Last Updated: July 6, 2015

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North Division Champions - Vudoos

June 15, 2015

front:  Dan Nacinovich, Jake Nechrebecki, Mike DuHaime
back:  Wes Dorey, Dan Pressl, Rem Vanderbeek, Phil Burrows, J.R. Wappel, Billy DeGaetano, Jeff Michaels, Dan Poreda, David St. Louis, Chris Potts
not pictured:  Brent McCain

Central Division Champions - Green Brook Berets

June 14, 2015

front:  Nuno Costa, Milton Solis, Matt Skjeie, Zach Ulloa, Nep Ulloa, Pat Perez, Eric DeGuilo
back:  Justin Bornstad, Joe Delorenzo, Joe Patrick, George Aller, Andrew Lorenc, David Raphel
not pictured:  Rich Hernandez, Alex Raphel

South Division Champions - Archers

June 18, 2015

front:  Kevin Horstman, Ryan Amaan, Josh Sumoski, Val Fuchs, Mike Davison, Mike Zaffarese, Taka Okai
back:  Shane Hine, Marc Vermette, Kevin Inglis, Chris Melillo, David Fischbach, Jason Fischbach, Mike Malarowski, Michal Sivulka

Rob's Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Playoff Preview Edition

June 5, 2015

North Division

1.  Vudoos

Finishing tied for first place, the Vudoos enter the playoffs having lost only once since their season-opening defeat to the Muskrats.  The Potts and Pans line featuring Chris Potts and Wes "Side" Dorey have already conquered the Stingrays in the quarterfinals as they continue their great season.  They have already proven that this is not the same old Vudoos with Phil Burrows in net and Dan "Elvis" Pressl on defense, and now they are out to secure their first PTAHL championship.


2.  Freddy's HC

Freddy's HC got off to a miserable start, losing five of their first six.  However, they bounced back with four wins to finish off the regular season, and appear to be back to their fullest potential.  Vinny Bird continues to score at a rapid pace, and rookie Elie Klein has been a great addition, finishing second in the league in goals while Paul Kulbida finished second in GAA, just 0.02 behind Scott Brady for first.  Barring an upset, Freddy's expects to take on the Vudoos in the semis, which is sure to be a barn-burner.


3.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls finished in first place after beating out the Vudoos on the regulation wins tiebreaker.  They were expected to struggle this season, but defenseman Sean Rappleyea announcing his return just before the season started as well as rookie Andrew Park fitting in nicely on the top line and CJ Gallagher having a huge breakout season helped the team perform much better than anticipated.  Steve "Ozzy" Osvold finished with the league lead in goals while he, Sean Rappleyea, and brother Brian Rappleyea rounded out the top three in points.  Goaltender Scott Brady, who finished with the league's best GAA, announced that this will be his final PTAHL season, and the Pterodactyls hope to send him off with a championship.


4.  Phantoms

With a .500 record, this was a disappointing season by the defending champion Phantoms' standards, but they still have the weapons to defend their title in the playoffs.  Their quarterfinal opponent is the Muskrats, who they just defeated in their final game of the regular season.  If they beat them again, they will probably find themselves in a championship rematch, taking on the Pterodactyls in the semifinals.  We will see if Paul "Revere" Doran, James "The Orca" Whalen, and Kyle "The Kraken" Krannich can help make the Phantoms the next PTAHL dynasty.


5.  Muskrats

The Muskrats have been falling faster than Caitlyn Jenner's testosterone level as what appeared to be a dominant season has gone awry.  Six games into the season, they were undefeated and looked to be cruising towards competing for another championship, but then lost their last four to finish in fourth place.  Scot McClintic, Sean Rasimowicz, and Anthony Criscitello have been missing some games lately, and they hope that they will be in attendance for their quarterfinal matchup against the defending champion Phantoms.  After their outstanding start, the Muskrats know they can beat anyone, but they will need to put forth much better efforts than they have been lately if they are to return to playing at their fullest potential.


6.  Ice Men

The Ice Men lost six in a row, but finished their regular season with a win over the Stingrays, despite their roster shrinking as the season went on.  Matt Torstrup had a down season, finishing only fourth in goals rather than the usual first, and the rest of the roster was unable to compensate for the absence of Jon Bokser.  On a positive note, Zander Pindyck was a very good rookie addition, and they are hoping he will be a part of their long-term plans.  They have a tough draw in the quarterfinals as they are set to take on Freddy's HC, who has been very good lately.


7.  Stingrays

The Stingrays' only success was two wins in the middle of the season, but they collapsed afterwards, and the lack of on-ice success translated to locker room tensions.  Despite this, they played a solid two periods against a very talented Vudoos roster in the quarterfinals, but were unable to finish the job as they came up short in the third.  They will be moving to the Central Division for the summer season with a different goaltender, where they hope to regain their confidence and become a strong team once again.



Central Division

1.  Green Brook Berets

After another season of leading the league in penalty minutes, the Berets have nonetheless finished in second place with six wins in their last seven.  Pat Perez and Zach Ulloa finished in second and third in the league's points column.  They will need to stay out of the box if they are to put together a championship run, especially with a semifinal matchup against the Flames.


2.  SHI Spitfires

SHI had what appeared to be a dominant season, but tapered off a bit towards the end with a loss to Green Brook and some narrow wins over the Pterodactyls and Biohazards.  However, they are the most disciplined team in the Central Division, and surrendered the fewest goals as a result.  Eric Ely has been the star forward the Spitfires have recently lacked, and he finished second in goals while Menas Zion finished second in GAA.  They will take on the Biohazards or Pterodactyls in the semifinal, and barring an upset will be taking on the Berets or Flames in what is likely to be a close championship series.


3.  Flames

The Flames were in the hunt for first place early on, but a losing streak towards the end of the season almost dropped them to fourth until they were able to defeat the Biohazards in the final game of the season to finish one game ahead of them.  Vinny "The Oreo" D'Orio posted the league's best GAA and the season's only shutout while Pete Haglund led the league in goals and points.  The Flames look to return to the finals with a win over the Berets in the semis.


4.  Biohazards

The Biohazards alternated between win and loss all season long until the final game of the season, where a win would have put them over the Flames for third place and the final quarterfinal bye.  Instead, they were crushed and will take on the Pterodactyls in the quarterfinals to see who will meet the Spitfires in the semis.  Captain and goaltender Matt Ceglia is done for the season with an injury, but Adam Birnbaum has captained the team in the past, so they will be looking towards him for leadership this postseason.


5.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls had a bad season, but they improved towards the end with some close games and a win over the Flames.  They will need to rely on Kyle Argent, Chris Kreuter, and the Galligano brothers to step up if they are to pull off some upsets, and they will start their postseason with a quarterfinal game against the Biohazards to see who advances to take on the Spitfires.



South Division

1.  Archers

Averaging over eight goals a game, the Archers finished in first place as Chris Melillo, Ryan Amann, and Shane "Jax" Hine proved to be great offseason acquisitions.  Jason Fischbach and Mike Davison finished top two in the league in GAA, and Jax led the league in goals and points.  They will take on the Mini Melts :-) or SHIce-T in the semifinals, where they anticipate a win to clinch their third straight finals appearance.  Of the five teams in the South Division this season, the Archers are the only one with any PTAHL playoff victories.
2.  Vudoo
The additions of Will Dimock and James Woods-Corwin, combined with a breakout season from Jesse Peterson, have given the Vudoos a resurgence this season after a lackluster PTAHL debut in the fall/winter.  They have won seven of their last eight, and are prepared to take on the expansion Rink Rats in the semifinals as they hope to notch their first PTAHL playoff win and clinch a spot in the championship.


3.  Rink Rats

The Rink Rats finished their inaugural season strong, with three wins in their last four games.  Nick Graham and captain Joe Maresca, Jr. finished tied for second in goals, and Tom Castenschiold recorded the season's only shutout as the Rats finished just two games out of first place.  In the semifinals, they will take on the Vudoos, whom they defeated in two of their three meetings, but Maresca will be out of the lineup with an injury.  They will need the rest of the roster to step up in his absence.


4.  Mini Melts :-)

The Mini Melts :-) made some large improvements this season.  They are still not yet a top team, but they are more competitive than ever before with Rich-A-Roni, The DiFrancesco Treat between the pipes and rookies Zander Pindyck and Fritz Brown leading the scoring.  If they are to notch their first playoff win, they will need Steve Scansaroli to not show up because he is suspended, Steve Miano to stay out of the penalty box, and Brown to quit milking his injury.

5.  SHIce-T

SHIce-T began their PTAHL existence with a win, but have not been able to duplicate that result ever since.  Their greatest weakness has been their lack of scoring, averaging fewer than three goals a game.  They are capable of defeating the Mini Melts :-) and earning a semifinal matchup against the Archers, but Robert Trochiano, Sean Donnelly, and Eric Ely will need to come up big in the scoring department.


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Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Jul 7
Archers @ SHIce-T 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday,  Jul 8
Biohazards @ Pterodactyls (Central) 8:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Green Brook Berets @ Vikings 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday,  Jul 9
SHI Spitfires @ Stingrays 9:45pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Jul 12
Freddy's HC @ Ice Men 7:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Phantoms @ Banana Pancakes 9:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Pterodactyls (North) @ Muskrats 10:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Mini Melts :-) @ Rink Rats 6:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Jul 13
Vikings @ Biohazards 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday,  Jul 14
Pterodactyls (Central) @ Stingrays 10:20pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday,  Jul 15
Green Brook Berets @ SHI Spitfires 8:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Rink Rats @ Archers 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday,  Jul 16
Banana Pancakes @ Pterodactyls (North) 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
SHIce-T @ Mini Melts :-) 8:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Jul 19
Muskrats @ Freddy's HC 6:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Ice Men @ Banana Pancakes 7:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Biohazards @ Stingrays 9:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Rink Rats @ SHIce-T 10:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Jul 20
Phantoms @ Pterodactyls (North) 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center

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