Last Updated: March 26, 2017
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***We LOVE Volunteers***


Calling all Parents, siblings (13 and up), and Friends!!! 


Peccole Little League is looking for volunteers to help make our 2017 Opening Day Ceremonies unforgettable! There are many jobs behind the scenes that where we could use some assistance.  If you are unable to fill a volunteer position, we also have a list of items that are needed (folding tables, jump ropes and so on).  If you are interested in Volunteering for Opening Day or any League related activities please fill out the THIS FORM, or click on the "OPENING DAY VOLUNTEER" link on the right side of the page. Thank you for helping us make opening day a memorable event for our players and their families!!!  











Email addresses from player applications DO NOT automatically  add your email to our database.  We suggest you join our email database by clicking the HERE to ensure you get all communication sent out by the league. 

Check out our new PECCOLE FAN SHOP!  Link at the bottom of our home page. 


Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Mar 29
Minors AAA
Diamondbacks @ SS Dodgers7:30pmMesa Park #1 / Summerlin (Summerlin South)
Dodgers @ SS Indians7:30pmMesa Park #2 / Summerlin (Summerlin South)
SN Rockies @ Padres7:30pmRed Ridge North
SN Tigers @ Yankees7:30pmRed Ridge South
SS Yankees @ Giants7:30pmRFP #4
White Sox @ Red Sox5:15pmRed Ridge North
RR Rangers @ Cubs5:15pmRFP #1
RR Dodgers @ Blue Jays5:15pmRFP #4
Thursday, Mar 30
SN Tigers @ Yankees7:30pmRed Ridge North
Phillies @ Dodgers7:30pmRed Ridge South
Cubs @ SN Giants7:30pmTrails 1
Cardinals @ SN Orioles7:30pmTrails 2
Minors A
Royals @ Reds5:15pmRed Ridge North
Rays @ Tigers5:15pmRFP #1
RR Cardinals @ Cubs5:15pmRFP #4
Saturday, Apr 1
Yankees @ Dodgers7:30pmRed Ridge North
Phillies @ Cardinals7:30pmRed Ridge South
Minors AAA
Giants @ Diamondbacks5:15pmRed Ridge North
Yankees @ Dodgers5:15pmRed Ridge South
Minors AA
Pirates @ Mets3:00pmRed Ridge North
Cubs @ Yankees3:00pmRed Ridge South
Minors A
Royals @ Athletics11:00amRed Ridge North
Mariners @ Yankees11:00amRed Ridge South
Dodgers @ RR Cardinals11:00amRFP #2
Cubs @ Reds1:00pmRed Ridge North
Giants @ Pirates1:00pmRed Ridge South
White Sox @ Dodgers8:00amRed Ridge North
Cubs @ Athletics9:30amRed Ridge North
RR Rangers @ Blue Jays9:30amRFP #1
RR Dodgers @ Red Sox9:30amRFP #4
Monday, Apr 3
Minors A
Pirates @ Dodgers5:15pmRed Ridge North
Mariners @ Cubs5:15pmRed Ridge South
Giants @ Rays5:15pmRFP #1
Yankees @ Royals5:15pmRFP #4
Tuesday, Apr 4
SS Angels @ Phillies7:30pmRed Ridge North
SN Orioles @ Yankees7:30pmRed Ridge South
SS Brewers @ Cubs7:30pmRFP 4
Minors AA
Mets @ Cubs5:15pmRed Ridge North
Pirates @ Blue Jays5:15pmRed Ridge South
Wednesday, Apr 5
Minors AAA
Yankees @ SS Angels7:30pmMesa Park #2 / Summerlin (Summerlin South)
SS Yankees @ Dodgers7:30pmRed Ridge North
SN Tigers @ Padres7:30pmRed Ridge South
SS Indians @ Diamondbacks7:30pmRFP #4
Giants @ SN Rockies7:30pmTrails Park # 2 / Summerlin (Summerlin North)
Athletics @ Red Sox5:15pmRed Ridge North
Blue Jays @ Dodgers5:15pmRed Ridge South
RR Dodgers @ White Sox5:15pmRFP #1
Cubs @ RR Rangers5:15pmRFP #2
Thursday, Apr 6
Yankees @ SS Tigers7:30pmMesa 1
Dodgers @ SS White Sox7:30pmMesa 2
SN Giants @ Cardinals7:30pmRed Ridge North
SN Tigers @ Cubs7:30pmRed Ridge South
Minors A
Reds @ Athletics5:15pmRed Ridge North
RR Cardinals @ Yankees5:15pmRFP #4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!