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The Peoria Sunday Morning League

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1. KEP'S selected Casey Holland




3. KOHL'S DG selected Anthony Whittenberg




The Swami Returns to Predict the 2018 Season

Spring has finally arrived, and opening day is just around the corner.  That means once again it is time for the Swami to enlighten us all with his predictions for the 2018 season.  No one knows just exactly who or what the Swami is, but each year he boldly gives us his prophecies for the upcoming season.  What will the Nostradamus of the nation's oldest amateur baseball league see in his crystal ball this time...




Regular Season Predictions:

1.  Coors Light Silver Bullet  (18-8)

Offensive juggernaut Silver Bullet (18-8, 1st in 2017) looks poised to repeat as regular season champions.  Leading the league in homeruns and RBI's a year ago, Silver Bullet will look to out-slug their opponents in 2018.  A co-league leading 2.57 staff ERA was anchored by five pitchers who each logged over 20 innings. Easily the most complete team, if Silver Bullet performs as expected, they will march into the playoffs as the #1 seed.  


Key Questions:

  • What does Brad Meier (.377 in 2017) still have in the tank?
  • Has a defense been discovered to prevent Zack Cleinmark (.311 in 2017) from hitting 120 ft. singles in 2-strike counts?
  • Can literally half of the team hit over .300 again?
  • Can Josh Blaum (41.1 IP, 2.10 ERA in 2017) produce at an elite level?


2.  Kohl's Diamond Gallery  (17-9)

2017 champion Kohl’s (12-13, 4th in 2017) will defend their title in 2017.  A Cinderella run through the postseason saw Royals capture the championship behind a pitching staff that led the league in strikeouts and tied for the lowest ERA (2.57).  The Royals excel in securing the services of superior talent through their personal and professional connections in the area, and no doubt manager Josh Caruso has another ace up his sleeve.  If the Royals secure another bat to anchor their lineup who hit .291 a year ago, they will hang with Silver Bullet throughout the summer.


Key Questions:

  • Can Player/Manager Josh Caruso keep his cool on the mound?
  • Are Ted Rowe (3-2, 2.12 ERA in 2017) and Ryan Camp (.459, 3 HR in 2017) back?
  • Will Ryan Kohl (.276 1 HR in 2017) be a factor in 2018?
  • Can Nick Unes, Peyton Kelly (.362, .351 in 2017) hit .300 again?


3.  Chase Real Estate (15-11)

The Reds (14-12, 3rd in 2017) enter the 2018 season having fallen short in the 2017 championship series.  The Reds have remained focused on capturing their second PSML title for several years, with manager Brad Jacobson’s continuous effort to replenish his roster with young talent.  As with Reds teams of the past, expect a team that is defensively sound and ready to compete on the mound. The key to the Reds’ success this season will be their ability to score runs.  Improving on a team batting average of .269 will be essential to success in a crucial season for the Reds organization. If Jacobson can successfully hold together his young team and manage off the field news of a pending ownership change, the Reds have the talent to hoist the Thome Cup in 2018.


Key Questions:

  • Where will the Reds’ runs come from?
  • Can Blake Uhlman (50.1 IP, 1.67 ERA) continue to be the workhorse of the Reds?
  • Does Brad Jacobson (5 career ejections) find an umpire who is actually right this season?
  • If not, who is the bench coach for the Reds?
  • Will Tyler Horchem (.375, 1 HR in 2017) have another all-star season?
  • Will the Reds’ youth be a blessing or a curse?
  • Will Tanner Bradley learn to keep quiet?
  • How many bullpen innings will Nate Stahl throw?
  • Does John Santor show up to try to end his homerless streak against Brad Jacobson?


4.  Miller Lite (14-12)

The Falcons enter their first season with first-year and long time Falcon Lance Hrdlicka at the helm.  Miller Lite has become the blueblood of the PSML over the past decade, with four championships since 2010.  An aging roster will be the biggest concern for Hrdlicka as his pair of aces Walter White and Clay McConkey are not getting younger.  In what is perhaps the boldest prediction for Swami this season, the Falcons will earn a ticket to the postseason, holding off the improving Firehouse Pizza Expos and Kep’s Cubs.  A 2.79 team ERA and .270 team average from a year ago are repeatable but expect tougher sledding for the Falcons that perhaps they are used to. Is this the year the guard changes, or is there still enough in the tank?  Without roster improvements, Miller Lite finds itself the most susceptible of the “Big Four” teams to miss the playoffs. However, do not count out the Falcons if they make it; a 3-game series is sure to see White and McConkey both make multiple appearances on the mound, which has been and can be enough to get the job done.


Key Questions:

  • Is John Santor (.260, 4 HR in 2017) playing?
  • Can Clay McConkey (7-0, 0.86 ERA) continue to sip from the Fountain of Youth?
  • Will Donny Sevier be the first player to play with his grandson in the PSML?
  • Who will emerge as the #3 starter of the Falcons?
  • Can Zack Burling (.397 in 2017) hit .400?


5.  Firehouse Pizza (10-16)

Manager Kent Deets has managed to improve his squad each year, and year four will be no different.  Firehouse (9-17, 5th in 2017) will find itself competing week in, week out, forcing its competition to take it seriously each and every game.  League MVP Dominic Johnson (.377, 6 HR, 25 RBI) anchors a lineup that featured 5 starters hitting over .300. Roster continuity is the biggest concern for the Dodgers/Red Sox/Expos, who showed improvements both on the mound and at the plate in 2017.  If the Expos show up (literally) throughout the season, they have a chance to break through the glass ceiling that has kept them out of the playoffs. If a true ace emerged to lead the Expos’ pitching staff, there is a chance that Firehouse could steal a four seed and make their playoff debut.  The safe money is on Firehouse to change their team for a fourth time and become the Marlins this season.


Key Questions:

  • Will the Expos choose one of the other 28 current MLB teams to be this year?
  • Who will play for the Expos in July?
  • Does Kent Deets step into the batter’s box this season?
  • Can Dominic Johnson do it again?
  • Who will be the ace of the Expos?
  • Does Kevin Ulrich (1-3, 5.32 ERA) return to elite status?


6.  Kep's (7-19)

The Cubs (7-19) enter with the most questions to answer in 2018.  A team built on a core group of former Washington Panthers, the Cubs’ ability to succeed will revolve around roster additions made this summer.  The PSML draft has not factored into the long-term plans of the Cubs’ organization, with many picks used to make in-season trades and others going unused at the draft.  In order to compete consistently, Kep’s will have to improve their 2017 team average of .222. PSML insiders believe that while manager Zach Skulte isn’t on the hot seat, another season in the cellar on Sundays may cause that to change in the offseason.


Key Questions:


  • Does Hayden Bodine trust the process?
  • What does Zach Skulte know that we don’t?
  • Will the Cubs continue to be a den of Panthers?
  • Will Nick Finney’s arm (51.0 IP in 2017) fall off?
  • Who will emerge as the ace of the Cubs?


Postseason Predictions:

#1 Silver Bullet defeats #4 Miller Lite in 3 games

#3 Chase Real Estate defeats #2 Kohl's in 3 games 

#1 Silver Bullet defeats #3 Chase Real Estate in 3 games

Upcoming Games
May 27
2018 PSML
Miller Lite @ Kohl's Diamond Gallery
Firehouse Pizza @ Coors Light-Silver Bullet
Kep's @ Chase Real Estate
May 30
2018 PSML
Kep's @ Miller Lite
Firehouse Pizza @ Chase Real Estate
Coors Light-Silver Bullet @ Kohl's Diamond Gallery
Jun 2
2018 PSML
PSML All-Stars @ Quad City 76'ers
PSML All-Stars @ Quad City 76'ers
Jun 3
2018 PSML
Chase Real Estate @ Coors Light-Silver Bullet
Chase Real Estate @ Coors Light-Silver Bullet
Kep's @ Firehouse Pizza
Kep's @ Firehouse Pizza
Jun 6
2018 PSML
Miller Lite @ Firehouse Pizza
Chase Real Estate @ Kohl's Diamond Gallery
Kep's @ Coors Light-Silver Bullet
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