Last Updated: May 20, 2015

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  Spring Ball 2015 


Please see our 2015 Spring Season Games on our Calendar


“Volunteers and Sponsors are Always Welcome”

(Non-profit organizations eligible for Tax deductible Donations)


We are only accepting registrations for players ages 13-16 for our Senior Team. Season for them start May 30th


Sign-up Information:
Where: Montvue Park 1600 Cordova St,Pomona CA, 91767
Call the snack bar and leave contact information to set up an appointment for Senior division registrations


Snack Bar: (909) 399-5846 (working answering machine)


Spring 2014 Registration

Wednesday,  May 27
Junior Minor - TGLL Mets vs. P.N. Orioles 5:30pm Montvue Park
Thursday,  May 28
T-Ball - P.N. Dodgers vs. TGLL Rays 5:30pm Ted Greene Park
T-Ball - P.S.W. Dodgers vs. P.N. Angels 5:30pm Montvue Park
Saturday,  May 30
Junior Division -Glendora Nationals VS. P.N Giants 10:00am Jaycee park
Junior Minor - P.N. Orioles vs. P.S.W. Dodgers 10:00am Ralph Welch Park
Junior Minor - P.N. Orioles vs. P.S.W. Dodgers 10:00am Ralph Welch Park
T-Ball - P.N. Indians vs. P.N. Dodgers 10:00am Montvue Park
Major- P.S.W. Cardinals vs. P.N. Red Sox 12:30pm Montvue Park
Monday,  Jun 1
Minor - P.N. Royals vs. TG Rockies 7:15pm Ted Greene Park
Tuesday,  Jun 2
T-Ball - TG Dodgers vs. P.N. Indians 5:30pm Montvue Park
Major - TG Dodgers vs. P.N. Red Sox 7:15pm Montvue Park
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Junior Minors - P.S.W. Yankees vs. P.N. Orioles 5:30pm Montvue Park
Minor - P.S.W.Dodgers vs. P.N. Royals 7:05pm Montvue Park
Thursday,  Jun 4
T-Ball - P.N. Angels vs. TGLL Dodgers 5:30pm Montvue Park
T-Ball - P.S.W. Yankees vs. P.N. Dodgers 5:30pm Montvue Park
Major - P.N. Red Sox vs. P.S.W. Cardinals 7:15pm Ralph Welch Park
Saturday,  Jun 6
T-Ball - P.N. Indians vs. TGLL Rays 10:00am Ted Greene Park
Minor - TG Brewers vs. P.N. Royals 12:00pm Montvue Park
T-Ball - P.N. Indians vs. P.S.W. Royals 10:00pm Ralph Welch Park
Monday,  Jun 8
Junior Minor - TGLL Dodgers vs. P.N. Orioles 5:30pm Montvue Park
Minor - P.S.W. Yankees vs. P.N. Royals 7:15pm Montvue Park

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