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Rob's Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Week 5

August 2, 2015

North Division

1.  Freddy's HC

With only two games to go, Freddy's HC remains undefeated, averaging over ten goals a game, with at least 13 scored in each of their last three.  They have the top four in scoring with Vinny Bird, Jake Worby, Elie Klein, and rookie Jon Turner, and need only one more point in the standings to clinch first place.  Freddy's fully expects to end this season with a championship.


2.  Phantoms

The Phantoms got off to a slow start with two losses, but bounced back with two huge wins over the Ice Men and Pterodactyls, and then won a nailbiter over the Banana Pancakes, who beat them earlier in the season.  Kyle Daloisio has been a huge addition between the pipes with a miniscule GAA of 3.01, only .01 out of first place.  Despite being tied for fewest penalty minutes, the Phantoms have nearly half of the season's shorthanded goals as their top-end scorers--Kyle "The Kraken" Krannich, Paul "Revere" Doran, James "The Orca" Whalen, and Caleb "No Nickname" Luther are scoring threats in any situation.  The Phantoms expect to compete with Freddy's for the title.


3.  Banana Pancakes

As expected with their youthful roster, the Banana Pancakes are having a strong season, having only lost to Freddy's and the Phantoms, although they have also beaten the Phantoms as well.  They have scored the second most goals, although there is a great distance between them and Freddy's, and goaltender David Laub has the league's best GAA at 3.00.  They expect to win their final two games as they take on the Pterodactyls and Muskrats, two teams that have struggled this season.  They will battle it out with the Phantoms the rest of the way most likely for second place and the accompanying quarterfinal bye.


4.  Ice Men

There is a large drop-off between the top three teams in the North and the bottom three, but the Ice Men are probably the best of the bottom three.  They have split their two games with the Muskrats, winning the most recent one as Matt Torstrup and Zander Pindyck have scored 10 of the team's 14 goals.  One thing that could leave them behind both the Muskrats and Pterodactyls though is their forfeit for using an ineligible player earlier in the season.  Avoiding a last place finish will be crucial in this division as the last place team will need to play one of the top three teams in the quarterfinals while the fourth and fifth place teams will play each other. 


5.  Muskrats

The Muskrats suffered a tremendous drop in skill this offseason, losing Anthony Criscitello to the Pancakes while Sean Rasimowicz and James Nobilio decided to take the season off.  With captain Nobilio leaving the team hanging once again, the Muskrats have struggled to muster a competitive quantity of players, taking the ice with six or seven skaters on a routine basis this season.  They are hoping for more consistent attendance the rest of the way to alleviate the reduced talent on the team this season.  


6.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls have also undergone a massive reduction in talent, losing the Rappleyea brothers, Steve "Ozzy" Osvold, Andrew Park, and CJ Gallagher.  Justin Waldron, Felipe Rodriguez, and Fritz Brown have been big additions, but they have almost no help as those three have scored 19 of the team's 24 goals.  They opened their season with a shutout over the Muskrats, but have gotten annihilated in every game since then, giving up at least ten games in each.  Of their three remaining games, they have one each against the Ice Men and Muskrats, so they are hoping for a pair of wins there to salvage at least a 3-5 record and avoid last place.



Central Division

1.  Vikings

The expansion Vikings are undefeated halfway through their first PTAHL season, but are yet to take on the Stingrays.  Paul Kulbida leads in GAA at 2.50 while Vinny Bird and Joe Colucci are second and third in points.  Despite this being their first season, the Vikings have their sights set on a championship.  


2.  Stingrays

The Stingrays are one game behind the Vikings after dropping their most recent game to the Berets.  The Stingrays seem to have found their home in the Central Division with each game being decided by one or two goals with the exception of a blowout win over the struggling Pterodactyls.  Eddie "The Fire Hydrant" Boscaino leads the league in points while Frank Inzano and Kyle Daloisio are tied for fifth with Mike Boscaino just one point behind.  The Stingrays expect to clinch a quarterfinal bye soon as they vie for first place with the Vikings.


3.  Green Brook Berets

The Berets dropped their first three games, but then bounced back as they handed the Stingrays their first loss.  They do not have nearly as much offense as they usually do with the Ulloas and Pat Perez taking the season off, but on a positive note, they are tied for the league's fewest penalty minutes for a change.  Tim Traegler and Marcin Nieroda have been welcome additions to the roster, as their presence might not make up for the absence of Perez and the Ulloas, but it at least makes it more manageable.  


4.  SHI Spitfires

The Spitfires may be in last place, but that could change as their games have mostly been close.  Their losses to the Vikings and Stingrays were both close ones, and they will have another shot at both of those teams before the regular season comes to an end.  The Spitfires have more skill on their roster than the standings show, so expect them to make a late run and possibly pass a few teams in the standings.


5.  Biohazards

The Biohazards have had a solid .500 season so far, with their only losses coming to the Stingrays and Vikings.  However, they will take on those teams again, but with key scorer Larry "The Canadian Guy" St. Denis out of the lineup this time due to a suspension.  His suspension will expire just in time for the playoffs though, so the Biohazards could make a postseason run even if the standings do not show them as a contender, especially with Nick Raite between the pipes, currently second in the league in GAA.


6.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls notched a win over Green Brook, but got crushed in all of their other games as some of their opponents have suggested a move to the South Division unless they can add some skill the roster in the offseason.  They have averaged only two goals per game while surrendering an average of seven as Kyle Argent is the only player with more than one goal on the season, and he will not be around for the fall/winter.  On a positive note, they are at least tied for the fewest penalty minutes despite Steve Miano being on the roster.



South Division

1.  Rink Rats

With captain Bobby Tretola back on the ice with his squad, the Rink Rats are undefeated with three games to go as Nick Graham, Joe Maresca Sr. and Jr., and Jim Tretola make up four of the top five in points.  They have conquered SHIce-T and the Mini Melts :-), but their games against the Archers have been exciting low-scoring battles that they have come out of on top both times so far.  They will meet each other once more in the regular season, and it is anticipated that these two rivals will likely meet in the championship.
2.  Archers
The defending champions are a longshot to pass the Rink Rats for first place, but they expect to take them on head-to-head in the championship.  Mike Davison leads the league in GAA, and scoring has been very evenly-distributed this season as six players are averaging at least a point per game, making the Archers a difficult team to defend against with multiple scoring threats.


3.  SHIce-T

SHIce-T defeated the Mini Melts :-) in a shootout, but continue to search for answers against the Rink Rats and Archers.  However, with Nick Pawlyk and Pat Tharrett on the roster, pulling an upset is a real possibility, so perhaps the Rats and Archers should not get too ahead of themselves with their championship aspirations.  


4.  Mini Melts :-)

Similar to SHIce-T, the Mini Melts :-) have been unable to provide the Rats and Archers with a challenge, but they do have some weapons on their team that could put up a fight in Kyle Argent and Fritz Brown, who is tied for third in points.  However, outside of those two, the rest of the team has combined for only three goals so far.  If they are to pull off an upset or two, they will absolutely need Steve Miano to stay out of the penalty box, as his 22 PIMs is more than the team totals of both the Rink Rats and SHIce-T, and is only four fewer than that of the Archers.  The Mini Melts :-) do not have an abundance of talent on the roster, so they can not afford such undisciplined play.


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Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Aug 5
Ice Men @ Pterodactyls (North) 8:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Stingrays @ SHI Spitfires 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday,  Aug 6
Green Brook Berets @ Pterodactyls (Central) 9:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Biohazards @ Vikings 10:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Aug 9
Pterodactyls (North) @ Banana Pancakes 6:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Freddy's HC @ Ice Men 7:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Rink Rats @ Archers 9:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Mini Melts :-) @ SHIce-T 10:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Aug 10
SHI Spitfires @ Green Brook Berets 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday,  Aug 11
Muskrats @ Banana Pancakes 9:10pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Pterodactyls (Central) @ Biohazards 10:35pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday,  Aug 12
Phantoms @ Freddy's HC 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Archers @ SHIce-T 8:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday,  Aug 13
Vikings @ Green Brook Berets 9:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Stingrays @ Pterodactyls (Central) 10:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Aug 16
Ice Men @ Phantoms 9:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Pterodactyls (North) @ Muskrats 10:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
SHI Spitfires @ Vikings 6:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Mini Melts :-) @ Rink Rats 7:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Aug 17
Stingrays @ Biohazards 9:45pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday,  Aug 18
SHIce-T @ Mini Melts :-) 9:45pm Protec Ponds Ice Center

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