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  • JOSE VERDUGO - All American - Collegiate Baseball News
  • March 30 to April 2, San Diego Lions
  • Mayor's Cup, Battle of North Las Vegas
  • GOLF TOURNAMENT - Saturday, November 1st - Palm Valley
  • ALUMNI GAME - Friday, October 31st

Congratulations to Andrew Wieger who has just signed with the College of Southern Nevada Coyotes!  Andrew will be joining Jose Verdugo who is currently starting at 3B for the Coyotes!  We are looking for Andrew to have a great Senior year here at Rancho and we all wish him the best of next as he will be starting a new chapter in his life in the Fall of 2015

L to R - Juan Cruz (SS at Taft), Dylan Pletsch (LHP/1B at San Diego City College), Josh Mill(RHP at Western Nevada), PJ MAtha (RHP at York College in Nebraska), Kevin Kline (1B at Dixie State College), David Modler (2B at Western Nevada) and Jose Verdugo (3B at College of Southern Nevada). 

Missing ffom the picture is Zak Qualls (LHP at UNLV), Scott Koenen(RHP/1B at Cerro Coso), Keifer Mclendon (RHP/3B at Cerro Coso) and Eric Allen (OF at Arizona Western).


2015 Rancho

Baseball Schedule


March 5th                     Rancho Rams              @        Desert Oasis Diamondbacks  3:30 PM

                                   Rancho Rams              Vs        Green Valley Gators             8:15 PM

March 6th                    Sierra Vista Lions        @         Rancho Rams                       3:30 PM

                                   Rancho Rams              @         Durango Trailblazers            8:15 PM    

March 7th                    Rancho Rams              @         T.  B.  A.                             T  B  A

                                   Rancho Rams              @         T.  B.  A.                             T  B  A


March 9th                     Silverado Skyhawks   @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

March 11th                   Rancho Rams             @        Las Vegas Wildcats                 3:30 PM

March 14th                  Rancho Rams              @        Desert Oasis Diamondbacks      NOON


March 17th                   Palo Verde Panthers   @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

March  19th                  Rancho Rams             @        Shadow Ridge Mustangs        3:30 PM

March 20th                   Rancho Rams             @        Cimarron Spartans                  3:30 PM


March 23rd                   Rancho Rams             @        Eldorado Sun Devils               3:30 PM

March 24th                   Bear Creek, CO          @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

March 25th                   Basic Wolves             @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

March 27th                   Medford, OR              @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM


March 30th                   Rancho Rams             @        Carlsbad, CA                          3:00 PM

March 31st                   Rancho Rams             @        West Hills, CA                         NOON

April 1st                       Rancho Rams             @        Grossmont, CA                        NOON

April 2nd                      Rancho Rams             @        San Diego Lions                     T  B  A


April 4th                      Bishop Gorman         @        Rancho Rams                     11:00 AM


April 8th                       Rancho Rams             @        Coronado Cougars                  3:30 PM

April 10th                     Foothill Falcons         @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM


April 14th                     Rancho Rams             @        Green Valley Gators               3:30 PM

April 16th                     Eldorado Sun Devils  @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 17th                     Arbor View Aggies    @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM


April 20th                     Rancho Rams             @        Basic Wolves                          3:30 PM

April 22nd                    Coronado Cougars      @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 24th                     Rancho Rams             @        Durango Trailblazers               7:00 PM


April 28th                     Rancho Rams             @        Foothill Falcons                       3:30 PM

April 30th                     Green Valley Gators   @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM


May 5th-9th                               SUNRISE REGIONAL PLAYOFFS


May 14th-16th                         NEVADA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS


Baseball Schedule


March 9th                     Rancho Rams              @        Silverado Skyhawks               3:30 PM

March 11th                   Las Vegas Wildcats    @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM


March 12th-14th                                     Bulldog JV Tournament                               T  B  A


March 17th                   Rancho Rams              @        Palo Verde Panthers               3:30 PM

March 19th                   Shadow Ridge Mustangs   @   Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

March 20th                   Cimarron Spartans      @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM


March 23rd                   Eldorado Sun Devils   @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

March 25th                   Rancho Rams              @        Basic Wolves                          3:30 PM

March 28th                   Bishop Gorman           @        Rancho Rams                          11:00 AM


April 2nd-4th                                   Diamondback Classic                                           T  B  A


April 8th                       Coronado Cougars      @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 10th                     Rancho Rams              @        Foothill Falcons                      3:30 PM


April 14th                     Green Valley Gators   @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 15th                     Pahranagat Valley       @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 16th                     Rancho Rams              @        Eldorado Sun Devils               3:30 PM

April 17th                     Rancho Rams              @        Arbor View Aggies                 3:30 PM


April 20th                     Basic Wolves              @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 22nd                    Rancho Rams              @        Coronado Cougars                  3:30 PM

April 24th                     Rancho Rams              @        Durango Trailblazers               3:30 PM


April 28th                     Foothill Falcons          @        Rancho Rams                          3:30 PM

April 30th                     Rancho Rams              @        Green Valley Gators               3:30 PM

Athletic Packets:

Anyone interested in playing baseball this spring, go by Room 800 and purchase your athletic packet for just $20.  Every year players need to get a new physical and must fill out the packet completely.  Players must have insurance before trying out in the spring.  If you do not have insurance, there is an application for insurance in your athletic packet that will cover you during the school day and in after school sports.  Turn the completed packets in to Coach Pletsch ASAP, I would like ALL of the packets turned into me no later than October 15th, that way we can start focusing on just baseball.


All packets have to be turned into Coach Pletsch before intramurals begin on February 9th.  Try outs are on February 27th, stay tuned for more announcements.

2nd Team All American

Jose Verdugo

Jose Verdugo was selected to the Collegiate Baseball News All American Team.  Jose was a Second Team selection - 3B.  Jose was 50-102  .485   13 Doubles,  8 HR's and 44 RBI's.  Congratulations Jose Verdugo - Jose will be attending College of Southern Nevada.  Jose is the fifth player from Rancho to be Named to an All American Team over the last five years.  Previous winner were Kevin Kline (1st Team), Brandon Pletsch (Two time All American), Zak Qualls (Two time All American) and Eric Holdern (2nd Team).


Congratulations to Jose Verdugo, Josh  Mill and David Modler, who were just named to the Nevada's All-State Team.  Jose was named 1st Team infield, Josh Mill was 2nd Team Pitcher and David Modler was also named 2nd team Outfielders!  Congratulation to the Rancho trio, thank you for your representing our School!

Jose Verdugo - 1st Team All-State

David Modler - 2nd team All-State

Josh Mill - 2nd Team All-State


Realingment COMPLETE! It is official - the realignment is complete!  Beginning this fall the NEW division will begin competition.  Rancho will be in the Southeast Division along with Coronado, Green Valley, Foothill, Basic and old rivial Eldorado.  List below are the two NEW Sunrise Divisions.  Rancho's football team was granted independent status for the next two season.

 Northeast Divison -  Liberty (31-5), Silverado (14-17), Las Vegas (12-19), Canyon Springs (8-16) and Valley (3-24)

NE Division Combined Record for 2014      68-81

SE Division Combined Record for 2014       124-75

Southeast Division - Rancho (23-10), Green Valley (27-9), Coronado (19-13), Basic (25-10), Foothill (19-15) and Eldorado (11-18)