• PYB Team Celebration
    5/6 Grade Team - Team Valvo
  • PYB 4th Grade Champs
    01/10/16 Eastside tourney at SJF
  • PYB 6th Grade Team - PHS Halftime Game
    12-11-15 PHS Vs. Webster Thomas - - - Great Game PHS & PYB!
  • 5th Grade Champions
    2015 Thanksgiving Tourney at MCC
  • PYB 7/8 Grade Champions
    Holiday Classic December 2015
  • Penfield High School/PYB Clinic 11/05/15
  • Penfield High School/PYB Clinic 11/05/15

We hope that everyone has had a great start to the school year. 

Teams for 2016-2017 are now set and practices will begin the 1st week of October.  Games will start in mid November to early December, depending upon the team.  We hope that everyone has a fantastic season!


If you have any questions about the PYB program, please feel free to contact us at pybhoops@gmail.com.

Maps of Facilities PYB Teams Play at Frequently

MCC Click Here

Saint John Fisher Click Here

U of R Click Here


PYB Steering Committee

Bill Karpen: President and League Placement 
Craig Cohoon: Equipment/Uniforms, Evaluation Process
Rod Green: Facility Coordinator
Amber Cone: Facility Administrator, Scheduling
Nicole Whitehead: Treasurer
Jason Torres: Tryout Coordinator


Concessions Coordinators: Joanne Funk & Janet Seabridge
Past President and Program Advisor: Rob Wensley


Please see the Cost and FAQ page for detailed program information.