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Plantation Recreational Softball activities are held at Pop Travers Park 6250 SW 16th St, Plantation, FL
*Some inter-league games are scheduled in surrounding cities.

If you are interested in pitching lessons (group and/or private) please contact Joann Ferrieri of Rhino Softball (561) 632-8057 Four different instructors are available for various skill levels.



Lightning Prediction System

The Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System has been installed to provide protection from an approaching storm with possible lightning. When the Thor Guard Warning System sounds (A 15 second horn blast), all fields must be cleared of all players. Also all persons must seek and remain in buildings or vehicles (NOT DUGOUTS). All persons must wait until the weather clears and the All Clear Signal sounds (3 short horn blasts) before players can resume play.
It is recommended that when possible, players, parents and staff seek and remain in a sheltered area. If such shelter is unavailable, everyone is encouraged to get into their vehicles. A tree or a dugout should not be used for shelter.
This Policy shall apply to programs and facilites operated by the City of Plantation or its affiliate groups such as the Plantation Athletic League.