Last Updated: September 24, 2016
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Upcoming Practice & Games

Sunday, Sep 25
Fall Ball Majors
Lynch @ Porcella6:00pmAAA Field
Voltero @ Saugus6:00pmMajor's Field
Fall Ball AA
Lynnfield Blue @ PWLL12:00pmAA Field
Fall T-Ball
Clinic @ T-Ball9:00amAA/AAA/Majors
Monday, Sep 26
Fall Ball AAA
Lynnfield Red @ LaRosa6:00pmAAA Field
Lynnfield Blue @ PWLL6:00pmMajor's Field
Tuesday, Sep 27
Fall Ball Majors
Lynnfield @ Voltero6:15pmAAA Field
Porcella @ Saugus6:15pmMajor's Field
Wednesday, Sep 28
Fall Ball Majors
Lynnfield @ Porcella6:15pmAAA Field
Fall Ball AAA
PWLL @ Lynnfield Red6:00pmAAA Field
Thursday, Sep 29
Fall Ball Majors
Lynnfield @ Lynch6:15pmAAA Field
Fall Ball AAA
LaRosa @ Lynnfield Blue6:00pmMajor's Field
Friday, Sep 30
Fall Ball Majors
Porcella @ Voltero6:15pmMajor's Field
Saturday, Oct 1
Fall Ball Majors
Lynch @ Lynnfield5:30pmMajor's Field
Fall Ball AA
Lynnfield Red @ Lynnfield Blue11:00amAA Field
Fall Ball A_Coach Pitch
Clinic @ A_Coach Pitch9:00amAA/AAA/Majors
Sunday, Oct 2
Fall Ball AA
PWLL @ Lynnfield Red12:00pmAA Field
Fall T-Ball
Clinic @ T-Ball9:00amAA/AAA/Majors
Tuesday, Oct 4
Fall Ball Majors
Saugus @ Porcella6:15pmAAA Field
Voltero @ Lynnfield6:15pmMajor's Field
Wednesday, Oct 5
Fall Ball Majors
Lynch @ Saugus6:15pmMajor's Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!