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We hope all teams have had a great first month of practice.  Depending on the tourneys selected by your team, many teams will begin playing games in November.  Good luck to all!

League play should begin the weekend of December 5th.  We ask for great sportsmanship from all involved with PYB-Coaches, players, and spectators.  We are teaching all the participants more than just how to play the game of basketball.  Thank you all!


 If you have any questions about the PYB program, please feel free to contact us at



PYB Steering Committee

Rob Wensley: President and League Placement 
Craig Cohoon: Equipment/Uniforms, Evaluation Process
Rod Green: Facility Coordinator
Bill Karpen: Try-Out Coordinator, Website
Amber Cone: Facility Administrator, Scheduling


Concessions Coordinator: Joanne Funk & Janet Seabridge
Treasurer: Nicole Whitehead


Please see the Cost and FAQ page for detailed program information.