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Coppinger Court Hockey, Home of the Gormley Cup

North America's Premier Youth Street Hockey League

  All games at Fallon Field




Monday, 6/27

5:30:  Americans v. Wanderers 8/9/10

6:25:  Boston Braves v. Hamilton Tigers 11/12/13/14

Tuesday, 6/28

5:50:  Springfield Indians v. Boston Braves 11/12/13/14


Wednesday, 6/29

5:20:  Buckaroos v. Sea Fleas 3/4

6:10:  Bulldogs v. Cougars 5/6/7

7:05:  Americans v. Wanderers 8/9/10





The league is full except for an extremely limited number of spaces for 11/12/13/14



** The Gormley Cup, last appraised at 1.7 million is missing.  Last player celebrating with please return.






The Gormley Cup Has a Sweet Tooth!  The Montreal Wanderers' William got a head start on Halloween.



The Summer League's Gormley Cup:  Parkway's largest M&M container


What would YOU do with the Gormley Cup?



(Nathaniel & Joseph of the Boston Braves filled the Gormley Cup to the brim with M&M's)



2013 Summer Jr. Gormley Cup Champs:  Vancouver Millionaires (Kendra McCarthy)

2013 Summer Sr. Gormley Cup Champs:  Hamilton Tigers (Mike O'Brien)

2013 Fall Champs:  Parkway Kids in Motion (Shane Tattan)

2014 Spring Jr. Champs:  Biltmore Mad Hatters (Greg Lewis & Peter Lewis)

2014 Spring Sr. Champs:  Missassauga Ice Dogs (Ben Starr)

2014 Summer Mite Gormley Cup Champs:  Portland Buckaroos (Greg Lewis)

2014 Summer Jr. Gormley Cup Champs:  Montreal Wanderers (Jim Cullity & Garrett Burns)

2014 Summer Sr. Gormley Cup Champs:  Boston Braves (Justen Berlucchi)

2014 Fall Jr. Champs:  Sousa Design Architects (Michelle Davey, Ed Dervan & Pete Donnelly)

2014 Fall Sr. Champs:  Arthur Lewis Senators (Greg Lewis & Peter Lewis)

2015 Spring Mite Champs:  New Mexico Scorpions (Chris Boccuzzi)

2015 Spring Jr. Champs:  Pembina Valley Twisters (Wayne Thomas)

2015 Spring Senior Champs:  Missassauga Ice Dogs (Brendan Monaghan)

2015 Summer Mite Gormley Cup Champs:  Hollywood Wolves (Chris Rushton)

2015 Summer Jr. Gormley Cup Champs:  Montreal Wanderers (Jim Cullity & Garrett Burns)

2015 Summer Sr. Gormley Cup Champs:  Vancouver Millionaires (Kendra McCarthy & Bart Timilty)

2015 Fall Mite Champs:  Tim McCarthy Knights (Chris Rushton)

2015 Fall Jr. Champs:  Matt White Realtors (John Connolly, Jenna Leschuk & Dave O'Connor)

2016 Spring Mite Champs:  Winnipeg Falcons (Chris Rushton)

2016 Spring Jr. Champs:  Pembina Valley Twisters (Wayne Thomas)

2016 Spring Sr. Champs:  Parkway Red Devils (Shane Tattan)


A special thank you to Mayor Marty Walsh for helping Coppinger Court Hockey grow this year.