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The PASADENA BASEBALL CLUB is a community-based youth baseball organization operating in Pasadena, Maryland.

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  Next BOD Meeting
TUE Apr 7, 8 PM


Crossover Week in 10U and 12U Divisions

Between Monday May 4 and Saturday May 9, our 10U and 12U teams from Elvaton, Glen Burnie, and Pasadena will be playing 2 crossover games (1 home, 1 away) with randomly selected teams from Lake Shore and Severna Park.

  • Crossover Games are included on each team's schedule, but select here for team contacts.
  • Managers - please contact your opposing manager 1 to 2 days in advance to confirm you both have the right day/time/field, and also to know how to reach each other on the day of the game in case of inclement weather.


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On Deck: Chick-Fil-A Day - Thu 5/14

  • A flyer needed for the Club to be credited with your purchase is available on the link to the right, or under Events & Activities.

Raffle Tickets - can be turned in between now and Closing Day, at the Havenwood Park Concession Stand.


Upcoming Events

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5/4 - 5/9 - 10U/12U Crossover Games

Thu 5/14 - Chick Fil A - ALL DAY

Sun 5/31 - Oriole Parade & Game

Sat 6/13 - Closing Day

Travel Team News

Our travel teams play in leagues and tournaments that play across the county, state and country.  More information is available on our TRAVEL baseball page on the left menu.

   8U Eagles  - Rodney Sterry,, Team Website.

  • The 8U Eagles finished in 2nd place at the Ripken Freestate Tournament, losing only in the Championship Game.

   11U Eagles  - Neil Fluhr, 410-340-4514,

   12U-A Eagles  - Dan Summers, 410-952-7449,, Facebook page.

   12U-B Eagles  - Dave Rebstock,

   13U Eagles  - Tim Rathell,

   14U Eagles  - Don Sacha,

  • The 14U Eagles will be playing as the high school season ends.

   16U Eagles  - John Granger, 410-493-4720,

  • The 16U Eagles are a SUMMER TEAM (after high school season ends).

Flagpole Project - Seeking Sponsors

We are planning to install a new permanent Flagpole at Havenwood Park.  The flagpole will be located in the center of the park, with some benches and landscaping around it.  We will also be installing a permanent dedication marker/monument as part of the flagpole.

We are looking for sponsors to help us raise $2,000 to begin the construction before a dedication ceremony planned for Opening Day of our next spring season.

 All sponsors that contribute $100 or more for this specific project will receive recognition on our website, from the time we receive the contribution, up to one year after dedication of the flagpole.
 All sponsors that contribute $250 or more for this specific project will get their business name engraved on the permanent metal marker to be installed near the flagpole.
 All sponsors that contribute $500 or more will have their engraving in a larger font size on the same marker.

Thanks for your consideration to help our community!  Donations of any amount can be made electronically on this website under SPONSORS on the left menu.

If you have questions, or want to make a contribution in person, please contact Fred Engel 410-897-2119.


Thank You

All Out Bail Bonds

Richard "Dick"
F. Bowen

Michael & Son Services

Zolman Systems

  With deep sadness the Pasadena Baseball Club would like to pass our condolences along to the Henry family.
Mary Henry, who helped out at our snack shack, passed away Saturday morning, January 10.
She was also the mother of our club President, Tom Henry.
For those that knew Mary understand what a loss this is, prayers to the family.


Major League Baseball isn't necessarily the best place to look for consistent good sportsmanship, but here's one example:

On June 2, 2010, Detroit Tiger pitcher Armando Galarraga was one out away from pitching what should have become the 21st perfect game in major league history. The next batter grounded to the first baseman, but he was called safe at first by the umpire. Galarraga knew the runner should have been called out. Even the runner thought he was out. And TV instant replay (before official reviews were allowed) confirmed for everyone that the runner was indeed out.

So what did Galarraga do? He simply smiled, walked back to the mound, and pitched to the next batter. The story is made even better by the fact that Galarraga remained focussed and got the next batter out for the shutout win, but what makes him a good sport is that when he was unfairly cheated out of a perfect game, he said not one word to the umpire, smiled good-naturedly, and got immediately back to work.

And the firstbase umpire, Jim Joyce, who thought the runner was out when he made the call, later saw the slow replay and realized he had made a mistake.  Joyce immediately apologized to Galarraga, and Galarraga immediately and graciously accepted.

Still officially no perfect game in the record books, but PERFECT SPORTSMANSHIP all around.

Sportsmanship - Work Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun!

An old adage is that sports builds character.  Sadly, it is often the case the sports reveals character.

Good sportsmanship IS NOT CONDITIONAL on the other guy being a good sport.  Good sportsmanship is tested and proven by how you behave when the other guy is being a poor sport.

The Pasadena Baseball Club has a zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct. Whether you participate in our very relaxed Clinic program, our typical "rec ball" Intramural program, or our highly competitive Travel program, we expect all of our players, managers, coaches, and spectators to demonstrate sportsmanlike conduct at all times.  If you can't conduct yourself accordingly, we ask that you please not join our Club or come out to the park.

To help promote and ensure that all our members use good sportsmanship, the Club has established a Sportsmanship Board to promote and correct unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sportsmanship Board Members
Tom Henry, President
Ray Mills, VP-Clinic
Jan Finch, VP-Intramural
Tim Rathell, VP-Travel
TBD, at large member

We have adopted Anne Arundel County Rec & Parks Code of Ethics and will consult their Disciplinary Actions as necessary.  Our Sportsmanship Policy is located under Handouts, and Coach's Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Actions are located under Coaches Box.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact a member of the Sportsmanship Board.

Join the Club
Guess What? You already have!
Your registration fee was actually a membership fee - and with that membership you get the right to help your Club and community to be the best that it can be.  And if it isn't the best it can be, its probably only because you haven't taken full advantage of your membership rights.
So please - we are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking for more volunteers.
Club Volunteers
 Executive Board Members- Organize and lead the basic operations of the Club.
 Associate Board Members - Assist the Executive Board Members in specific functions, such as division directors, fundraising activities, etc.
Committee Workers - Help complete short-term specific tasks, such as Opening Day activities, Team Pictures, etc.
If you want to help, please contact the appropriate Board Member listed under Contacts, or the President of the Club.

Team Volunteers
 Managers - Organize and lead each team.
 Coaches - Assist a manager in teaching baseball.
 Team Parent - Assists a manager in keeping other parents informed of Club activities.

* ALL board members, managers and coaches must complete a background investigation by Rec & Parks - see Coaches Info for more details.

Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  May 5
Clinic 5U Tee Ball
5U2 Orioles @ 5U3 Dodgers 6:00pm Havenwood Park #2
Clinic 6U Coach Pitch
6U3 Athletics @ 6U4 Red Sox 6:00pm Havenwood Park #3
Intramural 8U Coach Pitch
Pasadena 5 Nationals @ Pasadena 1 Orioles 6:00pm Havenwood Park #4
Intramural 10U Player Pitch
Severna Park 6 @ Pasadena Red Sox 6:00pm Havenwood Park #1
Elvaton 2 Hawks @ Lake Shore 4 6:00pm Lake Shore Field #11
Intramural 12U
Glen Burnie 3 Lightning @ Severna Park 1 6:00pm Kinder Park 12U Field
Pasadena Orioles @ Lake Shore 2 6:00pm Lake Shore Field #12
Severna Park 7 @ Glen Burnie 4 Blue Lightning 6:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Intramural 15U
15U2 Eagles Gold @ Kent Island Blue 6:30pm Old Love Point Park 90' Field
Wednesday,  May 6
Clinic 5U Tee Ball
5U1 Nationals @ 5U4 Athletics 6:00pm Havenwood Park #3
Intramural 8U Coach Pitch
Pasadena 6 Red Sox @ Pasadena 2 Dodgers 6:00pm Havenwood Park #4
Intramural 10U Player Pitch
Pasadena Orioles @ Elvaton 1 Falcons 6:00pm Havenwood Park #1
Pasadena Nationals @ Severna Park 5 6:00pm Kinder Park 10U Field
Glen Burnie 2 Orioles @ Lake Shore 6 6:00pm Lake Shore Field #11
Lake Shore 7 @ Glen Burnie 3 Indians 6:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Pasadena Athletics @ Severna Park 7 6:00pm Shipleys Choice ES
Intramural 12U
Glen Burnie 2 Orioles @ Lake Shore 5 6:00pm Lake Shore Field #12
Intramural 15U
GORC Red @ 13U1 Eagles Black 6:00pm Poplar Ridge Park #2
Travel Teams
Manchester @ 11U Eagles 6:00pm Havenwood Park #2
Thursday,  May 7
Clinic 4U Tee Ball
4U1 Orioles @ 4U4 Red Sox 6:00pm George Fox MS #5
Clinic 6U Coach Pitch
6U5 Dodgers @ 6U6 Rockies 6:00pm Havenwood Park #3
Intramural 8U Coach Pitch
Glen Burnie 2 Mud Dogs @ Pasadena 4 Rockies 6:00pm Havenwood Park #4
Intramural 10U Player Pitch
Elvaton 2 Hawks @ Pasadena Athletics 6:00pm Havenwood Park #1
Intramural 12U
Severna Park 4 @ Glen Burnie 1 Outlaws 6:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Intramural 15U
15U1 Eagles Black @ Glen Burnie Outlaws 6:30pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #4
Travel Teams
TBD @ 13U Eagles 6:00pm George Fox MS #2
HCYP-White @ 12U-B Eagles 6:00pm Havenwood Park #2
12U-A Eagles @ Bel Air 6:00pm TBD
Friday,  May 8
Clinic 6U Coach Pitch
6U1 Orioles @ 6U2 Nationals Postponed Poplar Ridge Park #2
Intramural 8U Coach Pitch
Glen Burnie 2 Mud Dogs @ Pasadena 5 Nationals 6:00pm Havenwood Park #4
Intramural 10U Player Pitch
Pasadena Red Sox @ Glen Burnie 1 Athletics 6:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Intramural 12U
Pasadena Nationals @ Pasadena Orioles 6:00pm Havenwood Park #2
Glen Burnie 4 Blue Lightning @ Severna Park 2 7:30pm Kinder Park 12U Field
Intramural 15U
GORC Green @ 13U1 Eagles Black 6:30pm Poplar Ridge Park #2
Saturday,  May 9
Clinic 4U Tee Ball
4U4 Red Sox @ 4U2 Nationals 10:00am Havenwood Park #3
Clinic 5U Tee Ball
5U4 Athletics @ 5U2 Orioles 11:45am Havenwood Park #3
Clinic 6U Coach Pitch
6U5 Dodgers @ 6U4 Red Sox 1:30pm Havenwood Park #3
Intramural 8U Coach Pitch
Glen Burnie 3 Orioles @ Pasadena 5 Nationals 10:00am Havenwood Park #4
Pasadena 1 Orioles @ Pasadena 6 Red Sox 12:00pm Havenwood Park #4
Pasadena 2 Dodgers @ Glen Burnie 1 Rays 1:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #1
Pasadena 3 Athletics @ Glen Burnie 2 Mud Dogs 3:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #1
Intramural 10U Player Pitch
Pasadena Orioles @ Severna Park 8 9:00am Kinder Park 10U Field
Severna Park 3 @ Glen Burnie 2 Orioles 9:00am Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Glen Burnie 1 Athletics @ Severna Park 2 9:00am Shipleys Choice ES
Severna Park 1 @ Elvaton 2 Hawks 10:00am Elvaton Park Field #5
Lake Shore 4 @ Pasadena Nationals 10:00am Havenwood Park #1
Glen Burnie 3 Indians @ Severna Park 4 11:30am Kinder Park 10U Field
Lake Shore 6 @ Pasadena Athletics 12:15pm Havenwood Park #1
Pasadena Red Sox @ Lake Shore 5 2:00pm Lake Shore Field #11
Elvaton 1 Falcons @ Lake Shore 7 4:30pm Lake Shore Field #11
Intramural 12U
Pasadena Athletics @ Lake Shore 3 9:00am Lake Shore Field #12
Severna Park 1 @ Pasadena Orioles 10:00am Havenwood Park #2
Glen Burnie 1 Outlaws @ Lake Shore 4 11:30am Lake Shore Field #12
Severna Park 5 @ Glen Burnie 2 Orioles 11:30am Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Severna Park 2 @ Pasadena Nationals 12:30pm Havenwood Park #2
Severna Park 6 @ Glen Burnie 3 Lightning 2:00pm Sawmill Creek Park Field #2
Intramural 15U
15U2 Eagles Gold @ Broadneck 5 Orioles 10:00am Broadneck Park Field #3
15U1 Eagles Black @ Broadneck 2 Phillies 3:00pm Poplar Ridge Park #2
Travel Teams
TBD @ 13U Eagles 12:00pm George Fox MS #2
TBD @ 13U Eagles 2:00pm George Fox MS #2
TBD @ 13U Eagles 4:00pm George Fox MS #2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday,  May 5
10U Henry 6:00pm Havenwood Park Batting Cage
Thursday,  May 7
10U Johnson 6:00pm Havenwood Park Batting Cage
Sunday,  May 10
Mothers Day
Thursday,  May 14
Chick Fil-A Chick Fil-A
Monday,  May 25
Memorial Day Havenwood Park Meeting Room
Sunday,  May 31
Oriole Parade & Game Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Monday,  Jun 1
World Series Tournament Begins
Friday,  Jun 12
Team Equipment Turn-in Havenwood Park Meeting Room
Saturday,  Jun 13
Closing Day & Championship Games Havenwood Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!