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We are excited for 2015 as a start of new things to come to Prairie Field!  


Click Here for a copy of our 2015 tournament schedule!

Click Here for the 2015 Thursday Fall league schedule (updated August 23).

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Sep 3
Be More @ Those Guys 6:00pm Field #1
U've Been Wonged @ Nailed It! 6:00pm Field #2
Ball Busters @ I'd Hit That! 6:00pm Field #3
Those Guys @ Ball Busters 7:10pm Field #1
I'd Hit That! @ U've Been Wonged 7:10pm Field #2
Nailed It! @ Be More 7:10pm Field #3
Thursday,  Sep 10
I'd Hit That! @ Those Guys 6:00pm Field #1
Nailed It! @ Ball Busters 6:00pm Field #2
U've Been Wonged @ Be More 6:00pm Field #3
Those Guys @ Nailed It! 7:10pm Field #1
Be More @ I'd Hit That! 7:10pm Field #2
Ball Busters @ U've Been Wonged 7:10pm Field #3
Thursday,  Sep 17
U've Been Wonged @ I'd Hit That! 6:00pm Field #1
Ball Busters @ Those Guys 6:00pm Field #2
Be More @ Nailed It! 6:00pm Field #3
Nailed It! @ U've Been Wonged 7:10pm Field #1
Those Guys @ Be More 7:10pm Field #2
I'd Hit That! @ Ball Busters 7:10pm Field #3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!