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Reminder: Next Meeting, June 7th 2018 @ 6:30.  Location, Palmerton High School Cafeteria.

Coach and Training Staff will be attending.



For those in need of the Subway form or more information on the Bomber card, choose the respective links. 

Concession Stand and Subway

Information on Sports Medicine policy and procedures


ImPact TESTS and Physical Information

Physicals will be given June 5th from 5-7pm in the High School gym. This will be the only time St. Lukes will be providing free physicals to our students.


ImPact tests will be held June 5th and 6th from 2:30-5pm in room A122. The tests must be done once a year, so all players will need to take this again.


All athletes must have a physical dated June 1st, 2018 or later and a valid ImPact test to be able to compete on the first official day of practice, which is August 6th for the high school and August 13th for the junior high.

NOTE: For those having issues accessing, you can obtain the form here:

August Schedule "PLEASE READ"

Remainder of August Schedule:


Today (8/22) -  Bus leaves 4:40 -  report to locker room for 4:00-4:10-   no earlier - no one will be there!     Practice 5:15-7:40 - if we can access field earlier - we will move things up.   


Wednesday -  players report for 3:30 no earlier - no coach will be there -  lifting 4:00-4:30 -    bus leaves 4:40 - practice 5;15-7:40    


Thursday   players report 4:00-4:10 -   bus leaves 4:40 -   practice 5:15-7:10 


  -  ALL practices are at Lehighton - 


Friday - Game day -  Bus leaves 4:30 - players can start arriving 3:50-4:00 - no earlier.






Slight change in Monday's schedule...


Role call 3:25 pm -  practice 3:30-6:30 at PALMERTON instead of going to Lehighton.  The rest of the week we will be at Lehighton.  




Monday and Wednesday -  Lift 4:00-4:30 pm   

Board bus by 4:40 on all practice days.  

We can not get on field until 5:15 pm at Lehighton -  

Practice will run from 5:15-7:40 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We should arrive back in Palmerton a little after 8 pm on these days.   

Thursday practice will run from 5:15-7:00 pm - should be back in Palmerton around 7:30 pm.

Friday game at Northwestern Lehigh bus leaves 4:30 pm -  Role call will be 4:10 pm  




For the rest of this week Aug 7-11th - Heat acclimation

We leave at 6 am to travel to Lehighton.  Role call is at 5:45 am  Players should be there before role call.  

Players can be picked up on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday around 10 am at Palmerton.

Wednesday - we have to lift after practice and players can be picked up by 10:30 am.


Next week for double sessions: August 14-18

Morning session:

All week Monday-Friday - Board bus 6 am; role call 5:45 am


Morning session practice done by 9:30 am - should be boarding bus by 9:45 after cleaning up field and talking to guys.  Arrive back in Palmerton a little after 10.



Evening session:

Monday - bus leaves 5 pm; role call 4:45

Tuesday bus leaves 4:30 pm - due to pictures; role call 4:15

Wednesday and Thursday - bus  leave 5 pm; role call 4:45

Done practice by 7:30 pm all week - ready to come home around 7:45 after clean up of field - Arrive back in Palmerton a little after 8pm.

Friday - no evening practice

Saturday Aug 19th  - Scrimmage at Jim Thorpe bus leaves 8 am - scrimmage is at 10 am


August 21-15:

Monday Aug 21

practice Lehighton 5-7:30 pm

lifting 3:45-4:30

bus leaves 4:35

Tuesday Aug 22

practice Lehighton 5-7:30 pm


bus leaves 4:35

Wednesday Aug 23

practice Lehighton 5-7:30 pm

lifting 3:45-4:30

bus leaves 4:35

Thursday Aug 24th

practice Lehighton 5-6:30 pm walk through


bus leaves 4:35

Friday Aug 25th

Game @ NWL 7 pm


bus leaves 4:35



Heat Acclimation: August 7th, 8th, 9th , 10th and 11th are mandatory heat acclimation days by the state.   Players must attend 3 consecutive days for it to count for them - However, they are highly urged to make all 5 days.  All players must have their physicals and Impact test to take the field during heat acclimation.


Doors to locker room will open 5:15 am, role call is 5:45 am on all days during Heat Acclimation.


Due to travel time to Lehighton because of construction; our times have adjusted from the calendar I gave out earlier in the year.  


 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  during heat acclimation we will be done with both practice and lifting by 10:15-10:25 am - Bus will leave 6 am for Lehighton, we will practice then come back and lift -   I would say 10:30 am would be a good approximate time for pick up.


Wednesdays and Friday schedule:  - Bus will leave 6 am and we will be done practice by 9:30 am and have to travel back - so I would say pick up around 10:15 -10:30 am would be approximate pick up time.  


 If it rains any day that week and fields are not in good condition -  we will practice in the HS gym at Palmerton and it would be from 6:30 am to 9:30 am.


Pick up/drop off area may change daily due to paving by the school - as of now it is on the side of the junior high.  Everyone will have to play that by ear.

As when the season closes and awards or other related news is released, It will be posted under the menu section (on the left), "Bomber in the News!"  Please check back with all the updates, and like us on Facebook to receive additional news.


Welcome 2016 Officers!

President -
Jess Mooney
Vice President - Anne Howard
Secretary - Stacey Stasko
Treasurer -
Tammy Keck

From Trainer Kasey:

Athletes parents must sign these forms to give permission allowing direct communication of necessary medical information between myself, Dave, Dr. Goodbred, and Orthopedic Physicians. 

Please return both forms to the training staff.
> HIPAA Privacy Authorization

> Youth Patient Consent


Dear Parents/Players,

After being informed of the issue of Hand Foot Mouth disease today that has spread among some of our team members; I have been in contact with Mr. Remsing, Trainer KC and our team doctor, Dr. Andy Goodbred from St. Luke's for a good portion of this morning and afternoon. 

The following will be our course of actions:

1) Trainer Kasey Meckes put together a handout that is attached concerning the disease.

2) The locker room, weight room and trainers room will be sanitized on Monday by school personnel.
3) Players are highly encouraged to bring their OWN water bottles to practice this week and NOT SHARE with anyone.
4) The JV game on Monday vs. Palisades has been CANCELLED.
5) To avoid as much physical contact between our players: we will not practice on Monday, nor lift or watch film.
6) We are asking players come in to grab all their cloth and take everything home and wash it.  Players should report at 3:30 pm
7) We are asking players to disinfect their helmets and shoulders pads - cleaning materials and gloves will be provided.
8) New mouth pieces will be given to all players
9) To get a handle on the situation so that I can report to the team doctor, I am asking any player or parent to contact me so I can inform him.
10) Players must practice good hygiene practices that are listed in the handout.
11) Any player that thinks they may have symptoms should be checked out further or see a training staff member.

Rest assured we are doing everything on our end to prevent the further spread of this disease.  Panther Valley had 2 players impacted this year along with other schools.  

Working together we can hopefully minimize the spread of things.

Any questions/concerns please feel free to contact myself of Mr. Remsing.





PRACTICE TUESDAY, July 12th - Passing scrimmage at 9:30am.  We are leaving the parking lot at 8:20 am - Lineman who are not going should have rides pick them up, no later than 8am that morning.

Northampton Stadium

248 East for  5.7 miles
Make RIGHT onto Blue Mountain Drive for .2 miles
1st LEFT onto Cherryville road - proceed 4.5 miles
Turn slight right onto Main St. proceed .5 miles
Turn left onto E 21st St/PA-329. proceed .3 miles (Assante's Italian Restaurant on corner)
- Make a Right onto Laubach Avenue

Due to construction use the following!
- As you are driving down Laubach Avenue, drive past the high school.
- At the bottom of the hill, make a left onto Smith Lane.  (By the Police Station)
- Go to the stop sign and make a left onto Ed Pany Drive (You will see the new Middle School at this point)
- Make next right onto Atlas Drive
- Drive around to the back of the middle school. (There is a parking lot there)
- Walk up the stairs to the stadium


Please review the Bombers in the new website section.  For 2015 data



 Dear 8th grade Parents/Players:

On Monday, January 4th the weight room will be open for any 8th grade player playing football next season. The weight room will be open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday on school days and we will work out starting after school until approximately 4:30.  As we move through the workouts players will become more efficient and may be done by 4:00.   Any 8th grade player planning to play football should try their best to attend as many lifting workouts to learn our programs and get stronger for the following season. 
Players should report right to the weight room after school (located under the bleachers) Players should bring a change of clothes to work out in.
If a player is currently involved in a winter sport that is totally fine; we as a football staff promote playing as many sports as possible to help the school's athletic programs.  If you are not currently playing a winter sport, you should be in attendance regularly.   We will have current members of the high school team working out as well.  This is a good time to get to learn the programs, plays and terminology later on in the year,  bond with players on the team and work with our staff.
We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!
"For the strength of the pack is the wolf.
And the strength of the wolf is the pack"  
- Rudyard Kipling -

Concussion Courses are "free" and good way to educate parents/players about prevention, symptoms, management and return to play protocol for concussions. Check out the link for more information!


The form is located here-



Directions are available under the directions tab (check the drop down for each location).
We have added the waivers forms to the site if anyone needs them.
 6/12/14: Concussion flyer from St Lukes  
Concussion Info
Concussion at a Glace Flow Chart