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February 25, 2017 – 10:47 AM

Brian's Approximately Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Divisions I and II, Week 22

February 13, 2017

Division I

1.  Laffy Taffy

Winning a minimum of three points in their final three games will get the Taffy the one seed. Four players have over 20 points: League leader Steve “Ozzy” Osvold has set the pace with 42, including 36 goals, while Joe Nobilio, CJ Gallagher, and Bryan Whittaker have 29, 27, and 20 points respectively. League Commissioner Rob Cacioppo has also done well, with 15 assists,, good enough for third in the division, and second on the team, behind Nobilio. Look for the Taffy to get that one seed, and a date with the winner of the 4/5 play-in game.


2.  Freddy's HC

Freddy’s have earned seven points in their last four games, one of which was a shootout win over the league leading Laffy Taffy, but Freddy’s should feel as if they dropped a point, because they blew a two goal lead in the final 28 seconds. Freddy’s will almost certainly finish second or third, pairing them with the Ice Men, but they want to improve their form to earn the higher seed, and slightly bigger locker room. Vinny Bird has 35 points, tied for fourth in Division I, and Alex Gorden has 31 points, good enough for seventh overall. Also helping the cause has been Dan Lewycky, with 23 points, and Jake “The Snake” Worby, with 21. Captain, Chuck “U Aint Got No Alibi” Ugalde, has once again built a championship contender, and while he could not persuade Recap and Power Rankings writer Brian Rappleyea to join the team in what would have been the coup of this (early) century, Ugalde is no doubt the front runner for the GM of the Year Award, handed out by Rappleyea.


3.  Ice Men

The Ice Men have eyes on catching the Taffy for the one seed, but know that winning at least three points in their final three games will earn them the two seed. The Ice Men have won seven points in their last four games, and have been led by the Torchbearing Torstrups, who lead the team in points. Matt Torstrup has 36 points, tying him for second in Division I, while Mike Torstrup has 33, putting him in sixth overall. Nick Pedana has 23 points, Zander Pindyck 22, Jon Bokser 20, and John DeRosa has 17, including 12 goals. The Ice Men lead the league in goals scored at 109, and are always a tough matchup. Look for them to hang on to that two seed, and get the bigger locker room in their likely first round matchup with the three seed, almost certainly, Freddy’s.


4.  MuskRays

The MuskRays won their most recent game, a 5-1 win over Freddy’s, which snapped a four game losing streak. This win put the MuskRays five points clear of the Fine Pines which kept faint hope alive for catching Freddy’s, and earning the three seed to avoid the play-in game against the fifth seed, which will be the Fine Pines. Eddie Boscaino has 36 points, second in Division I, and leads the league with 20 assists; he is their guy, and as the MuskRays go as he goes. After Boscaino, Josh Creelman has 16 points, while six MuskRays have anywhere from 9-14 points: Tony Desiderio (14), Glen Friedman (13), Christian “The Bumblebee” Larrabee (12), Steve Doherty (11), Jay Lawrence (10), and JR “The JackRabbit” Delosh (9).


5.  Fine Pines

It has been a rough season for the Pines, who just snapped a ten game losing streak, where they only earned a single point. Their most recent game ended with a shootout win over the MuskRays, giving them confidence, when they will likely meet in the 4/5 play-in game. Chris “Krusty” Keresztes is tied for second in Division I with 36 points, while “Colonel” Dave Sanders has 19. Putting up nice point totals has been Rich Petersen and Alex Miragaya, each with 12, and John van Ahnen and Adam Sklar, each with 10. The Pines, while they will play in the play-in game, can still finish fourth, and will look to do that, gaining momentum for what they hope will be a historic PTAHL run.



 Division II

1.  Stingrays

The Stingrays are the one seed in Division II, but have three games remaining. They have given up the fewest goals in the division at 37, displaying that patented Stingrays defense. Eddie Boscaino leads the team in scoring (second in Division II) with 27 points, while Mike Boscaino has 21, which is fourth overall. Greg Schehr has 18 points, Jim Peterson has 13, and Frank Inzano has 10. John Fallone has a GAA of 2.64, the lowest in Division II.


2.  CJ's at Midnight

CJ’s has clinched second, and won five consecutive games, including last night’s, which was through a forfeit by their opponent. There is no scorer clearly above anyone else, demonstrating CJ’s’ style of being as team-oriented as they can be. Goalie David Rainey has a GAA of 3.33, which is second in Division II, and will be likely heavily relied on, due to the fact that CJ’s takes the most PIM in Division II, 86.


3.  Green Brook Berets

Green Brook has won four out of five, with their most recent game a 5-4 loss to the one seeded Stingrays. The Berets can play with any team, and are led by Division II’s leading scorer, Zach Ulloa, who has 36 points. Second on the team and third in the division is Adrian “The Pinguin” Pinzon, who has 24 points, while Frank Dente has 18, and Matt Skjeie has 12. The young Berets of Ulloa and Pinzon will be how they will win, but the club knows they have an extremely reliable goalie in PTAHL veteran, Nuno Costa, who has the division’s only shutout, giving them multiple options to win.


4.  SHIce

SHIce is in fourth, and can only finish third, avoiding the 4/5 play-in game, if they earn maximum points in their final four games while Green Brook does not earn a single point in their remaining two. But it is slightly less unlikely that SHIce be caught by the Mustangs for the four seed, although a few SHIce points would severely quell that idea. SHIce is led by Eric Ely, who has 19 points, and he will have to continue to be the player they hope he can be, if the club is to make any progress in the playoffs. Look for SHIce to hang on to the four seed, and have the bigger locker room for the play-in game.


5.  Mustangs

The Mustangs have not won since October 25, earning zero points since, and forfeited their game on February 12. They will be in the play-in game, but we do not know if it will be as the four or five seed. Vinny Bird “Is The Word” is the team’s leader with 12 points. The PTAHL playoffs are unpredictable, and the Mustangs will be a difficult opponent, especially in the play-in game. While they have only scored 31 goals, we know that Bird can fill the net. The Mustangs can only build momentum going into their playoff game, but when that game comes around, it will probably be a tight one.


Brian's Approximately Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Divisions III and IV, Week 24

February 6, 2017

Division III

1.  Phantoms

The Phantoms have clinched the one seed and have given up only 41 goals, 26 better than anyone else. Their previous game was a tight win over their closest adversary, the Reapers, leaving the Phantoms with three remaining games before the playoffs. Mike Smitko leads the team with 26 points, and the team has seven guys with anywhere from 10-17 points. Tony Bucci has a Goals Against Average of 2.67, and if anyone hopes to beat the Phantoms in the playoffs, they know it will be an enormous feat.


2.  Reapers (formerly Rats)

The Reapers lead the league in penalty minutes with 186, which is by far the most in Division III. They are coming off a close loss to the Phantoms, where this was a huge factor, with the Reapers spending over a third of the game (16 minutes) in the penalty box. Even with league leading scorer, Hugo “The Hornet” Beja, and the league’s second leading scorer in Gary Nigro, the Reapers can’t give themselves the chances they want on a regular basis due to their penalties, and if the Reapers are to win a championship, let alone win their first round game, which will be either against Team ODIN or the SHI Spitfires, they will have to stay out of the box.


3.  SHI Spitfires

Sitting in fourth place, one point behind Team ODIN, the Spitfires have two games to play, one each against the Phantoms and Reapers. It is a tough final two games, but the Spitfires will need their guys step up to earn that three seed, and avoid the four vs. five playoff matchup. Alex Pawlyk is fifth in the division in scoring with 22 points, while Brian “The Lion” Kelly has 18, followed by Nick Pawlyk with 17. Max Vasilyev has put up good numbers with 13 points, and Mike Cacace has also had a good season, with 10 points (all of which have been goals). It will be a tight battle for the three seed between Team ODIN and the Spitfires, with both teams doing everything they can to avoid the play-in game.


4.  Team ODIN

Team ODIN is third in the standings, but fourth in the power rankings. They wrap up the season by playing the Phantoms, then the Biohazards, which is an easier final two games than the Spitfires’. Unfortunately, ODIN’s form has not been sharp lately, with the team only winning seven points in their last nine games. Captain Jason Fischbach leads the way with 32 points, good enough for second in Division III, while Brian “The Salamander” Salvesen has 19 points, Alex Miragaya is one point behind, and Kevin “The Headless” Horstman has 13 points. ODIN has the inside track to the three seed, but it won’t be easy.


5.  Biohazards

The Biohazards have three games remaining, and know they will finish in fifth place. They have given up twice as many goals (96) as they have scored (44), but are a team that should not be counted out. A team of mostly PTAHL veterans, Sean “Mr.” Feeney, and Larry “The Canadian Guy” St. Denis each have 14 points for the team lead, while Greg “Turn Down for What” Ternlund has 11 points, rounding out the team’s double digit scorers. The Biohazards are looking to go into the playoffs with momentum, and a matchup that will likely be against the Spitfires or Team ODIN. This is a matchup that those two should want to avoid, because anything can happen in the PTAHL, but also because, while the Biohazards have lost their last four games, each game has been close.



 Division IV

1.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls have won eight straight, nearly earning maximum points, 23 out of 24. They can finish no lower than second, and are the favorites for the one seed, needing four points in their final two games, if Ooff! earns enough points to on some pressure. Ilya Labutin leads the team with 23 points, spearheading the offense on a team which prides itself on defense, due to the Pterodactyls having only given up 39 goals, 34 fewer than anyone else. The team of Jeff Leidner (2.06 GAA, 2 SO), and Scott Brady (2.60, 1 SO), has been sublime, illustrating another reason why the Pterodactyls are the favorites to earn that one seed.


2.  Puck Pimps

The Puck Pimps have won four out of five, with the only loss coming to the Archers. This form has shot them up the table, and they are now two points behind the Rink Rats for second place, and one point behind Ooff! for third place (although Ooff! have two games in hand). Eric Racine is third in the division in scoring with 29 points, while Chris Kazlauskas has 22 points. Nick Raite has had a nice season between the pipes, currently third in Goals Against Average, with 2.94. The Puck Pimps finish their season against Vudoo and Ooff!, and by winning maximum points in those games they would have a serious chance to finish at least third and ahead of the Rink Rats.


3.  Rink Rats

The Rink Rats have won two out of four and now find themselves in a tight race for anywhere from second to fourth. They wrap up the season against Ooff! and the Pterodactyls, the toughest remaining schedule. The Rink Rats do have the two top scorers in the division, Nick Graham with 44 points, and Joe Maresca, Jr. with 35. If the Rink Rats are to finish in second or third, look for Graham and Maresca, Jr. to continue to fill the net.


4. Vudoos

The Vudoo have won two out of four games, sitting fourth in the power rankings, but sixth in the standings. It is almost a certainty that they will not catch the Sewer Rats for fifth, but they still have a little bit of work to do to secure sixth from the Archers: A total of three points in the Vudoo’s final four games will have them finish at least sixth. But the Vudoo are aiming for better form going into the playoffs than that, and with the three headed monster of James Woods-Corwin (19 points), Tom Godon (18), and Ray “Ziesse’s Peanut Butter Cup” Ziesse (16), the Vudoo have every reason to believe they can.


5.  Sewer Rats