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Playoff Brackets

August 25, 2016 – 12:10 AM

Teams are re-seeded after quarterfinals.

2016 Summer Skills Competition Results

August 13, 2016

Shooting Accuracy
Division I:  Fritz Brown (5 targets, 20 shots, 46s)
Division II:  Jason Fischbach (5 targets, 15 shots, 30s)
Division III:  Geof Grek (5 targets, 19 shots, 38s)
Goalies:  Mat Laskowski (2 targets, 20 shots, 60s)

Stickhandling Course
Division I:  Rob Cacioppo (36.51s)
Division II:  Robbie Briant (33.39s)
Division III:  Brendan Bianowicz (35.91s)

Fastest Skater
Division I:  Fritz Brown (16.38s)
Division II:  Robbie Briant (15.63s)
Division III:  Keith Fimiani (15.42s)
Goalies:  Mat Laskowski (21.03s)

Breakaway Creativity Challenge
Division I:  Fritz Brown (8.50)
Division II:  Jason Fischbach (8.25)
Division III:  Geof Grek (8.50)

Hardest Shot
Division I:  Fritz Brown (64mph)
Division II:  Jason Fischbach (68mph)
Division III:  Geof Grek (65mph)

Elimination Shootout (skater)
Division I:  Rob Cacioppo (1/1)
Division II:  Robbie Briant (1/1)
Division III:  Keith Fimiani (2/3)

Elimination Shootout (goalie)
Division III:  Mike Scank (4/6)


Special thanks to our partner, Hockey Haus, for providing the prizes!

Next skills competition:  March 2017!

Rob's Approximately Fortnightly Power Rankings -- Week 5

August 8, 2016

Division I

1.  Flagoons

With only two games remaining, the Flagoons remain undefeated.  They've given up a league best 17 goals against as Mike Haggerty has the best GAA at just 2.40 while Geoff Liter is third in goals with 10, four of them being game-winners.  The Flagoons have perhaps their toughest tests coming up next though as they take on defending champion Freddy's HC before ending their first regular season against winless CJ's at Midnight.  Although this is their first season, the Flagoons plan on ending their summer with a championship.


2.  Geebs

The Geebs would be undefeated if not for the Flagoons, the source of their two losses and also the only team to surrender fewer goals.  Captain Eddie Weissman is leading the offense, currently tied for fourth in points.  Between the pipes, Carter Siani is posting the second best GAA at 4.18.  The Geebs will wrap up their regular season against the Stingrays.


3. Freddy's HC

The defending champs' only loss was at the hands of the Geebs, but they are yet to take on the undefeated Flagoons.  They will meet them in their next game though before ending their regular season with another tough game, a championship rematch with Laffy Taffy.  Paul Kulbida will be put to the test against those two potent offenses.  He currently has the third best GAA at 4.20, and he will probably have to keep it near there for Freddy's HC to finish in first or second this season.


4.  Stingrays

Despite their preference to have played a division lower, the Stingrays have fared pretty well this season, and are currently on a winning streak after taking down Laffy Taffy and CJ's at Midnight.   Eddie Boscaino has traditionally been the Stingrays' goal-scorer, but he is third in the league in assists this time around.  Because of how tight the standings are, the Stingrays can finish anywhere from fourth to seventh, although their final regular season game will be a tough one against the speedy Geebs.


5.  Laffy Taffy

Tyler Mishchenko and Sean Rappleyea are tied with each other for the league lead in points, but Laffy Taffy has not done as well as expected this season with a record of 3-4.  Andrew Krynicki is capable of performing better than his 4.53 GAA, and they will be looking for that to occur once the playoffs begin.  They will end their regular season with a championship rematch against Freddy's HC.

6.  Fine Pines

The Fine Pines jumped from Division III to Division I this season, but you wouldn't know it from how they have fit in.  Chris "Crusty" Keresztes is tied for the league lead in goals with 14, but that is nearly half of the team's goals, so they will need someone else to step up if they are to finish their season with a .500 record.  This is certainly an achievable goal for them though as they end their season with games against the MuskRays and CJ's at Midnight.

7.  MuskRays

The MuskRays are certainly not happy about being below the Stingrays in the standings, but they could change that with a win over the Fine Pines in their season finale as long as the Stingrays lose to the Geebs.  For the MuskRays to do some damage this postseason, first of all Josh Creelman will need to show up, and Stephen Friedman and Tony Desiderio will need to step up.  Desiderio has only two goals this season.

8.  CJ's at Midnight

The struggles continue for CJ's at Midnight.  They are yet to win a game, they've given up the league highest 47 goals against and scored only ten.  To top it off, they are yet to play the undefeated Flagoons, who they will meet in their next game before ending against the Fine Pines.  CJ's is hoping to play more competitively the rest of this season before dropping down to Division II for the fall/winter.



Division II

1.  SHI Spitfires

The Spitfires have established themselves as the team to beat this season, as their only loss came via forfeit for a game in which they did not have enough players.  They will take on each team once more before the regular season ends, but they have given up only nine goals this season, which is the lowest by a margin of 13.  Their offense has been a weakness that other teams will look to expose though, as they have the league-fewest 19 goals scored.


2. Archers

With a record of .500, the Archers are in second place.  They are three points behind SHI, but the Spitfires have a game in hand.  Captain Jason Fischbach is having a great season, currently second in both goals and points while goaltender Al Marrone is posting the league's lowest GAA at 3.80.  The Archers will continue battling for first place as they have a huge game coming up against the Spitfires and then end their season against the Berets.


3.  Green Brook Berets

So far, the Berets have only been able to beat the Turtles.  The Archers won both of their meetings by the score of 6-3, and the Spitfires scraped by with a 3-2 win.  Green Brook will take on each opponent once more before their season ends, but they are currently on a two-game losing streak that has landed them in third place.  With three games remaining, the Berets could still end up in first place, but they will need some help from the Spitfires' other opponents.


4.  Turtles

The Turtles looked as though they were turning their season around a week ago when they beat the Spitfires (via forfeit) and then the Archers, but the Archers beat them in their next game.  For the Turtles to avoid finishing in last, they will need to play better defensively, as they currently have the most goals allowed at 38.  On the offensive side of the puck, Josh Creelman leads the league with eleven goals, but that is more than half of the Turtles' goals.  They will need someone else to start contributing, otherwise it will be an easy gameplan to shut down the Turtles offense as this season reaches its playoffs.



Division III

1.  Buck Hockey

With Jason Rothbart and captain Dave Scioscia both in the top five in points, Buck Hockey remains undefeated with the most goals scored in the league, as well as the fewest penalty minutes. They will end their first PTAHL season against the struggling Rink Rats and then the defending champion Biohazards. With how well this season has gone, Buck Hockey will be happy with nothing less than a championship.


2. Biohazards

The defending champion Biohazards have had another great season, and if not for the expansion Buck Hockey, they would be undefeated.  Their fourteen goals against is the lowest in the league, and Sean "Mr." Feeney continues to have an outstanding season, currently second in both goals and points.  Meanwhile, John Lattanzio has had a breakout season with seven goals, tied for fifth in the league.  The Biohazards are hoping to take first place from Buck Hockey as they wrap up their season with a huge game against them sandwiched between games against the Sewer Rats and the Pterodactyls


3. Sewer Rats

The expansion Sewer Rats are currently in third place with the second most goals scored, behind only Buck Hockey.  Eric Vogt is leading the league in both goals and points, and if he can keep it up, the Sewer Rats have an outside chance of finishing in first, but they have a tough game coming up against the Biohazards before they end their season against the rival Rink Rats.


4.  Pterodactyls

The Pterodactyls are below .500, but all of their games have been very close and could have gone either way.  Jeff Leidner is doing well with a GAA of 4.27, good enough for second in the league, but he will need his teammates to step up and score some goals as their 19 are the fewest in the league.  They will take on struggling CPR next before ending against the Biohazards.


5. Rink Rats

The Rink Rats are tied for fifth with only one regulation win despite some skill returning tto the roster this season in the form of the Tretola brothers and John Maresca, Jr.  Even Tom Castenschiold leading the league in GAA at 3.33 has not been enough to carry the Rink Rats this summer.  They will meet undefeated Buck Hockey next before a big game against CPR, and will then wrap up their season against their rival, the Sewer Rats.


6.  CPR

Currently tied for fifth with the Rink Rats, CPR is hoping to avoid a last place finish in their first PTAHL season.  They will need to play better defensively as their 42 goals against are the most in the league.  Tim Shamus has been playing very well with nine goals, but he is going to need some help from captain Adam Paradise-Asher, who has been almost invisible on the scoresheets this season.  Perhaps the pressure of captaining an expansion team has hindered his ability to produce on the ice.

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Sep 1
Division II
SHI Spitfires @ Green Brook Berets10:00pmProtec Ponds Ice Center

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