Last Updated: February 6, 2016

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Picture Day Now Scheduled

Team and individual photos will take place on Saturday Feb 20th @ Shongum and Fernbrook Schools.  Picture forms/envelopes can be picked up via your team coach.  See attached price list to help make your decision in advance.  Click here.


Sat Feb 20th       Sat Feb 20th    
@ Shongum Cafeteria       @ Fernbrook Cafeteria    
9AM 2nd Grade (L-Z)   8:30AM 3rd Grade Bucks
10:35AM 2nd Grade (A-K)   8:45AM 3rd Grade Sixers
11:15AM 5/6th Grade Hornets   9:00AM 3rd Grade Spurs
11:30AM 5/6th Grade Jazz   9:15AM 3rd Grade Cavs
11:45AM 5/6th Grade Thunder   9:30AM 3rd Grade Knicks
12:15PM 5/6th Grade Lakers   9:45AM 3rd Grade Heat
12:30PM 5/6th Grade Heat   10:00AM 3rd Grade Celtics
12:45PM 5/6th Grade Suns   10:00AM 3rd Grade Thunder
1:15PM 5/6th Grade Spurs   10:45AM 7/8th Grade Cavs
1:30PM 5/6th Grade Bucks   11:00AM 7/8th Grade Sixers
1:45PM 5/6th Grade Warriors   11:15AM 7/8th Grade Celtics
2:15PM 5/6th Grade Mavs   11:30AM 7/8th Grade Knicks
2:30PM 5/6th Grade Knicks   11:45AM 7/8th Grade Lakers
2:45PM 5/6th Grade Celtics   12:00PM 7/8th Grade Hornets
3:15PM 5/6th Grade Cavs   12:15PM 7/8th Grade Jazz
3:30PM 5/6th Grade Bucks   12:30PM 7/8th Grade Kings
3:45PM 5/6th Grade Kings   12:45PM 7/8th Grade Mavericks
        1:00PM 7/8th Grade Heat
        1:15PM 7/8th Grade Bucks
        1:30PM 7/8th Grade Spurs
        1:45PM 4th Grade Bucks
        2:00PM 4th Grade Spurs
        2:15PM 4th Grade Cavs
        2:30PM 4th Grade Thunder
        2:45PM 4th Grade Celtics
        3:00PM 4th Grade Sixers

Randolph Apparel/Spirit Wear

The store is now closed.  Items ordered have been delivered through League Coordinators on/about January 20.  If you have not received your merchandise, please reach out to your league coordinator.


2016 Hoops Card

2016 Hoop Cards available on/about Jan 8th.   ONLY $10!!!  Tremendous savings at 20 local establishments.   All proceeds support the Boys Basketball program.  Contact any Rec/Travel coach to purchase your card today.  Or send $10 via check made payable to Randolph Rec Boosters and mail to Eric Polesuk, 48 Mac Spar Dr., Randolph, NJ 07869.  You must also enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.