Last Updated: December 10, 2012

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2 New Teams Added for the 2013 Season

This Page has been provided to assist PYWL Clubs and Parents with additional resources, such as directions and handouts for the League.

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PYWL Mission Statement
The PYWL’s MISSION is to introduce the sport of wrestling to elementary and middle school age kids of the Peninsula and Bay River’s Districts schools and the communities of Mathews and Lancaster Virginia. The primary purpose of the league is to provide fundamental wrestling technique, show that wrestling is a fun sport to a part of, and to provide a feeder system for the area high schools teams. The PYWL’s focus is on PARTICIPATION and EDUCATION in the world’s oldest sport.
PYWL’s Mission Goals:
• Introduction to the sport of high school style wrestling to the league’s communities.
• Focus on participation, not match/tournament outcome.
• Provide even playing fields to the greatest extent possible with respect to age, weight, experience, and capabilities for the largest number of kids’ possible.
• To promote the community interest in support of their community teams.
• To teach fundamental wrestling skills.
• To provide guidelines for continued wrestling development.
• To cater to the beginning and advancing (but not Elite) wrestlers.
• Promote and develop good sportsmanship.
• To have area youth coaches eliminate/stop the promotion of weight cutting among youth wrestlers.
• To create more fans, adult volunteers and participants for the local middle school and high school programs.
• To encourage high school wrestlers to become kid referees and to provide them opportunities to develop/practice their refereeing skills.
• To develop a safe and healthy environment at all practices, scrimmages and member tournaments. To enact/modify rules that enhances safety of participants. (I.E. By minimizing/eliminates the effect of moves that promote choking, head/neck and shoulder injuries, etc)
Member Clubs
PYWL currently has 14 clubs from the Peninsula and surrounding areas. Participating Clubs come from Gloucester, Hampton, Isle of Wight, New Kent, Newport News, Middlesex, Poquoson, Suffolk, Williamsburg, and York County.
League Meets
League scrimmages are typically held on Friday evenings and Saturday/Sunday afternoons usually in a tri-meet (3-team) fashion. The primary purpose of the scrimmages is to introduce new wrestlers to live competition, as well as to provide competitive matches for the League's experienced wrestlers. PYWL offers an annual Rookie Tournament for new wrestlers with 0-1 year’s experience at Tabb High School, as well as the league tournament at the end of each season at the Gloucester High School.
Match Pairing for Scrimmages
To promote a safe, objective, unbiased matchmaking standard across the league, PYWL has adopted the Williamsburg Matchmaker Program. All individuals are split in 2 groups (rookie/experienced) and then paired based on age and weight. League rules for weight is +/- 5 lbs maximum, and a maximum of 1 year difference in age.

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