Last Updated: July 26, 2016

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Fall 2016




Fall Ball 2016

registration now open

ages 6-18 (Farm, B, A, Junior and Senior divisions)



                           Seniors Division (16-18yr olds)

                            Juniors Division (13-15yr olds)

                         90ft bases and 60ft pitchers mound

                             "A" Division (11-12yr olds)

                         75ft bases and 53ft pitchers mound

                              "B" Division (9-10yr olds)

                         60ft bases and 46ft pitchers mound

                              Farm Division (6-8yr olds) 

Coach pitch


Please play in the division you will be playing next spring 2017. The division age is what age you are on 4/30/17 

Registration Fees:
-$75 for first child
-$55 for each additional child in the family 

Mandatory Weavers hoagie fundraiser 5 ticket for $25. 

Fees includes a shirt and hat that is the players to keep at the season conclusion. 

August- Team practices begin
September/October- 1 to 2 games most weekends 

Registration forms can be mailed or done online. 

Mail-in registrations are to be sent to: 

Plowville AA/Suzanne Majeski
926 Reservoir Road Honey Brook, PA 19344

Payment must be check or money order to “Plowville AA” (registration form available on our website)\Plowville  
























Volunteer Clearance info available under forms tab on the left hand menu. All coaches need to have this paper work on file with Plowville AA.