• Pine-Richland Junior Wrestling (PRJW) has been operating within Pine-Richland School District
  • as a youth wrestling organization for over 25 years and
  • has been the youth program for many of PR's varsity champions.

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Pine-Richland Junior (Youth) Wrestling



There has been much confusion due to the fact that there are two separate wrestling teams in the Pine-Richland area. Both programs have a lot to offer. We are proud supporters of PR Elite youth wrestling, as well as the Pine-Richland middle school and high school teams. 

In regards to the youth programs, the main difference is that we are members of two different leagues. Elite is part of the WAWA league, and we are members of the North Hills Wrestling League. You can find more information by visiting the two leagues websites to figure out what will best suit your needs. 

North Hills Wrestling League: http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=nhwl

WAWA: http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=wawa

For more detailed information, feel free to contact our President/NHWL Alumni Danny White at 724.816.1168 or whitedaniel8@yahoo.com. 



Match schedules are being finalized and will be posted soon. These matches will take place on weeknights, many will fall on one of our practice days, and will therefore take the place of practice on those occasions. 

We are part of the North Hills Wrestling League. There are currently 8 schools that participate in our league including North Allegheny, North Hills, Shaler, Hampton, Avonworth and Mars. All of our matches will be at Pine-Richland or one of these schools. 

The North Hills Wrestling League holds tournaments on several weekends throughout the season. These are called "Road Warriors" tournaments. They are optional, but our coaches will be there to coach your wrestler if you do decide to participate. Our PR team will accumulate points, as well as each individual wrestler, depending upon how he/she finishes. At the last tournament, the school(s) with the most points will be recognized, as well as those individuals with the most points. These tournaments will all be held at the schools stated above. The schedule for these tournaments should be available also within the next couple weeks.

For more information on the Road Warriors tournaments, and other Pennsylvania tournaments, please visit http://www.pywrestling.com/ 





Registration now open!






Registration: $200 due at registration ($100 sibling discount)

Fundraising: None this year

Deposit: $150.00 (per family)

Please write a separate deposit check and mail with registration fee.  This check will be shredded at the end of the season when the singlet(s) has been returned undamaged. 



Pine-Richland Junior Wrestling is a fully volunteer organization.  In order to have a successful wrestling season, it will take effort from every family.  Each family is required to fulfill minimal volunteer duties per wrestler for the wrestling season. 



First day of practice: Monday, November 6th, 2017 (the season runs until February 28th)      

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Location: Pine-Richland High School Green Gym (near the pool)



The wrestlers will be divided into two groups.  One group will have first year wrestlers and the other group will have kids with more than one year of experience.  However, at some practices the team will drill together.  The first year wrestlers will learn the basics of a match and essential techniques/skills (starting stance, takedowns, & pins) to compete.  The experienced wrestlers will learn advanced wrestling techniques. All wrestlers will participate in games to sharpen skills and live wrestling.  During practices, the wrestlers are paired with kids that are about the same size and skill level.



Wrestlers are weighed at the beginning of the season so that each wrestler is appropriately paired during practice and dual matches.  They are only weighed again if they are competing at a tournament; it is for their own safety. 



All wrestlers will receive a personalized shirt and shorts. PRJW will provide a P-R Wrestling singlet to be used for the wrestling season and returned. Parents are responsible for providing headgear and wrestling shoes.  It is important that each wrestler wears their shirt & shorts at the matches when they are not wrestling.  This helps the runners quickly find your child before their match.



PRJW is part of the North Hills Wrestling League.  The league also includes Hampton, North Allegheny, Shaler, Mars, Fox Chapel, Avonworth and North Hills.  Your child will compete within the league during the wrestling season.



Your child will also have an opportunity to compete in tournaments (not required) throughout the wrestling season.  We encourage wrestlers to compete in the North Hills Wrestling League Road Warrior Tournaments. For the R.W. tournaments, wrestlers can earn points as an individual and for the P-R Team when they place.  At the Year End League Tournament the wrestlers/teams with high point values will be recognized.



The objective of PRJW will be to coordinate, instruct, and condition participants in grades K-6 mentally and physically, while instilling ideals of good sportsmanship with an emphasis on fun and team camaraderie.

This objective will be achieved through coaches and parents working together to provide instructional and competitive practices, positive feedback, and organized league matches.  The association will bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of matches and tournaments is secondary to the primary goal of instruction and development of youth wrestlers of all abilities, novice and experienced.


Danny White:  President

Bridget White: Vice President

Laura Harper: Secretary

Alaina Huffman:  Treasurer

Greg Smith:  Bout Coordinator

Greg Smith:  Area VII Rep


Head Coach: Ed Rivero

Head Asst. Coach: Steve Chittester






2017-2018 Season

Registration is now open! 

Season will run from November 6th thru February 28th

Practices will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8pm in the green gym at PRHS

Boys and girls kindergarten thru 6th grade welcome! 



**Proud Supporter of the Pine Richland Wrestling Team** 

PRJW is not affiliated with the Pine Richland School District

Over 25 years of developing Pine Richland Wrestlers into Champions

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