and colors will OYTF field?  This is dependent upon participant enrollment. Given the expanse of fielding 4 teams across one color to 6 teams across there will likely be some re-aligning. We would love to have more than 4 colors!

14.  Will OYTF be adjusting Teams by High School feeder?  The answer is both yes and no.  We are always going to enrollment dependent and certainly have commitments to field teams of equal capabilities.  We have discussed with both OHS and OEHS Head Coaches and they are in full support of us doing so and understand some of the limitations we may face.  Once through initial registration we will be able to communicate more details and options.

15.  Will all colors and all levels travel to the same city each week?  There is no guarantee currently.  Big 12 has tried this is in the past but in order to accommodate color flights some teams/town ended up playing the same ones a couple of times.  There is, however, a focus to accommodate schedules as much as possible.  The more teams that join the more possible this becomes.

16.  Would all colors have traveled together in other leagues considered?  There was no guarantee in any of the leagues we looked at.  As a matter of fact they had more levels in other leagues which had the potential to cause an even greater imbalance.  

17.  What days will games be played? Current game days are Saturday.  With a league that is expanding to 7th and 8th grade levels Sundays and possibly weekdays may come into play.  Discussions under way.  It is leaning in the direction of 11u and under will play on Saturdays and 7th/8th will have game days on Sundays starting around noon.

18.  What trumps age or grade? This question has come up in the Big 12 Board room already.  In the rules already at the 11u level is a specific call out for a 6th grade player being eligible for 11u if 12 years old (proof of grade required).  It is being to discussed to add this same language across all levels so that all are grade and age specific

19.  How will 7th and 8th grade football work? 2015 will be the first season for 7th and 8th grade football.  OYTF expects to field at least 2 teams at each level, St Raphael  2-3 at each, Yorkville 2-3 at 7th, 8th pending, Kaneland  1 at each, Plano and Sandwich 1 at each but possibly just 8th.  With OYTF, Raphael, Plano and Sandwich coming into the league and a focused effort from current members the 7th and 8th grade seasons are being actively shaped and defined but I assure you it will be a full schedule and full of great competition                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

20.  What is the minimum play rule? The Big 12 (MYFC) does not currently dictate each towns minimum play rules and does not have plans to do so at this time.  OYTF will be reviewing our policy from 2015 and ensure that we maintain an environment where we are competitive yet focused on development.   We saw the value of 8 plays last season and also saw varying roster sizes that interrupted the intended balance.  The OYTF Board will work to ensure evenly sized rosters so that our playing rules have equal effect.

21.  Will we have a Superbowl?  Yes.  Big 12 MYFC has an end of the season Superbowl.  The Top 4 teams currently advance.  With all the team additions playoff options will be reviewed.  And you will not have to travel out of state!

22.  What about safety?  OYTF will continue to be part of the USA Heads Up program and all Coaches will be certified.  As a conference USA Football is coming to the February Board meeting so other programs can hear and possibly join in.

24.  Will Field Trainers be added in 2015?  OYTF is actively looking at our options for adding Trainers to our home games.  It is being worked in as a budget item. 

25.  Does Big 12 have a Cheer program? Yes

26.  What is the commitment level? Big 12 historically has done an end of the year “Showcase” – Discussed at the January conference meeting was an expansion of the Cheer program to include and end of the season “Competition”.  A committee has been formed and the Cheer experience is being heavily focused on by all towns.  Numbers are supportive across the towns and with the addition of Oswego and Raphael the focus is high.

27.  What should I expect for Cheer in 2015? You should expect a fresh focus on Cheer and all of its components and a level of excitement that matches.  OYTF has secured support from both High School Coaches.

28.  What has the OYTF Board been doing this off season? Immediately following the wrap of our 2014 season we have been busy with,

a.     shutting down the 2014 season

b.     reviewing financials

c.     creating short and long term budgets

d.     meeting with equipment vendors 

e.     starting to clean out storage units and old items selling what we are able at this time

f.      looking at a longer term storage and office location at a potential overall cost savings

g.     meeting with the H.S. Coaches

h.     opening fresh conversations with the Park District to better understand our options and costs

i.      evaluating web hosts and signup systems

j.      evaluating area competition

k.     And of course the process of picking and joining  new League

29.  What is the plan for updating OYTF’s aged football equipment? Great question.  Our helmets and shoulder pads are no doubt aging to the point of being at the end of their useful lives.  The majority of our helmets are approaching the 10 year Riddell allowable lifespan with only 1 or 2 years left.  We are also in a year of recondition for helmets (every 2 years at a considerable cost itself).  We were able to meet with a Riddell Rep and take advantage of end of the year pricing lock in and are happy to announce that all players will be receiving brand new helmets and shoulder pads as part of their standard issue OYTF equipment.  We are further developing a plan to keep our equipment updated on a much more regular basis.  More information to come.

30.  Will we be able to play games on our local High School fields? That was a very specific question we brought up with Coach Cooney and Coach LeBlanc.  The answer is that we are pointed in that direction.  No guarantee of exact numbers and of course it is always based on field and weather conditions to ensure the fields are in proper shape for the HS teams.  We will finalize these discussions prior to the season and fully expect to have game day experience(s) on the HS fields as part of OYTF.  There is also added cost that we are learning more about to do so.

31.  What support do we have from our High School programs? Both Coaches were happy to have this conversation and it marked the most formal sit down in their tenures with a local program.  We have their support in the following ways and will continue to meet in the months ahead to further our conversations.                                                                                                                                                                                          

More to come on the topics below.  In turn we owe them detail on our registration numbers and potential alignments.

a.     Terminology

b.     Coaching Clinics

c.     Youth Camps

d.     Facilities

e.     Fields

f.      Public Support for OYTF as the High School Feeder

g.     Other: i.e.  kick off scrimmages, captain for a day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

32.  Does OYTF own the 308 school district boundary?  No.  There are other area programs that kids can play football or choose to cheer for.  It is, however, our goal to be the number one choice for district 308 as the high school feeder program.  We do currently exist in the Big 12 with St Raphael who has district 308 kids in the in-house and travel programs.  They existed this way historically and were announced into the Big 12 prior to OYTF.  We will run into families who are part of district 308 and the St Raphael program.  Discussions will be had over time as to how we best handle this relationship. 

Registration now open!


Welcome to the 2015 Football Season. This year marks our 36th season, and we believe it will be one of most exciting seasons yet. This year OYTF will participate in the Midwest Big 12 League with Teams from Yorkville, Plano, Sandwich, DeKalb, Kaneland, Burlington, St. Raphael and Oswego. Our football and Cheer programs are for Grades 1-8.

OYTF is Oswego’s largest and longest tenured youth sports program. This year we are excited to announce our partnership with both Oswego High School and Oswego East High School as the main feeder program for both Football and Cheer for both high schools. What this partnership means for our families is that as the only Oswego youth football and cheer program aligning teams to the high school that they are attending, student athletes coming through the OYTF program will be best prepared to play in high school because of this partnership. Our coaches and players will be instructed in the terminology and techniques used for cheerleading and in all three phases of football by the OHS and OEHS programs directly from the high school coaching staffs. We believe this partnership will not only help our program, but will help the programs at both high schools as well.

As promised, we are providing all new equipment for football. Along with the new equipment, our coaches will all be certified, once again, in the USA Football Head’s Up program in 2015.

Registration fees for both football and cheer are lower this year, despite the investment in new equipment. Football fees will be $300, and Cheer will be $195. OYTF thrives on the support of our families who contribute and volunteer their time. We will be providing a refund of $50 for the season for each family who volunteers on game days for at least five slots.

You can register online now by clicking the registration link at, or by attending one of the registration nights listed below. However, in order to reduce paper and make the process as efficient as possible, you are strongly encouraged to register online before attending registration nights.

During registration nights, players will be fitted for brand new Riddell Revolution Speed Helmets and Riddell Rival Youth Shoulder Pads, as well as uniforms. Cheerleaders will be fitted for uniforms as well. These registration nights are mandatory, but if you cannot attend during one of these times please let me or your athletic director know.

Registration nights are from 7-9pm on February 17, February 19th and February 25th at Traughber Junior High School. You need only attend one.

With the change to aligning teams to high schools, it is our hope and intention to keep returning players on the same teams as they were on last year. Our path is to align team to high schools, which means changes to previous team structures will take place. A full review of registration figures will guide and dictate our team alignments for 2015. While aligning to high schools is our primary direction, OYTF will remain focused on fielding teams of consistent size and as much parody as possible. The coaches at OHS and OEHS are aware and supportive of the reality that this alignment may take more than 1 season to get correct. If registration numbers require any changes to existing colors, we will address this in a manner that is fair to all current colors. 

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