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Playoff Brackets

March 4, 2015 – 11:30 PM


Rob's Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Playoff Preview Edition

February 19, 2015

North Division

1.  Freddy's HC

Winning seven of their last eight games, Freddy's HC has made the Phantoms' huge lead for first place evaporate and they are now neck and neck as both teams have just one game remaining.  This team is now living up to the hype as their top players are showing up consistently, and they will be a tough team for anyone to beat in the playoffs.


2.  Ice Men

The Ice Men won five of their last six games to finish in third place, the best season they have had so far in the PTAHL.  Matt Torstrup dominated the stats columns with 53 goals, 16 more than anyone else, and 73 points.  Jon Bokser finished second in assists with 28 and fourth in points with 51.  If these two can continue ripping opposing defenses apart, the Ice Men will be a serious contender this postseason.


3.  Stingrays

The Stingrays have won four of their last six games, with their only two losses in that span coming to red hot Freddy's HC and the Ice Men.  Eddie "The Shower Head" Boscaino is on a seven-game goal-scoring streak, with a total of eleven in those seven games.  The Stingrays will be another team worth watching if he can continue to score, as long as Kyle Daloisio doesn't choke in the quarterfinals again.


4.  Vudoos

Although they struggled through most of the season, the Vudoos have been able to score enough goals lately to make up for their uninspiring defense and have won three of their last five.  Wes "Side" Dorey and Chris Potts finished second and third in points with 64 and 53, respectively.  Their 67 combined goals is only two fewer than the entire Flames roster.  If they remain unstoppable, the Vudoos can pull off some upsets.  However, if the Vudoos' opponents are able to contain these two, they will have an easy time ensuring a win.


5.  Phantoms

The Phantoms opened up a monstrous lead for first place, but have drastically fallen off since then.  They remain tied for first place, but have only won two of their last five.  James Whalen, Kyle Krannich, and Paul "Revere" Doran remain three of the league's most dangerous players, but they will need Lou LoSapio to stop taking bad penalties if they are to turn their season around and return to the level of play they showed earlier in the season.


6.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls won seven of their first ten games, but since then have only won twice.  They are probably the best team in hockey history at blowing third period leads.  Steve "The Wizard of Oz" Osvold is having a great season as he is third in the league with 32 goals, but their defense hasn't been as good as it was in recent seasons.  They have two games remaining to put it together as they take on the Phantoms and Flames.


7.  Flames

While the Flames still have not yet won a game in regulation, they have been playing much better lately as each of their last four games were decided by no more than two goals, including games against the surging Ice Men and Freddy's HC.  They have one game remaining and it happens to be against the Pterodactyls, whom the Flames beat in a shootout earlier this season.  They may not have a nice record, but they may be improving just at the right time to put up a fight in the postseason.  They will have to take on the Phantoms or Freddy's HC in the quarterfinals though.



Central Division

1.  Muskrats

The Muskrats enter the playoffs on an eleven-game winning streak, and averaged over six goals a game in the regular season.  They are looking to defend their Central Division championship, and they will start their postseason by taking on the struggling Spitfires in the quarterfinals, but they could easily lose that game if they fail to stay out of the box.


2.  Green Brook Berets

Green Brook won eight of their last ten games to finish in second place.  Pat Perez has been on fire lately, finishing first in the league in points.  He has scored a goal in every game in the Berets' second half of the season.  In the first half, he registered only four goals, but put up a monstrous 26 in the second half to finish second in the league in goals.  He is certainly a player that can lead his team to a championship as long as the rest of his team doesn't negate his scoring with penalties, as their total of 219 PIMs is reminiscent of the Rubber Duckies and Mastadons, who for good reason no longer compete in the PTAHL.


3.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls started to slip up a bit, but have finished their regular season with four wins in their last six.  They tied the Berets for second place, and will meet them face-to-face in the semifinals.  Justin Waldron posted similar numbers to Perez, so it will be interesting to see these two go head-to-head with a spot in the championship on the line as Jeff Leidner looks to deny his former teammates between the pipes.


4.  SHI Spitfires

The Spitfires were battling it out for first place through much of the season, but have really backed their way into the playoffs as they enter on a four-game losing streak.  Winning the fight for first place was far from their mind down the home stretch as they nearly fell down to the South bracket, but were saved by the Biohazards losing to the Muskrats.  They will need a quick turnaround if they are to pull an upset over the Muskrats in the quarterfinals, but stranger things have happened in the PTAHL playoffs.


South Division

1.  Biohazards

The Biohazards fuzzied what was once a clear separation between the Centralbound teams and the Southbound teams as they nearly caught up to the Spitfires for the final spot in the Central bracket.  They came up just short as they fell to the Muskrats in the final game of the regular season, but they are determined to finish the season with something to show for it as they embark on a quest for the South Division championship.  In the quarterfinals, they will take on winless Motley Crew, who is captained by former Biohazard Davy "Gravy" Hutchins.


3.  Archers

The Archers lost their final seven regular season games, but took down the Vudoos in the semifinals to ensure a spot in the South Division championship for the second season in a row.  Letting the summer championship slip away in the final five minutes still irritates them, and they plan on making sure they finish the job this time around.


3.  Vudoos

The Vudoos won four of their last five regular season games to go into their first PTAHL postseason on a positive note, but they lost their first PTAHL playoff game to the Archers, the same team that spoiled their PTAHL debut at the start of the season.  Now that they have a full season under their belt, the Vudoos are looking to make some noise in the spring season.


4.  Motley Crew

Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Mar 5
Pterodactyls (North) @ Freddy's HC 10:45pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Muskrats @ Green Brook Berets 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Mar 8
Phantoms @ To Be Determined (North) 8:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Biohazards @ Archers 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Mar 9
Green Brook Berets @ Muskrats 9:45pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday,  Mar 10
To Be Determined (North) @ Phantoms 9:45pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday,  Mar 11
Archers @ Biohazards 8:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday,  Mar 12
Phantoms @ To Be Determined (North) 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center

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