Last Updated: May 2, 2016
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  • HOME TEAM responsible for scoreboard/scorebook. Books for AA and above MUST be kept upstairs!
  • No PETS at the complex, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
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Mora Surgical Center

May 2, 2016

Games are cancelled tonight 5-2-16


Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 3
Triple A
Red Sox @ Pirates6:00pm4
Cardinals @ Mets7:30pm4
Rays @ Yankees6:00pm5
Red Sox @ Brewers7:30pm5
Thursday, May 5
Single A American
Giants @ Indians6:00pm7
Single A National
White Sox @ Cubs6:00pm6
Double A American
Tigers @ A's6:00pm2
Mariners @ Orioles7:30pm2
Double A National
Nationals @ Giants6:00pm3
Cubs @ Diamondbacks7:30pm3
Triple A
Braves @ Cardinals6:00pm4
Rays @ Mariners7:30pm4
Braves @ Royals6:00pm5
Rangers @ Rays7:30pm5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!