Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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  • Baseball Bat Information Page available on Little League website
2014 Hardball Practice Schedule As of 3/31/14
NEW Sponsorship Referral Award Program

PLL Families

This year, as part of our annual sponsorship drive, we are adding a referral award program to players and their families. 

For each NEW sponsor who donates $350 or more, the referring family will receive a $20 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card. A new sponsor is anyone who did not sponsor PLL last season.

The process is simple. Solicit local businesses, friends and family to sponsor PLL. Have them complete this form (click here) and include your child or families name on the "Child’s name you wish to sponsor & their team if known" line.  Once the sponsor has paid and you are registered for the 2014 season, the gift card will be issued. 

Dick's Sporting Goods Coupons Link

We were given a small supply of Dick's Sporting Goods coupons to be distributed in the team packets that will be distributed at the parade. If you do not receive a coupon sheet the same coupons are available to print at the following link:

Please note that the coupons at the above link do expire on 6/15/14 and unlike the coupon sheets that will be distributed at the parade these coupons can be printed.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Apr 23
Tin Caps @ Grasshoppers 6:00pm Church Field
Rookie Hardball
Marauders @ Phightin' Phils 6:00pm Field 3
Rookie Softball
Plymouth Rookie - 1 - Big Red Machine  @ Plymouth Rookie - 2 - Pink Divas  6:00pm Field 1
Minor Hardball
Tigers @ Conshy Rockies 6:00pm Conshohocken
Royals @ Indians 6:00pm Field 2
Rockies @ Conshy Blue Jays 6:30pm Conshohocken
Minor Softball
Plymouth Minors - 1 - Gators  @ East Norriton - 2  6:00pm PCA B
Major Hardball
Red Sox P4 @ Orioles P3 8:00pm Field 2
Major Softball
Plymouth Majors - 1 Angels  @ Cheltenham Majors - 2  6:00pm Cheltenham
Junior Hardball
Plymouth Red P1 @ Whitemarsh W2 7:00pm Miles Park
Thursday,  Apr 24
Lake Monsters @ Iron Birds 6:00pm Church Field
Rookie Hardball
Storm @ Conshy Blue Claws 6:00pm Conshohocken
Emeralds @ Iron Pigs 6:00pm Field 3
Major Hardball
Orioles P3 @ Phillies P1 8:00pm Field 2
Blue Jays P5 @ Whitemarsh W5 8:00pm Whitemarsh
Friday,  Apr 25
Rookie Softball
Plymouth Rookie - 3 - Stingers  @ East Norriton 8U - 1  6:00pm PCA B
Major Softball
Plymouth Majors - 2 - Fillies  @ Plymouth Majors - 1 Angels  6:00pm Field 1
Saturday,  Apr 26
Lake Monsters @ Lug Nuts 8:45am Church Field
Hot Rods @ Grasshoppers 11:00am Church Field
Nuts @ Bats 1:15pm Church Field
Iron Birds @ Hooks 3:30pm Church Field
Tin Caps @ River Bandits 5:45pm Church Field
Rookie Hardball
Phightin' Phils @ Scrappers 8:45am Field 3
Iron Pigs @ Conshy Mud Cats 9:00am Conshohocken
Storm @ Emeralds 11:00am Field 3
Marauders @ Blue Rocks 1:15pm Field 3
Rookie Softball
Ambler 8U - 4  @ Plymouth Rookie - 1 - Big Red Machine  9:00am Field 1
Plymouth Rookie - 2 - Pink Divas  @ Lower Gwynedd 8U - 1  9:00am Oxford Park
Minor Hardball
Royals @ Conshy Indians 11:30am Conshohocken
A's @ Tigers 1:15pm Field 2
Indians @ Rockies 5:45pm Field 2
Minor Softball
Plymouth Minors - 2 - Sonic  @ East Norriton - 3  11:00am PCA B
Ambler - 1  @ Plymouth Minors - 1 - Gators  1:00pm Field 1
Major Hardball
Whitemarsh W2 @ Pirates P2 11:00am Field 2
Orioles P3 @ East Norriton EN4 2:00pm East Norriton
Whitemarsh W1 @ Mariners P6 8:00pm Field 2
Major Softball
Plymouth Majors - 3 Extreme  @ Cheltenham Majors - 1  3:00pm Cheltenham
Junior Hardball
Whitemarsh W1 @ Plymouth Red P1 12:00pm Field 4
Whitemarsh W3 @ Plymouth Blue P2 2:30pm Field 4
Junior Softball
Plymouth Juniors - 1  @ Hatboro Juniors - 1  11:00am Hatboro
Senior Hardball
Plymouth Green P1 @ Bridgeport B1 5:00pm Memorial Park - Bridgeport
Sunday,  Apr 27
Rookie Softball
East Norriton 8U - 3  @ Plymouth Rookie - 3 - Stingers  12:30pm Field 1
Major Hardball
Red Sox P4 @ Whitemarsh W4 TBA Whitemarsh
Monday,  Apr 28
Major Hardball
Mariners P6 @ Phillies P1 8:00pm Field 2
Major Softball
Cheltenham Majors - 2  @ Plymouth Majors - 1 Angels  6:00pm Field 1
Junior Hardball
Bridgeport B2 @ Plymouth Red P1 6:00pm Villanova
Plymouth Blue P2 @ Bridgeport B1 7:00pm Heuser Park
Senior Hardball
Plymouth Green P1 @ East West Norriton 6:00pm TBD
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Lug Nuts @ Hooks 6:00pm Church Field
Rookie Hardball
Blue Rocks @ Conshy Marauders 6:00pm Conshohocken
Scrappers @ Iron Pigs 6:00pm Field 3
Rookie Softball
Plymouth Rookie - 1 - Big Red Machine  @ East Norriton 8U - 2  6:00pm PCA B
Plymouth Rookie - 2 - Pink Divas  @ Whitpain 8U - 2  6:00pm Stoney Creek
Minor Hardball
Tigers @ Reds 6:00pm Field 2
Minor Softball
Whitpain - 2  @ Plymouth Minors - 1 - Gators  6:00pm Field 1
Major Hardball
Red Sox P4 @ East Norriton EN2 6:00pm East Norriton
Orioles P3 @ Pirates P2 8:00pm Field 2
Senior Hardball
Bridgeport B2 @ Plymouth Green P1 6:00pm Field 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday,  May 6
Photo Day 5:30pm East Plymouth Valley Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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