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Playoff Brackets

March 22, 2017 – 11:24 PM

Division III Champions: Phantoms

March 22, 2017


 front:  Nick Bucci, Mike Smitko, Tony Bucci, Doug Meade, Nick Meade
 back:  Joe Arena, Chris Fagan, Jacky Morin, Damon Cassaro, Phil Meade, Bill Malthaner, Al Cavallo, Lou LoSapio
 not pictured:  Mike Finnen, Kevin Inglis

Brian's Playoff Power Rankings -- Divisions I and II

March 2, 2017

Division I

1.  Laffy Taffy

The Taffy are the one seed, and are coming off of two huge wins. They beat the MuskRays 9-3, then beat the Fine Pines 12-3, where league leading scorer, Steve “Ozzy” Osvold, completed the Ovechtrick. The Taffy are the team to beat: Osvold has 52 points, CJ Gallagher 40, and Joe Nobilio 29, and Bryan Whittaker 25. Fine performances have also been seen by Adam “Manhandle” Crandall, 19 points, and Kyle Metcalf and League Commissioner Rob Cacioppo with 18 points (all assists for the Commish). The Taffy have the first round bye, and will play the winner of the 4/5 play-in game: either the MuskRays or Fine Pines.


2.  Ice Men

The Ice Men are the two seed and will meet Freddy’s in their first playoff game. They have a game later tonight, March 2, against the MuskRays, so these point totals are subject to change, but the Torchbearing Torstrups have led the way: Mike Torstrup has 42 points, while Matt Torstrup has 41. Nick Pedana has been excellent on defense while adding 26 points, and Zander Pindyck and Jon Bokser have 24 and 21 points, respectively. Nick Raite is second in GAA, at 5.79, in the high scoring Division I, and this, coupled with their many attack options, make the Ice Men a championship contender. The Ice Men are slight favorites against Freddy’s.


3.  Freddy's HC

General Manager Chuck Ugalde always finds a way to build a contender; even when Freddy’s has what the media would feel is a down year, Ugalde’s teams are still championship caliber. They may not be the favorite, but Freddy’s is not too far off, and is nowhere near an underdog. Alex Gorden has 36 points, while Vinny Bird “Is The Word” has 35, to pace the club. Jake “The Snake” Worby has 25 points, and can score with the best of them, even though he trails his teammates by ten. Dan Lewycky has also had a nice year, putting up 25, and Paul Kulbida has a GAA of 5.85. Freddy’s playoff game against the Ice Men is nearly a toss-up.


4.  Fine Pines

Before the Fine Pines were subjected to an Ovechtrick by Steve Osvold, they were playing well. They won two in a row before losing by one to the Ice Men. The Pines finished with 18 points, but they took 14/15 points against the MuskRays (whom they will play in the 4/5 play-in game) during the season. Led by Chris “Crusty” Keresztes, with 45 points (second in Division I),and augmented by guys such as “Colonel” Dave Sanders (20 points), Adam Sklar (17), and Alex Miragaya (15), the Pines have quality that goes beyond their star player. While they are the fifth and lower seed, because they have the MuskRays’ number, the Pines are the favorite in the play-in game.


5.  MuskRays

The MuskRays have lost six out of seven. Two of these losses were by a shootout, but they can get some momentum by winning their final regular season game against the Ice Men on March 2. Though even if they win, they would still be at the bottom of the power rankings, because it would only be two wins out of eight. Eddie Boscaino has 39 points to lead the team, while the next three highest scorers, Tony Desiderio, Steve Doherty, and Josh Creelman, all have 16 points. Adam Grare has a GAA of 5.43, the best in Division I, and he will have to be huge because the Stingrays score the fewest goals, 87.



 Division II

1.  Green Brook Berets

Green Brook finished third, but have the best form by far with five wins out of their last six, and 14 out of 18 points. Zach Ulloa has 38 points, which is 11 more than anyone else, to lead the league. Adrian “The Pinguin” Pinzon is tied for second with 27 points, and Frank Dente is fourth with 23, giving the Berets a three headed attack. Nuno Costa had a good year, with a GAA of 4.07 and Division II’s only shutout. The Berets score the most goals in Division II, and with Costa’s goaltending, they can beat anyone. Their playoff game against CJ’s at Midnight is a toss-up.


2. Stingrays

The Stingrays finished first, but have lost their last two regular season games. They lost to fourth place SHIce, and the fifth (and last) place Mustangs. They play the winner of the 4/5 play-in game, either SHIce or the Mustangs, both of whom feel they can beat the Stingrays. Eddie Boscaino and Mike Boscaino lead the team in points, with 27 and 21, respectively, and the team has been backed by John Fallone, who has a GAA of 2.64, the lowest in Division II. The Stingrays’ defense is their strength, with Fallone, but also the team, helping to surrender a division low, 44 goals.


3.  CJ's at Midnight

CJ’s has played in four straight forfeits. They finished in second, and have been able to get it done with a well-rounded offense: Nobody has more than 15 points. Of course, perhaps this can be because CJ’s has had six forfeits (three wins, three losses) this season, but even so, an even attack is what has gotten them success in the other 14 games. David Rainey has a GAA of 3.33, good enough for second in Division II, and the team as a whole has given up 48 goals. Their playoff game against Green Brook is a toss-up.


4.  SHIce

SHIce beat the Stingrays 7-4, then beat CJ’s at Midnight, 4-0, although CJ’s had an ineligible player. Two big wins over the big teams give SHIce momentum, heading into their showdown in the 4/5 play-in game against the Mustangs. Eric Ely is the team’s leading scorer with 21 points, while nobody else has double figures. As Ely goes, so does SHIce. SHIce are a slight favorite in their playoff game.


5.  Mustangs

The Mustangs finished in fifth and last place, but they ended their season by beating the Stingrays in a shootout which went ten rounds. The Mustangs have only scored 36 goals in the 20 game regular season, just 1.8 a game. They have to win by keeping the score low, which is why they will have to rely on their goalie, Mike Corella, perhaps even more than leading scorer, Vinny Bird “Is The Word”. Bird has 12 points to lead the way, and will be relied upon in the playoffs.


Brian's Power Power Rankings -- Divisions III and IV

March 2, 2017

Division III

1.  Phantoms

The Phantoms are the one seed, finishing the season with 49 points. The stellar goaltending of Tony Bucci, who has a league leading GAA of 2.51, has been a major reason for this, and the road to the championship likely has to go through Captain Bill Malthaner’s boys. They also lead the league in goals for with 113, with Mike Smitko leading the team with 35 points. Phil Meade and Chris Fagan each have 22 points, Kevin Inglis has 20 points, and five players have anywhere from 12 to 16 points. The Phantoms are the favorites for Division III’s championship.


2.  Reapers (formerly Rats)

The Reapers lead the league in penalty minutes with 223, which is by far the most in Division III. They have lost their last two, but have the two top scorers in Division II. Hugo “The Hornet” Beja has 52 points, while Gary Nigro has 37. But The Hornet has 48 PIM, only behind his teammate, Trevor Eldridge, who has 62. Vinny Reno, Nevada has 42 PIM, rounding out the division’s top three, and Tom Schodowski is in sixth with 26 PIM. Mike Barone has a GAA of 4.00 and one shutout this year. If the Reapers are to have any chance, they have to drastically lower their penalties.


3.  SHI Spitfires

The Spitfires have alternated wins and losses in their last six games. Their strong finish had them finish third and avoid the 4/5 play-in game. They will play the Reapers in their first playoff game, where it is the team with the most penalty minutes in the division against the team with the fewest (Reapers 223, SHI 66). Alex Pawlyk leads the team with 23 points, Brian “The Lion” Kelly is second with 18 points, and Nick Pawlyk is third with 17 points. Menas Zion is second in the division with a 3.28 GAA, and has one shutout this season.


4.  Biohazards

The Biohazards knew they would be in the 4/5 play-in game for a while now, but they have won two straight, 7-2 over the Reapers, and 7-5 over Team ODIN. Larry “The Canadian Guy” St. Denis and Sean “Mr.” Feeney have 18 points apiece, to lead the team. These two will have to be relied upon for the Biohazards to win their play-in game. The Biohazards’ form has been good lately, and since their opponent in the play-in game is Team ODIN, they feel they can win, but the play-in game is likely a toss-up.


5.  Team ODIN

Team ODIN has lost three straight, and not looked good. A 4-0 loss to the SHI Spitfires, a 12-1 loss to the Phantoms, and a 7-5 loss to the Biohazards, when anything but a regulation loss would have given them a chance to finish third and avoid the play-in game, has contributed to their last place in the power rankings. Captain Jason Fischbach has 36 points, the most by far, on his team, and third in the division. Alex Miragaya has 21 points, Brian “The Salamander” Salvesen has 20 points, and Kevin “The Headless” Horstman has 14 points, while Mike Davison has a 4.92 GAA and one shutout. The play-in game is a toss-up.


 Division IV

1.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls have won their last ten games, earning 28 out of 30 points. With 82 goals for and 42 against, they are the only team that is remotely close to a 2:1 ratio for those stats. Leading scorer Ilya Labutin has 25 points and Big Tony Gesumaria has 20. Also with double digit point totals are Keith Fimiani (18), Chris Kreuter (14), and Jeff “The Mariner” Marine (11). The goaltending of Jeff Leidner has a GAA of 1.99, and the two shutouts, leading the Division IV in both categories. Scott Brady has also done well net, with a GAA of 2.60 (second in the division), and one shutout (tied for second in the division). The Flying Fossils are the favorite to win Division IV.


2.  Puck Pimps

The Puck Pimps have won six out of seven, earning them the second spot in the playoff power rankings. They’ve rocketed up the standings and finished in third, earning them a first round matchup against the Vudoo. Eric Racine leads the team with 29 points, Chris Kazlauskas has 27points, and the Pimps have scored 104 goals, the most in Division IV. Nick Raite is third in the division with a GAA of 2.64, and has one shutout. The Pimps should be able to carry their excellent play into the playoffs, and are the favorites against the Vudoo.


3.  Archers

The Archers may have finished in seventh (last) place, but have won three out of four, including a 10-2 smashing of the Sewer Rats. Captain Jason Fischbach had seven points (5G, 2A) in that game, and leads the team with 36 points, finishing third in Division IV. He will have to keep filling the net if the Archers are to have any chance of moving on. The Archers are the underdog in their playoff game against the Rink Rats, but taking into account their recent form, can win.


4. Rink Rats

The Rink Rats are the two seed, but have lost three out of four, taking 4/12 points. They play the Archers in their playoff game who have been playing nicely, and will have to stop, or at least slow down Jason Fischbach. With a GAA of 3.31, and one shutout, Tom Castenschiold might be the answer to Fischbach, who is playing some of the best hockey of his PTAHL career going into the playoffs. The Rink Rats also have the two leading scorers in Division IV: Nick Graham with 48 points, and Joe “Joey Jr.” Maresca, Jr. with 37 points. There is a big drop off in scoring after these two, so they will have to continue to fill the net, while Castenschiold will have to keep an eye on Fischbach. The Rink Rats are favored, but a win is not a given.


5.  Vudoo

The Vudoo finished sixth and have lost five out of six, taking 4/12 points. James Woods-Corwin has 24 points to lead the team, second is Tom Godon with 21, and third is Ray “Ziesse’s Peanut Butter Cup” Ziesse, with 18. With a game against the hot Puck Pimps, these three will have to play big, and maybe even better than big. The Puck Pimps are the favorite, but the Vudoo are a wily bunch; while they may not have impressive numbers individually, Woods-Corwin, Godon, and Ziesse are a great unit. Don’t count them out.


6.  Sewer Rats

The Sewer Rats finished fifth and will play Ooff! in their playoff game. Andrew Viox had 28 points, to lead the way, while Eric Vogt was one behind, but also with 61 PIM on a team with 151 PIM to lead Division IV. If they can stay out of the box, the Sewer Rats can play with most teams, but that is the question with this team. Sewer Rats against Ooff! is a toss-up.


7.  Ooff!

Even with Ooff!’s shootout win to finish their season, they still have been in terrible form. Losing six out of eight, and only getting 5/24 points, puts them at the bottom of the power rankings. Milton Solis and Chris Fagan each have 27 points to pace the team, and Dean Bogner has a GAA of 3.79. Like the Sewer  Rats, Ooff! has also taken a lot of PIM, 127, only trailing the Sewer Rats. Ooff! against the Sewer Rats is a toss-up.


Upcoming Games

Monday, Mar 27
Division II
Fine Pines @ Flames9:15pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division III
Team ODIN @ Phantoms10:40pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday, Mar 28
Division I
MuskRays @ Laffy Taffy7:50pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Freddy's HC @ Ice Men9:15pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division III
Storm @ Reapers10:40pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday, Mar 29
Division IV
Rink Rats @ Puck Pimps9:25pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Sewer Rats @ Pterodactyls10:45pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday, Mar 30
Division III
SHIce @ SHI Spitfires8:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division IV
Archers @ Ooff!9:25pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Biohazards @ Perch10:45pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Friday, Mar 31
Division II
Stingrays @ Whack-a-Mole9:30pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division III
Admirals @ Phantoms8:05pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Saturday, Apr 1
Division I
Freddy's HC @ Laffy Taffy9:50pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division II
Fine Pines @ Green Brook Berets7:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division IV
Vudoo @ Sewer Rats8:25pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday, Apr 2
Division II
Stingrays @ Flames7:35pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division III
Hot Corner @ Reapers9:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Team ODIN @ SHI Spitfires10:25pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Division IV
Pterodactyls @ Rink Rats6:10pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Monday, Apr 3
Division II
Whack-a-Mole @ Green Brook Berets9:30pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday, Apr 4
Division I
Warriors @ Ice Men10:25pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday, Apr 5
Division IV
Ooff! @ Biohazards9:30pmProtec Ponds Ice Center

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