• “The greatest achievement is not in never failing, but in rising again after you fall.”
  • If you're not a Predator, you're prey.
2018 Poinciana Predators Age & Weight Requirements
For Registration Information, Call (407) 467-6331
 Ages 4-15
Weight Unlimited
Football & Cheerleading
FLAG: Ages 4-6
PEE WEE: Ages 9-10
JUNIOR: Ages 11-12
SENIOR: Ages 13-15
Team Placement is determined by your child's age.
Seniors cannot be in 10th grade or higher.



*** Flash  Bulletin***

 Its that time of year again........The new Football/ Cheerleading season registration/sign-ups are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm-8pm.


The annual free Wayne Gandy camp will be April 21,2018. Registration will start at 7am. All football players and cheerleaders are welcome to join. The event will be held at Haines City high school.


For further information please contact Albert Bates or Crystal Warp

2018 Registration Fees


Price for Flag Division

One Child for $70.00

Two for $130.00

Three for $195.00

Tackle Divisions (Mighty Mites, Pee Wees, Juniors and Seniors)

One Child for $90.00

Two for $170.00

Three for $240.00

Four for $ 296.00


Cheerleading All Divisions (this does not include the cost for Spanky Packs, etc.)

One Child for $90.00

Two for $170.00

Three for $240.00

Four for $296.00


For further information please feel free to contact either Albert Bates at 407-467-6331 or Crystal Warp at 407618-9386








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