Majors Championship Game 2 delayed to 5:30
Game 2 of the showdown between the Yankees and Giants has been delayed to 5:30 on Saturday, due to the rain. The Giants won Game 1 by a score of 12-10 on Thursday. 

Zip Trip features West Roxbury!
The Boston 25 Zip Trip series came to West Roxbury on Friday June 23. The Corrib Pub presented a donation check of $5,000 to Parkway Little League as part of the show. A big thank you to the Corrib for being a long-time contributor to the success of Parkway Little League. Also thanks to all the Parkway Little Leaguers who represented the league in uniform at the event.

Championship week is here
The best-of-three Parkway Championship series started Thursday June 22 as the NL champion Giants defeated the AL champion Yankees, 12-10. The Giants advanced with a thrilling, extra-inning, walk-off Game 3 win vs. the White Sox to take the NL pennant, while the Yankees came back from a one-game hole to win two straight and the ALCS against the Red Sox. Game 2 will be Saturday at 5:30. Game 3 if necessary will be Sunday at 7:30. 

• The best-of-three AAA championship series between the Reds and Twins got underway on Friday June 23 as the Twins won Game 1 by a score of 16-7. Game 2 will be Sunday at 5 p.m.
• The Angels and Padres will meet for the AA Championship on Sunday June 25 at 2:30 p.m. 

Ready for a photo finish?
Great opportunities are available for Parkway families to commemorate the 2017 Little League season with photos!

Great action shots!
All season long, professional photographer/editor Lloyd Young (father of current Braves player Ben Young and former White Sox Luke Young) has been taking photos of the Majors action and now these photos are posted for purchase, with 10 percent of the proceeds returning as a contribution to Parkway Little League! Digital downloads are just $12 through June 30. Browse and purchase the photos with the link below (be sure to use password parkway17& for access).

Don't miss the individual/team photo days
Parkway Little League has teamed up with Digital Video Creations to provide a new option for your child’s Little League photos. Jim Pierce of DVC was at the Parkway Little League complex clubhouse June 17-18 taking pictures of individual players for both personal and team images. The team images will be assembled from the individuals on a cool background with effects and graphics. A final makeup date will be announced if you missed the original weekend. Different products for the individual and team will be available for purchase, such as as baseball cards, wallet photos and enlargements. We hope you’ll take advantage of this program and preserve the memories of your player’s Little League season for years to come. 

 Brayden Gero story continues to go viral

An amazing story of sportsmanship played out at Parkway Little League's Praught Field last weekend, and now it's going viral. Brayden Gero, a 12-year old Little Leaguer with Down Syndrome, lived out his dream, recording the final out and a save in his last Little League game. Now the video has been viewed almost a half million times and the story has been featured by major media outlets. Congratulations to everyone who made this incredible moment possible, including the A's coaches (led by manager Tim Quinn), the Phillies coaches (led by manager Ross Birch) and batter Chris Thompson.
Major League Baseball feature
NECN feature
WCVB Channel 5 feature
WHDH Channel 7 feature

Congratulations Packy!
Former PLL All-Star and Virginia Tech Hokie, Packy Naughton was drafted on Tuesday June 13 in the ninth round of the MLB Draft by the Cincinnati Reds! At right is a picture of the 2008 Massachusetts State Champion All-Stars with Packy in the lower right as a member of the Parkway White Sox.  

Upcoming Games

Sunday, Jun 25
Majors - National
National 12s PRACTICE10:00amBunker
National 10/9 PRACTICE3:00pmBunker
Yankees @ Giants7:30pmPraught
Twins @ Reds5:00pmPraught
AA - East
Padres @ Angels2:30pmPraught
District Ten - 11s
Newton SouthEast @ Parkway American3:00pmAlbermarle (Murphy)
Parkway National @ Waltham5:00pmAlbermarle (Murphy)
Monday, Jun 26
Majors - American
American 10/9 PRACTICE5:30pmBunker
Reds @ Twins7:30pmPraught
Tuesday, Jun 27
Majors - American
American 12s PRACTICE4:00pmPraught
Majors - National
National 11s PRACTICE6:00pmPraught
District Ten - 11s
Parkway American @ Waltham7:30pmCasey Park/Watertown
Wednesday, Jun 28
Majors - American
American 12s PRACTICE4:00pmPraught
American 10/9 PRACTICE5:30pmMcDonough
Majors - National
National 11s PRACTICE6:00pmBunker
Parkway Travel
Parkway 10A @ Newton Orange5:45pmLyons
Braintree American White @ Parkway 11B Red5:45pmPraught
Needham @ Parkway 9B6:00pmBunker
Parkway 12B @ Boston-Parkway7:30pmJason Roberts
Walpole National @ Parkway Murray's 11's7:45pmPraught
Parkway 10B @ Norwood7:45pmWall (Balch)
Thursday, Jun 29
Parkway Travel
Parkway 9A @ Medfield5:30pmMetacomet
Parkway 11B White @ Milton National White6:00pmDonovan
District Ten - 9/10s
Waltham @ Parkway National5:30pmPraught
Newton SouthEast @ Parkway American7:30pmPraught
District Ten - 11s
Parkway American @ Parkway National7:30pmCasey Park/Watertown
Friday, Jun 30
Majors - American
American 12s PRACTICE6:00pmPraught
Parkway Travel
Parkway 9A @ Walpole National5:30pmMorgan
Parkway 9B @ Canton Green5:30pmSullivan
Needham White @ Parkway 11B White5:45pmPraught
Brookline @ Parkway 10B6:00pmBunker
Parkway 10A @ Needham6:00pmSmall
Parkway 11B Red @ Canton White7:30pmCrawford
Walpole National @ Parkway 12B7:45pmPraught
Saturday, Jul 1
District Ten - 9/10s
Parkway National @ Parkway American11:00amAlbermarle (Murphy)
District Ten - 11s
Newton @ Parkway American1:00pmAlbermarle (Murphy)
Watertown @ Parkway National5:00pmAlbermarle (Murphy)
Sunday, Jul 2
District Ten - 9/10s
Waltham @ Parkway American9:00amPraught
Brookline @ Parkway National11:00amPraught
District Ten - 11s
Brookline @ Parkway National1:00pmPraught
Newton @ Waltham3:00pmPraught
Watertown @ Newton SouthEast5:00pmPraught
Wednesday, Jul 5
Parkway Travel
Parkway 9B @ Walpole American5:30pmMorgan
Parkway Murray's 11's @ Westwood Green5:30pmMorrison
Parkway 10B @ Wellesley5:30pmReidy Field
Westwood Green @ Parkway 11B Red5:45pmPraught
Needham @ Parkway 9A6:00pmBunker
Parkway 12B @ Needham6:00pmSmall
Norwood @ Parkway 10APostponedPraught
District Ten - 9/10s
Waltham @ Newton SouthEast5:30pmPraught
Brookline @ Parkway American7:30pmPraught
District Ten - 11s
Newton @ Parkway National5:30pmAlbermarle (Murphy)
Parkway American @ Watertown7:30pmCasey Park/Watertown
Thursday, Jul 6
District Ten - 9/10s
Parkway National @ Newton SouthEast7:30pmCasey Park/Watertown
District Ten - 11s
Brookline @ Parkway American5:30pmPraught
Newton SouthEast @ Parkway National7:30pmPraught

For a complete schedule listing, click here!