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First Basketball Games
100 Days

Thank you to all of the Ramona Families who participated in the 2014-2015 Basketball Season.  From the players, coaches, team mom's, scorekeepers and spectators, you all helped make it another successful season.  I will miss our out-going 8th graders and wish them the best of luck in high school. 

2015 Tournament Results

Boys 3/4 Champions                Boys 3/4 Runner Up

Lakers                                      Aztecs


Boys 5/6 Champions                Boys 5/6 Runner Up

Bulls                                           Clippers


Boys 7/8 Champions                  Boys 7/8 Runner Up

Supersonics                                    Heat


Girls 3/4/5 Champions              Girls 3/4/5 Runner Up

Lady Bulls                                  Lady Lakers


Girls 6/7/8 Champions              Girls 6/7/8 Runner Up

Giant Slayers                             Spicy Nachos