Last Updated: April 22, 2017 
  • Santaite Electric
  • Santaite Electric
  • Santaite Electric
  • A great day for baseball!
  • Modells vs Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Mathnasium vs Police Department
  • Lighting Expressions vs Metro Plant Exchange


PPL Opening Day 2017

Saturday April 8th

All Players Must Arrive by 10am

Schedule Includes:

Presidents Welcome Message

Team by Team Introduction Parade

National Anthem

President's Thank You Message

Ceremonial First Pitch by our Special Guests

Majors/Minors 2016 Championship Rematches

Snack Bar will be Open!! Invite your Family and Friends!

Upcoming Games

Monday, Apr 24
Minor League
NVE Bank @ Ace Tekk5:30pmPPL Little League Field
Shop Rite @ Modell's7:30pmPPL Little League Field
Softball - Minor League
PPL 2 @ Hackensack 26:00pmHackensack Field #8
Tuesday, Apr 25
Softball - Minor League
Bergenfield Stigma Free @ PPL 16:30pmSylvan Field - Leonia
Wednesday, Apr 26
Minor League
Shop Rite @ Choi Law Group6:30pmPPL Little League Field
Major League
Anthony's Pharmacy @ East Coast Power & Gas5:30pmPPL Little League Field
Robek Corporation @ Patti's Funeral Directors7:30pmPPL Little League Field
Thursday, Apr 27
Coach Pitch
Lighting Expressions @ Elk's Club11:30amPPLLL Left Field
Minor League
Franco's Metro @ Modell's6:30pmPPL Little League Field
Softball - Coach Pitch
Teaneck Southern @ Pal Pk / Leonia6:30pmSylvan Field - Leonia
Friday, Apr 28
Major League
Patti's Funeral Directors @ Anthony's Pharmacy5:30pmPPL Little League Field
East Coast Power & Gas @ Robek Corporation7:30pmPPL Little League Field
Saturday, Apr 29
Tee Ball
VIP Group Fitness @ Metro Cleanouts10:00amPPL Little League Field
Coach Pitch
Police Department @ Wendy's11:30amPPLLL Main
Dick's Sporting Goods @ Fire Department11:30amPPLLL Right Field
Minor League
Modell's @ Choi Law Group1:30pmPPL Little League Field
Ace Tekk @ Franco's Metro3:45pmPPL Little League Field
Shop Rite @ NVE Bank6:00pmPPL Little League Field
Softball - Coach Pitch
Bergenfield 1 @ Pal Pk / Leonia1:00pmWood Park - Leonia
Softball - Minor League
L. Ferry/S. Hack. Porrino @ PPL 211:00amSylvan Field - Leonia
PPL 1 @ Teaneck Southen Hurricanes3:00pmTeaneck Softball
Monday, May 1
Minor League
Modell's @ NVE Bank6:30pmPPL Little League Field
Tuesday, May 2
Major League
Robek Corporation @ Anthony's Pharmacy5:30pmPPL Little League Field
Patti's Funeral Directors @ East Coast Power & Gas7:30pmPPL Little League Field
Softball - Coach Pitch
Cliffside / Fairview @ Pal Pk / Leonia6:00pmPPL Little League Field
Wednesday, May 3
Minor League
Franco's Metro @ Choi Law Group6:30pmPPL Little League Field
Thursday, May 4
Minor League
Ace Tekk @ Shop Rite6:30pmPPL Little League Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!