Last Updated: October 22, 2016

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Join Plowville AA for

Trunk or Treat

at Robeson Lutheran Church

Friday 10/28 5:30-7:30pm


Plowville AA will be participating in Trunk or Treat with Robeson Lutheran Church. Come out for some treats!







Fall Ball 2016 

Fall Divisions

ages 6-18 (Farm, B, A, Junior and Senior)



                           Seniors Division (16-18yr olds)

                            Juniors Division (13-15yr olds)

                         90ft bases and 60ft pitchers mound

                             "A" Division (11-12yr olds)

                         75ft bases and 53ft pitchers mound

                              "B" Division (9-10yr olds)

                         60ft bases and 46ft pitchers mound

                              Farm Division (6-8yr olds) 

Coach pitch


Please play in the division you will be playing next spring 2017. The division age is what age you are on 4/30/17 


August- Team practices begin
September/October- 1 to 2 games most weekends 

























Volunteer Clearance info available under forms tab on the left hand menu. All coaches need to have this paper work on file with Plowville AA.