Last Updated: October 8, 2015

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Rob's Approximately Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Week 3

October 1, 2015

North Division

1.  Freddy's HC

Freddy's HC has been a powerhouse for the past few seasons, but have come up short in the playoffs.  They are looking to finish the job this time around as Tim Fulton returns to the roster to add another scoring threat.  They are currently 2-0 with a huge win over the Vudoos to open the season as Paul Kulbida leads the league in GAA.


2.  Phantoms

The defending champions return with an identical roster but with the addition of Jimmy Rotan returning to the ice.  Kyle Daloisio is just behind Kulbida in the GAA department, and so far they have crushed the MuskRays and defeated the Vudoos to get off to an undefeated start as James "The Orca" Whalen has five goals already.


3.  Ice Men

The Ice Men are off to a great start and expect to have their best season in franchise history as they are currently in first place with a 3-0 record.  Jon Bokser, Steve Imbasciani, and George Thomas have all returned to the roster, revitalizing the team's scoring production.  Imbasciani currently leads the league in points with eight and is tied for the lead in goals with five.  The Ice Men have only played the Pterodactyls and MuskRays so far though, two teams that are struggling.  We will see if they are a true contender soon once they take on Freddy's and the Phantoms, but so far they look much improved.


4.  Vudoos

After taking the summer off to enjoy their spring championship, the Vudoos are back on the ice, but are still shaking off the rust.  They opened their season with a huge loss to Freddy's HC, and then followed up with another loss to the Phantoms.  Their very rigorous schedule early in the season has them jumping right into the deep end, but they have a great amount of skill on the roster, so they expect to be a contender once again this season, bringing back a very similar lineup to what they had in the spring, with the additions of Chris Cahill and Wes Cookingham.


5.  Pterodactyls

Not even all the Shamwows in the world could clean up the mess that was the Pterodactyls' summer season, but they have made some roster moves to shake things up.  The signing of free agent Joe Nobilio has proven to be a big addition as he is currently tied for first in goals with five, along with Steve "Ozzy" Osvold.  Joining the team with Nobilio is Vinnie LaRosa, who is expected to be another bigtime contributor on offense once he recovers from an injury that will have him out until December, and goaltender Vinny "The Oreo" D'Orio, who played alongside Nobilio on the Flames.  The Pterodactyls are currently 0-3, but have been much more competitive than they were over the summer, and they expect to improve once LaRosa returns to the ice and team chemistry is developed with the new faces.


6.  MuskRays

After a turbulent summer season for the Muskrats left them with about half of a roster, what remained of the team joined up with a faction of Stingrays looking to return to the North Division.  The resulting MuskRays are still adjusting to each other, but a two-team merger can work well as the Archers showed in their days as the Replacements, when they pulled off some huge upsets en route to a championship.  They have lost their first two games, having scored only one goal in each, but they have a solid foundation with Adam Grare in net, and the Boscaino brothers will likely be racking up the points soon, so expect this team to develop as the season progresses.



Central Division

1.  Vikings

The defending champion Vikings are off to a great start in their second season with a few big wins to give them a 3-0 record.  Vinny Bird has nine goals already and rookie Neil Holterman has been a great addition with six.  They have a potent offense, but the rest of the Central Division will be looking to bring their best game against them so we will see if the Vikings can withstand being the team to beat.


2.  Whack-a-Mole

Expansion Whack-a-Mole is off to a great start.  Fresh off a championship in a different league, Whack-a-Mole stepped up into the PTAHL and has conquered so far, with a big win over the Biohazards and a 4-2 win over the Stingrays as goaltender John "Austin" Powers did not surrender a goal until his sixth period of PTAHL action.  Cliff Simon, Dave Kababik, and Bryan "The Taker of Whits" Whittaker have been leading the charge so far on offense, as Whack-a-Mole expects to contend for another championship this season.


3.  Green Brook Berets

Green Brook's first line of Pat Perez, Nep Ulloa, and Zach Ulloa returns to the ice this season after taking the summer off, and so far they have produced well, leading the Berets to a 3-0 start as Zach Ulloa leads the league with eight assists.  Joe Patrick is having a breakout season so far with four goals already, and goaltender George Plaskota has come out of retirement and expects to backstop the Berets to another championship.


4.  CJ's at Midnight

The other Central Division expansion team, CJ's at Midnight, is still forming their identity as they got crushed by the Vikings in their opener, and then rebounded with an uplifting win over the Spitfires before falling in a shootout to the Flames.  We don't know who their top players are yet because captain Chris Melillo is yet to submit a roster, but Jason Fischbach proclaims to be the leading scorer.


5.  Stingrays

After losing in the championship last season, the Stingrays have been off to a rocky start.  They opened the season with a win over the Flames, but then got crushed by the Vikings in a championship rematch and fell to Whack-a-Mole.  They have picked up former Vudoos goalie John Fallone for this season, but they have struggled to score goals as Frank Inzano is the only player on the team with more than one goal.


6.  Flames

The Flames have returned to the league after taking the summer off and have not gotten off to as a good a start as they were hoping for.  They lost their first two games before beating CJ's at Midnight in a shootout.  Goaltending duties will be split this season between Vinny "The Oreo" D'Orio and rookie Tom Solitario.  Offensively, the Flames will need more production from their top forwards as Pete Haglund and Rob Kuchie have not produced as expected.  Joe Nobilio will provide assistance in that department, but he is yet to attend any of their games.


7.  Biohazards

The Biohazards opened the season by being shut out by Whack-a-Mole in their first PTAHL game, but nearly rebounded nicely against Green Brook until a goal in the final minute resulted in another loss.  They will look to perform better though once Achilles Alon returns to the ice.  He, Hansel Atkins, and Sean "Mr. Feeney" all return to the lineup this season, and they are expected to complement Larry "The Canadian Guy" St. Denis and the Ypsilantis brothers nicely as the Biohazards look to be a more competitive force as the season continues.


8.  SHI Spitfires

Struggles in the defensive zone have left the Spitfires at the bottom of the standings after their first three games, with three losses.  They lost to Green Brook, CJ's, and the Vikings, but have at least been able to put up goals in those games.  Unfortunately for them, they have been unable to find a way to keep their opponents from scoring more, so they will be looking to address their defensive play to turn this season around very soon.



South Division

1.  Shice-T

Shice-T has a much-improved roster this season as they no longer plan on being the South Division's punching bag.  Eric Ely returns to the roster, and rookies Brandon Jonas and Ted and Andy Case have turned this team into a worthy competitor.  Also returning is goaltender Matt Sadowski, who currently leads the league in GAA.  Meanwhile, veteran Sean Donnelly is having a breakout season with four goals so far.  Look for Shice-T to be battling it out for first place as this season continues.
2.  Vudoo
After falling to the Archers in the spring championship, the Vudoo has returned.  They are without Jack Thrun and Will Dimock this season, but James Woods-Corwin is currently tied for second in the league in goals as he has notched two hat tricks in clutch fashion with late tying and go-ahead goals in two consecutive games to get the Vudoo off to a great start.


3.  Archers

The Archers look to become the PTAHL's next dynasty after having won two straight South Division titles, but they have lost some scoring as Shane Hine has retired.  They opened their season with a win over the Vudoo and then were blindsided by Shice-T in blowout fashion before falling to the Rink Rats in a shootout.  For the Archers to win their third consecutive championship, they are looking for Taka Okai and Ryan Amann to have breakout seasons in the scoring department to make up for Hine's absence.


4.  Puck Pimps

The expansion Puck Pimps have transferred over from a different league and are running into many familiar faces in the PTAHL.  So far, they have played two games, both ending in shootouts as they fell to Shice-T and prevailed over the Rink Rats.  Franchise scoring leader Greg Mustoe's first PTAHL goal will be his 200th as a Puck Pimp, but he has been snake-bitten so far as he has been held out of the goal column completely.  However, the Pimps expect him to reach that milestone very soon as he has still been playing well, leading the league in assists with five.


5.  Rink Rats

The Rink Rats are looking to reach the championship again this season after falling to the Archers in the summer final.  They opened their season with a shootout win over the Pterodactyls before letting a win over the Vudoo slip away in the waning minutes.  The Rats responded with a shootout loss to the Pimps and then a shootout win over the Archers.  So far, every game has been extremely close, but Nick Graham is having a tremendous season as his eleven goals lead the league by a wide margin and Joe Maresca, Jr. is second behind Graham in the league's points column.


6.  Pterodactyls

In an effort to make both teams more competitive after each had a disappointing summer, the Pterodactyls have returned to the South Division and combined with the Mini Melts :-), who struggled to gain traction after four seasons of existence.  Kyle Argent is the team's most notable scoring threat so far, with six of the team's nine goals.  The Pterodactyls have not won any games yet, but all of them have been close as they lost a shootout to the Rink Rats and then a couple of nailbiters to the Vudoo and the Archers.  They expect to be more competitive though once stalwart defenseman Steve Creenan recovers from an injury, Geof Grek shakes the rust off after taking some time away from the ice to brew beer in Miami, and rookie Julia Ahearn becomes old enough to participate in the PTAHL.

Next power rankings:  approximately 10/15/15

Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Oct 8
Whack-a-Mole @ CJ's at Midnight 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Friday,  Oct 9
SHI Spitfires @ Flames 7:50pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Pterodactyls (South) @ Vudoo (South) 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Rink Rats @ Puck Pimps 10:40pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Oct 11
Pterodactyls (North) @ Vudoos (North) 7:50pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
MuskRays @ Freddy's HC 10:40pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Green Brook Berets @ Vikings 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Oct 12
Ice Men @ Phantoms 9:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday,  Oct 13
Stingrays @ Biohazards 9:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday,  Oct 14
Archers @ Shice-T 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday,  Oct 15
Flames @ CJ's at Midnight 10:00pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Friday,  Oct 16
Phantoms @ Vudoos (North) 10:40pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Vikings @ Whack-a-Mole 7:50pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Pterodactyls (South) @ Rink Rats 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday,  Oct 18
MuskRays @ Pterodactyls (North) 9:15pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
SHI Spitfires @ Green Brook Berets 10:40pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Vudoo (South) @ Puck Pimps 7:50pm Protec Ponds Ice Center
Monday,  Oct 19
Freddy's HC @ Ice Men 9:30pm Protec Ponds Ice Center

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