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Welcome to the home of the Merrimack Post 98 Legion Baseball program. We will try to keep this site updated with the best possible information. If you want more information or would like us to post something that is not being addressed, do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email at henzleym@gmail.com

The 2015 schedules for Junior & Senior teams are complete.  Please call if you have any questions.  603-341-2330


What are your odds of playing college sports?


By Gary Silvers Suburban One Sports

Want to play college sports?

If so, your odds of fulfilling that dream are only slightly better than the odds of a Philadelphia professional sports team winning a championship this year.

Yes, that bad.

I don’t mean to burst your collegiate bubble, but let’s face facts: Only 6 percent of high school athletes will play in college. That’s right, only six out of 100.

How did I arrive at that lowly figure? Simple math (although no math is simple for me).

There are approximately 7.5 million high school athletes (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in the U.S. Of those, there are about 1.875 million seniors (7.5 million divided by four).

 At last count, there were about 450,000 NCAA student-athletes (Division I, II and III), including about 112,500 freshmen (450,000 divided by four).

Therefore, about 1.875 million high school seniors are competing for about 112,500 freshman roster spots. If you divide 112,500 into 1.875 million, you get 6 percent.

Unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for the other 94 percent of high school athletes … unless they plan to play club or intramural sports in college.

Boys’ sports with the highest percentage of high school athletes competing in college are: 1. Fencing (29.7); 2. Gymnastics (18.6); 3. Lacrosse (13.0); 4. Ice hockey (12.2); 5. Baseball (11.5).

Girls’ sports with the highest percentage of high school athletes competing in college are: 1. Fencing (38.2); 2. Ice hockey (23.0); 3. Lacrosse (13.3); 4. Soccer (10.1); 5. Water polo (9.5).

Boys’ sports with the lowest percentage of high school athletes competing in college are: 1. Bowling (2.6); 2. Wrestling (3.6); 3. (tie) Track & field (4.2) and Volleyball (4.2); 5. Tennis (5.3).

Girls’ sports with the lowest percentage of high school athletes competing in college are: 1. Bowling (4.4); 2. Track & field (4.8); 3. Tennis (5.0); 4. Volleyball (6.1); 5. Basketball (6.4).

(Disclaimer: That’s not including sports such as archery, badminton, beach volleyball, cycling, equestrian, rifle, rodeo, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, squash and synchronized swimming. Bet you didn’t know colleges even offer some of those sports.)

To make matters worse, if your heart is set on playing at the highest level in college, you likely will end up with a broken heart.

Only 1.8 percent of high school boys will compete in Division I; 1.3 percent in Division II; and 2.1 percent in Division III. An additional 0.8 percent will play at NAIA schools and 0.8 percent at junior colleges.

Only 2.2 percent of high school girls will compete in Division I; 1.2 percent in Division II; and 2.2 percent in Division III. Another 0.8 percent will play at NAIA schools and 0.7 percent at junior colleges.

What do those numbers mean?

Very few high school athletes will play in college, especially at the highest level.

Can you be one of them?

Absolutely, but the odds are against you.

How can you beat the odds?

Stay tuned…


Gary Silvers, Area Director of College Scouting for National Scouting Report, writes a weekly recruiting blog for SuburbanOneSports.com. He can be reached at (215) 480-8764 or gsilvers@nsr-inc.com.

D-I coaches push Legion over travel ball in forum

Legion "Showcase" to begin Fall 2015

From NH Legion Baseball Chairman Rick Harvey...

I did attend a meeting in West Warrick, RI on May 3rd to discuss our new proposed Summer/Fall Legion Elite Travel baseball program.
Beside NH, CT, RI were in attendance, MA could not make it but is committed.  After a 2 hour meeting we decided to move forward with this new program.
This program is for juniors in high school this year and and under, who do have the potential to play college baseball no matter what division. One caveat is that the players on this team have to had played legion baseball in the 2015 season.  No Exceptions!
The season will run from August 22nd until Columbus Day weekend.  We will have a fourteen game schedule.  It is possible
that we will also have a year end tournament.
For the fist year, we decided to only have one team/state to see how it goes.  Our first three or four weeks of the season will be 
double headers for each team on one weekend day at one particular college in each state.  For the remainder of the season each
team will play a doubleheader one day/weekend.  
We will be heavily recruiting college coaches to attend on the weekends.  The process has already started with the CT
Chairman sending out over 50 emails to college coaches in New England.
For NH, I have already contacted SNHU for our host weekend. The staff was very interested but they have to make sure
field work will be completed by the 28th and 29th of August, that is date I picked for NH.
Players for this team will be contacted by the coaching staff  to see if they are interested, and we might have one tryout on Saturday 8/1 on Sunday 8/2.  I will have an official flyer soon that discusses all aspects of this league.  Once you get this, I would hope you pass this along to all your players this summer.
We will also have one scout day at the end of the year where all four teams will show up with all their players to be showcased to the college coaches in attendance.
This is a very exciting opportunity to enhance our legion program in N.E. and to help our skilled players gain a valuable opportunity to "showcase themselves" to college coaches and maybe enhance their chances to play college baseball.
Volunteers to help coach this staff should email with their  interest or call me personally.
Costs have been discussed but not narrowed down as of yet.  We have to get the cost of our insurance (if we need any at all) and then hammer out umpire costs etc. I am not sure what we will do for uniforms as of yet and how we will be handling payments to NH legion baseball for this.  These things will be worked out.