Last Updated: August 1, 2015
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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Aug 1
09 Division
Cavs @ Wizards 9:00am Central Park Gym
Warriors @ Hawks 10:00am Central Park Gym
11U Division
Heat @ Warriors 9:00am South Plantation Gym
Spurs @ Wizards 10:00am South Plantation Gym
Hawks @ Bulls 11:00am South Plantation Gym
Grizzlies @ Rockets 12:00pm South Plantation Gym
Clippers @ Suns 1:00pm South Plantation Gym
Bucks @ Cavaliers 2:00pm South Plantation Gym
13U Division
Grizzlies @ Cavaliers 11:00am Central Park Gym
Clippers @ Wizards 12:00pm Central Park Gym
Bulls @ Warriors 1:00pm Central Park Gym
Monday,  Aug 3
11U Division
Warriors @ Heat 6:15pm Central Park Gym
Wizards @ Spurs 7:15pm Central Park Gym
Suns @ Clippers 8:15pm Central Park Gym
Tuesday,  Aug 4
11U Division
Spurs @ Bulls 6:15pm South Plantation Gym
Hawks @ Rockets 7:15pm South Plantation Gym
Wizards @ Warriors 8:15pm South Plantation Gym
13U Division
Rockets @ Wizards 6:15pm Central Park Gym
Thursday,  Aug 6
11U Division
Cavaliers @ Bucks 6:15pm Central Park Gym
Bulls @ Hawks 7:15pm Central Park Gym
Rockets @ Grizzlies 8:15pm Central Park Gym
13U Division
Clippers @ Rockets 8:15pm South Plantation Gym
Friday,  Aug 7
13U Division
Warriors @ Cavaliers 6:15pm Central Park Gym
Wizards @ Grizzlies 7:15pm Central Park Gym
Saturday,  Aug 8
13U Division
Clippers @ Warriors 11:00am Central Park Gym
Wizards @ Cavaliers 2:00pm Central Park Gym
Monday,  Aug 10
13U Division
Warriors @ Clippers 7:15pm Central Park Gym
Bulls @ Wizards 8:15pm Central Park Gym

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