Last Updated: June 22, 2017

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   1. Southampton Mariners (8-1)


Southampton has jumped out to a start with an 8-1 record through 9 games. The Mariners lead Pendel behind the bat and arm of Eric Spiedel who is hitting .625 with 11 RBI's while also being tied for 2nd on the team with 10 IP and a 2.70 ERA. Manager CJ Brancato has pieced together different lineups game after game. Come playoff time with a full lineup, they should be contending for a championship again.

    2. LOMA  (8-4)

The 2017 Pendel Champions bring back the core of their championship team in hopes to make it to the championship for the 3rd year in a row. Bob and John Drozdowski are leading LOMA offensively with BA of .361 and .526 respectively. Trey Guaglionona is adding solid depth to the lineup with a .381 BA. Tom Miller continues to baffle Pendel hitters with a team leading ERA of 1.82 through 24.2 IP. LOMA's offense is starting to get hot, watch out for this offense come playoff time.

    3. Horsham Astros (9-5)

Horsham continues to improve year after year. Manager Kevin Weaver has been adding to the lineup quietly over the last couple years and he might have his most talented one yet. While the offensive numbers aren't there yet, their 1-9 might be the best in the league. Dave Gers and Ant Kelly lead the offensive attack with a .484 and .361 BA respectively.  The addition of catcher Mike Kerns has given the Astros the proven veteran catcher they have needed. Matt Schoettle leads the staff with a 0.72 ERA through 25 innings. Horsham is about to enter the tough part of their schedule so we will see exactly what this team is made of.

    4. Northampton Orioles (8-5)

For the last 2 years Northampton has been trying to repeat their 2015 success of a run at the championship. With two disappointing seasons back to back, Northampton has constructed their most talented roster under manager Joe Stoll's tenure. Adding Ex-Glenside players in Casey Rothwell (.407 BA) and Jordan Pocrass (.461 BA) has given the O's veteran experience to go with their young core. Noah Hartwell/Towson (.417 BA) and Nick Roda/Arcadia (.525) have added depth to the lineup. Kyle Levocz leads the staff with a 1.50 ERA in 25 IP. Northampton is just starting to get a full lineup back with the additions of Tyler Callender,Matt Hornich and Scott Zimmer (Delaware Baseball)  When 2016 MVP Anthony Zupito (Arcadia) returns in July, this team will finally be at full strength.


    5. Warminster Warriors (4-8)

Warminster struggled in 2016 as many teams due in their first year in Pendel. Manager Mike McGowan made it an effort to improve his team this offseason and the rest of Pendel has taken notice. While a 4-8 record might not indicate the improvement this team has made, watch a game in 2017 vs 2016 and the improvement is clear as day.  Warminster has added a handful of local high school and college talent to the roster. Ryan Tomao leads the stuff with a 1.29 ERA in 22.2 IP. Cole Browne (.562 BA) and Billy Uphoff (.333 BA) lead the Warriors offense.

   6. Upper Moreland Rebels (3-9)

Upper Moreland has had a rough start but that is not indicative of the talent on the team. While Upper Moreland was playing Pendel some of their core players were busy winning the D2 World Series for West Chester. Logan Sneed (Gettysburg) and Tim Brodhag (Philly University) lead the offense with .556 and .355 BA respectively.

  7. Levittown Blue Claws (2-8)

The Blue Claws have a 2-8 record but once again, they are playing above their record. They lead the Pendel with a .316 BA.  Chris Cashin leads the Blue Claws with a .524 BA in 21 AB's. The Blue Claws have 7 guys in their lineup hitting over .300 with at least 15 ABs. Josh Tepper leads the staff with a 3.57 ERA in 17.2 IP

    8. Philly Bandits (1-4)

The Bandits are only 5 games into their season after a late start date but they are missing a ton of guys playing in the their college playoffs. The Bandits will have their full lineup starting next week so expect them to catch fire and continue to be one of the top teams in the league.


Upcoming Games

Thursday, Jun 22
Pendel 2017 Season
Levittown Blue Claws @ Horsham Astros6:15pmHatboro Horsham JV Field
Philly Bandits @ Upper Moreland Rebels6:15pmMasons Mills Park
LOMA @ Southampton Mariners7:00pmGravel Hill Road
Upper Moreland Rebels @ Philly Bandits8:15pmMasons Mills Park
Sunday, Jun 25
Pendel 2017 Season
Horsham Astros @ Southampton Mariners11:00amGravel Hill Road
LOMA @ Levittown Blue Claws1:00pmAlverthorpe Park
Warminster Warriors @ Northampton Orioles1:00pmCouncil Rock South Varsity Field
Horsham Astros @ Southampton Mariners1:00pmGravel Hill Road
LOMA @ Levittown Blue Claws3:30pmAlverthorpe Park
Warminster Warriors @ Northampton Orioles3:30pmCouncil Rock South Varsity Field

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