We hope that everyone has a great holiday season. 

Teams for 2016-2017 are now set and most have started tournament play.  League play for boys and girls teams will start the weekend of 12/03.  We hope that everyone has a fantastic season!


If you have any questions about the PYB program, please feel free to contact us at pybhoops@gmail.com.

Maps of Facilities PYB Teams Play at Frequently

MCC Click Here

Saint John Fisher Click Here

U of R Click Here


PYB Steering Committee

Bill Karpen: President and League Placement 
Craig Cohoon: Equipment/Uniforms, Evaluation Process
Rod Green: Facility Coordinator
Amber Cone: Facility Administrator, Scheduling
Nicole Whitehead: Treasurer
Jason Torres: Tryout Coordinator


Concessions Coordinators: Joanne Funk & Janet Seabridge
Past President and Program Advisor: Rob Wensley


Please see the Cost and FAQ page for detailed program information.