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Welcome to the Ramona Boys and Girls Club Recreational Basketball website!  We are ready to begin the season this weekend.  I am still building the site, but the schedules are up.  Players will be added soon, that way you can follow their progress throughout the season.  Jerseys and game balls will be here for Saturday's games. 


You can find a copy of the High School Playing Rules and our league specific rules on the handout's tab to the left. 


Thank you to all those volunteers that made it out to the scorekeepers meetings.  We should be able to track additional statistics this year. 


Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Jan 10
Boys 3/4
Clippers @ The Bulldogs 9:00am OPMS Court 2
Aztecs @ Warriors 10:00am OPMS Court 2
Mighty Dawgs @ Cavaliers 11:00am OPMS Court 2
Lakers @ Warriors 12:00pm OPMS Court 2
Boys 5/6
Mavericks @ Lakers 12:00pm OPMS Court 1
Heat @ Bulls 1:00pm OPMS Court 1
Clippers @ Wolf Pack 2:00pm OPMS Court 1
Thunder @ Aztecs 3:00pm OPMS Court 1
Boys 7/8
Newman @ The Average Joes 9:00am OPMS Court 1
Bulldogs @ Flight 10:00am OPMS Court 1
The Ballerz @ Warriors 11:00am OPMS Court 1
Girls 3/4/5
Lady Lakers @ Dunkin Divas 2:00pm OPMS Court 2
Tidal Wave @ Lady Bulls 3:00pm OPMS Court 2
Girls 6/7/8
Giant Slayers @ Spicy Nachos 1:00pm OPMS Court 2
Saturday,  Jan 17
Boys 3/4
The Bulldogs @ Aztecs 9:00am OPMS Court 2
Cavaliers @ Clippers 10:00am OPMS Court 2
Lakers @ Mighty Dawgs 11:00am OPMS Court 2
Boys 5/6
Wolf Pack @ Lakers 1:00pm OPMS Court 1
Mavericks @ Heat 2:00pm OPMS Court 1
Aztecs @ Clippers 3:00pm OPMS Court 1
Thunder @ Bulls 4:00pm OPMS Court 1
Boys 7/8
Warriors @ Heat 9:00am OPMS Court 1
Flight @ Newman 10:00am OPMS Court 1
Bulldogs @ Heat 11:00am OPMS Court 1
The Average Joes @ The Ballerz 12:00pm OPMS Court 1
Girls 3/4/5
Dunkin Divas @ Tidal Wave 12:00pm OPMS Court 2
Lady Lakers @ Lady Bulls 2:00pm OPMS Court 2
Girls 6/7/8
Giant Slayers @ Swish 1:00pm OPMS Court 2
Spicy Nachos @ Swish 3:00pm OPMS Court 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Ramona Recreational Basketball

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