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Rob's Approximately Fortnightly Power Rankings

November 30, 2015

North Division

1.  Phantoms

Following a four-game losing streak during which they only scored two goals, the Phantoms have now won three straight, most recently against first place Freddy's HC.  They are currently tied for third with the Vudoos and are nine points behind second for the quarterfinal bye, but the Phantoms will be a tough opponent against anyone if they play to their potential.  They have scored the second-fewest goals this season, but their offense is a sleeping giant with the amount of firepower they have.


2.  Freddy's HC

Freddy's HC was riding a six-game losing streak until the Phantoms ended it, but they are now tied for first place with the Ice Men.  They have surrendered the fewest goals in the league thanks to Paul Kulbida's 3.90 GAA.  Jake "The Snake" Worby continues his dominant season as he leads the league in goals with 20, while the supporting cast of Vinny Bird, Marcin Nieroda, Alex Gorden, Dan Lewycky, Alex Wirt, and Ryan Coraggio are all averaging at least a point per game.


3.  Ice Men

With three wins in their last four games, the Ice Men remain near the top of the standings halfway through the season as they are tied with Freddy's HC for first place.  Matt Torstrup continues to have a great season, only one point off from the league lead, and Steve Imbasciani is only two points behind Torstrup.  Jon Bokser and Mike Torstrup also have more than ten goals already, while Jimmy Cabrera has been solid in net, currently third in GAA. 


4.  Vudoos

Although Wes "Side" Dorey finds himself in a familiar spot as he leads the league in goals, the Vudoos have dropped two straight as they have given up a total of 15 goals in those two games.  Shoddy player attendance has resulted in questionable defense, but the Vudoos are tied for third place and expect to keep battling down the stretch as they have some of the league's most dangerous scoring threats in Dorey and Chris Potts with Dan Poreda and rookie Chris Cahill working out very well in supporting roles.


5.  Pterodactyls

After dropping six straight games, the Pterodactyls have finally won again, moving them into a tie for fifth place as their shorthanded squad squeaked around a shorthanded Vudoos squad.  They are expecting Vinnie LaRosa to make his return to the ice within their next few games though, and they have been hoping all season long that LaRosa will make them competitive once again.  We will find out soon.


6.  MuskRays

Currently riding a four-game losing streak, the MuskRays could soon find themselves in last place if the Pterodactyls manage to get another point before they do.  Most concerning is that in those four games, the MuskRays have only scored four goals as they were shut out twice.  Despite the statistics, Adam Grare is a very good goalie, but his team lacks offensive firepower as they are the only team that does not have a player with at least ten goals.  In fact, Greg Schehr is their only player with more than five.  Since this team does not have the individual skill that their opponents do, the MuskRays will need to focus on playing a solid team game in the offensive zone to generate more scoring chances and cleaning up rebounds to stay ahead of the Pterodactyls and maybe even pull off a playoff upset or two.



Central Division

1.  CJ's at Midnight

CJ's at Midnight entered the league at the wrong end of a big 8-1 beatdown at the hands of the defending champion Vikings.  However, they have not been defeated in regulation since then, and are currently on an eight-game winning streak that has propelled them to first place.  They lead the league in goals scored as Jason Fischbach's 20 points are good enough for fifth in the league.  They look to continue their winning ways to remain in first place the rest of the way as long as they can stay out of the penalty box.


2.  Whack-a-Mole

The other Central Division expansion team, Whack-a-Mole, has also been doing very well lately with five wins in their last six games, good enough for third place currently with games in hand.  They have taken the fewest penalties in the league and have given up the second-fewest thanks to John Powers, who is currently posting a GAA of 2.87.  On offense, captain Cliff Simon leads the league in assists as he and Bryan Whittaker are tied for second in the league in points while Dave Kababik and Steven Jensen are only a few behind.  Whack-a-Mole has recently established themselves as a contender, and they expect to continue battling for first place in the second half of the season.


3.  Vikings

The Vikings may have had an easy road to the championship in their first season this past summer, but there is much more competition for them now as they sit in second place.  Paul Kulbida still leads the league in GAA at 2.79 though, and Vinny Bird leads in goals, points, and game-winning goals while Neil Holtermann is tied for second in points.  The Vikings remain one of the top teams, but they will have no cakewalk to the finals this time as the Central Division heats up.


4.  Stingrays

After a rough start, the Stingrays won three in a row before falling to CJ's.  Currently at .500, they are one point out of fourth place with a game in hand.  John Fallone is having a pretty good season with a GAA of 3.29 and a shutout, but as is typically the case with the Stingrays, they are not scoring enough goals.  Frank Inzano currently leads the team in points, but they will need him and Eddie "The Faucet" Boscaino to really take charge and start scoring more frequently if this team is to have a chance to get back into the championship.


5.  SHI Spitfires

Although they do not have many wins to show for it, the Spitfires have been playing better lately.  They won two back-to-back, and then had three close losses to some very good teams before crushing the Biohazards.  Only one team has scored more goals than SHI as Nick Pawlyk is fourth in that department while the rest of the team has been steadily chipping in as well.  The Spitfires are in seventh place right now, but there is still enough time for them to make a move and start passing a few teams.


6.  Flames

The Flames are right around .500 as they are in sixth place right now, but are only four points out of third.  Joe Arena has been a solid pick-up as he leads the team in points with 14, and Joe Nobilio has scored almost a quarter of the team's goals despite missing a few games.  In the second half of the season, the Flames should focus on staying out of the penalty box as they are tied for the most taken in the league at this point, and the fewest penalty minutes standings tiebreaker could come back to bite them at the end of the season considering how tight the middle of the standings are.


7.  Green Brook Berets

Green Brook has done a complete 180 from the beginning of the season.  They started off dominating, with five straight wins, then lost in a shootout to SHI, and then lost their next six games, scoring only one goal in three of those contests.  To turn this season around, the Berets will clearly need to find their offense again as Pat Perez, Zach Ulloa, and Matt Skjeieieie, whom they heavily rely on to score goals, have all not had a multi-goal game in almost a month and a half.  On a positive note, the Berets appear to have finally addressed their lack of discipline, as they have now taken the second-fewest penalty minutes in the league.  Their slump would surely be even worse otherwise.


8.  Biohazards

Now in the second half of the season, the Biohazards continue to try for their first win.  However, Achilles Alon may be returning soon.  They have had some close games in which they nearly pulled off upsets, but they struggle to stop the opposing team from scoring, and they do not score nearly enough goals of their own to make up for it as they are bottom in the league in both categories.  Magnifying this problem is their lack of discipline, as no team has taken more penalty minutes than the Biohazards, and it becomes much harder to score goals and to avoid giving up goals when your players are in the penalty box.  Since they do not have the top end scoring talent that their opponents do, for the Biohazards to give themselves as good a chance of winning as they can, they will need to drastically reduce the amount of time they spend shorthanded.



South Division

1.  Puck Pimps

With three consecutive wins, the Puck Pimps are now just three points out of first place with the most goals scored, the fewest goals allowed, and the fewest penalty minutes taken.  Greg Mustoe's 15 assists lead the league by five while Alex Russel, Myles Gellate, and Chris "The Kazmanian Devil" Kazlauskas have all been scoring goals on a regular basis.  Stopping the Puck Pimps has been difficult because of how spread out their scoring is, compared to other teams who may have one or two big scorers carrying the load on their own.  Between the pipes, Ted Yarns is second in GAA at 3.33 as the Puck Pimps expect to contend for first place in the second half of the season.
2.  Archers
The Archers are only one point out of first place with four wins in their last five games.  Rookie Charlie Amann has been a very good signing as he leads the team with eleven points.  If captain Jason Fischbach and Kevin Inglis would start scoring again, the Archers could potentially be looking at their third straight championship.


3.  Vudoo

The Vudoo have broken out of their slump of five straight losses with a pair of wins, including one over first place Shice-T.  Mark Schwanda and James Woods-Corwin are tied for second in points while Ray Ziesse is tied for third as the Vudoo have the second most goals scored in the league.  Although they are in fourth place, they could take a run at first being that they are only four points behind as the standings are very cluttered.


4.  Shice-T

After getting blasted 10-2 by the Archers, Shice-T won three in a row, but recently lost to the Vudoo.  Eric Ely is third in the league in goals and Matt Sadowski is third in GAA at 4.00, but Shice-T will need Ely to continue scoring at this pace and Sean Donnelly to start putting the puck in the net again like he was earlier in the season if they are to remain in first place because there are three other teams quickly catching up to them.


5.  Rink Rats

With only one win in the past month and a half, this season is not going the way the Rink Rats had hoped.  Nick Graham continues to hold a monstrous lead in both goals and points, but he has more than half of the team's goals.  The Rats will need more of their players to contribute on offense as only nine of their goals have come from a player other than Graham or Joe Maresca, Jr.  At the same time, they'll need to improve on defense as they are averaging nearly six goals against per game.  On the bright side, there is still half of the season left to play, and they aren't too far behind to start making a run up the standings.


6.  Pterodactyls

With the fewest goals scored by 14, and the most goals allowed, the Pterodactyls have had very little success this season.  Leading scorer Kyle Argent will be leaving in about a month, and they have been waiting for Julia Ahearn to be eligible to play, but she may not be joining the team until the spring now.  In order to put together a more successful second half of the season, the Pterodactyls will need to play more as one five-man unit on the ice rather than five individuals.  They'll need to be sure to play their positions rather than getting caught chasing the puck around their defensive zone, and they'll need to maintain possession in the attack zone by getting open for passes to keep a cycle going.

Next power rankings:  approximately 12/14/15

Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Dec 2
Vudoos (North) @ MuskRays10:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday, Dec 3
Freddy's HC @ Phantoms10:20pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Friday, Dec 4
Rink Rats @ Pterodactyls (South)9:25pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday, Dec 6
Whack-a-Mole @ Biohazards7:50pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Green Brook Berets @ Vikings9:15pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
CJ's at Midnight @ Stingrays10:40pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Monday, Dec 7
Flames @ SHI Spitfires9:45pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Tuesday, Dec 8
Phantoms @ Vudoos (North)10:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Wednesday, Dec 9
Shice-T @ Puck Pimps10:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Thursday, Dec 10
Rink Rats @ Vudoo (South)10:20pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Friday, Dec 11
Whack-a-Mole @ Vikings8:30pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Archers @ Pterodactyls (South)10:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Sunday, Dec 13
Ice Men @ Freddy's HC7:50pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
MuskRays @ Vudoos (North)9:15pmProtec Ponds Ice Center
Pterodactyls (North) @ Phantoms10:40pmProtec Ponds Ice Center

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