Last Updated: April 26, 2017
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Tryouts will be held for the 2017 Post 41 Legion Roster on Sunday, May 7 and Sunday, May 14, from 11-2.  The site is yet TBD.  Check back prior to these dates for confirmation.  You must not turn 20 before year's end to be eligible for our tryout.  Players who reside in the Consortium area which feeds the public schools of Blake/Paint Branch/Springbrook are welcome to attend this tryout.  Eighteen players will make the final roster.  You must be willing to commit between May 31-August 10 to become a player for this Legion.  Any questions can be answered via email:, or by contacting (301)-466-8631.  This is still the best Baseball hands down, with an affordable way to be looked at by College and Pro Scouts throughout the season.  The rich tradition of American Legion Baseball out classes and has been in existence longer than any other program in our nation.


Coach Lowe