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Plumstead Legion Baseball

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July 16, 2017 – 09:50 AM

Plumstead Legion Baseball

Established 2003

Member Bux Mont Legion League

Plumstead Legion draws players from Plumstead Township, New Hope Solebury School District and Palisades School District. Each team (11) in the “Bux Mont League” has its own boundaries they must adhere to. Players are not permitted to try-out for any other Legion team outside of their designated team. 

For the 2017 season, birth years of 1998 and later are eligible for a roster spot. Players born in 1997 or earlier are ineligible. Legion is primarily for 16 to 19 year olds, however, players younger than 16 can make the 18 player roster. College freshman ARE eligible to play as long as they meet the birth year requirement.

Legion baseball is a highly competitive level of play.  Plumstead’s roster is made up of mostly high school varsity players and some returning college freshman. Generally speaking, legion players have been playing travel and or AAU, middle school and are/were on their high school's baseball team. For those in college, you should be playing there or were a member of Plumstead Legion and are currently working out. 

The Bux Mont Legion League is an all wood bat (no: BBCOR, Bamboo, wood veneers etc.) league playing by MLB’s rules as well as having a DH for ANY position player. Re-entry is also used for starters. Both the re-entry and the DH for any player are for regular season play only. In the playoffs, just a DH for the pitcher may be used.There is no guaranteed playing time for any player. Plumstead Legion will field the strongest 9 players it can each game to try and win the game. We can carry a maximum of 18 players.

Starting with the 2017 season, American Legion Baseball will have a pitch count. Below is the chart for pitches and days of rest, which are full days. 

1-30 Pitches = 0 days rest

31-45 Pitches = 1 days rest

46-60 pitches = 2 days rest

61-75 pitches = 3 days rest

76 to 120 pitch limit = 4 days rest

If you throw 44 pitches Monday you can not pitch again until Wednesday, a full day of rest. Maximum pitches in a DAY is 120, however, if you are at 119 or less you may pitch to the next batter until his time at bat is over. You would then be removed from the mound but could stay in the game at another position.

The Bux Mont League regular season starts on May 22nd and runs until July 5th. Double elimination playoffs start July 6th for the top 8 teams in the league. The league champion (some seasons the 2nd place team also advances) will advance to the next playoff round.

As a member of the team you would pay a registration fee ($285 for returning player-$310 for a new player-please let me know if the registration fee would prevent you from playing) and sign a league contract committing to play the season for Plumstead. Long game pants are included in registration for new players which you will keep. If you would like an additional pair, you can purchase them at cost. Home, away, and alternate uniform tops, a belt, knickers, blue socks  and 2 sets of stirrups will be loaned to you. You will be given a team hat, a customized (your name and "Plumstead Legion" lasered on bat)  Bonsall Maple bat, sanitary socks, and 2 tee shirts to keep.

You will be required to attend 3 try-outs but may be asked to attend more. Try-outs start early April 23, 2017 and will end mid May. Rosters will be finalized right after that. If you are interested in trying out for the 2017 season, THE PLAYER MUST (not parents) contact manager Art Ehlo prior to try-outs. Do not show up without contacting coach Ehlo. Contact coach Ehlo now to be put on the try-out list. Our schedule is posted so please look at those dates to confirm your availability. You should know your summer schedule for senior week, work and vacation. Although Plumstead has worked around all of these in the past there is still a level of commitment you will need to make in order to be on the roster. 

We are looking to keep playing after the season is complete for those who are interested in going to showcases and tournaments. We realize that not everyone will want to do this and so we are exploring the idea of combining players from Doylestown, Warrington and Lansdale. This would be for those who are thinking of playing in college to get some additional exposure to interested programs. 

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2013 Bux-Mont League Runner-Up

2013 Bux-Mont League Runner-Up


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