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January 27, 2018 – 12:08 PM


Spring Baseball League


1) 2018 season will start for all league teams on March 31st.  Opening league tournament will start April 2. Please look at the schedule for your age group.  Remember that the schedules are subjected to change.


2)  There is a all age group tournament for Claremore teams on April 2-7  The brackets will be posted on the commissioners board outside their office


If you have any question or concerns please contact your age group commissioner's. 




Season Dates:

Opening Day –  March 31 

Closing Day – June 3 (depending on rainouts)

Games will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, with Friday being rain out make up days


League contact see below.


Jeff Warden – (918) 576-4069

Billy Daugherty – (918) 810-4392



RCBA Board and RCBA Fees:
RCBA offers Recreation Baseball ages 4 thru 14 and is ran by volunteer board members. We rely on support from the parents and coaches for help during the seasons.
100% of all funds collected at sign-ups and tournament gate fee go directly to the maintenance of fields, insurance, umpire fees, and other incurred costs which allow our children to play baseball.
RCBA is always looking for support if you are available and willing to put the time in to help the league and kids. Thanks

Looking for a great opportunity to enjoy America's National Past time?

Umpires for all age groups are needed for the 2018 Baseball Season. For more information contact Jeff Warden at 918-576-4069.


Park Rules:

No:  Coolers or outside food or drink allowed in ballpark.  Team Water Jugs are allowed in the dugouts.

No: Pets. This rule is in compliance with Ordinances set forth by the City of Claremore. This does not include service animals. Service animals are welcome at all times.

No: Tobacco. The Claremore Youth Baseball Complex is a tobacco free zone in compliance with the ordinances of the City of Claremore. This includes all forms of tobacco and e-cigarettes.

No:  Using of foul language if caught using it you will be ejected from the park.

No:  Skate boards or Scooter in the park.

No:  Playing in the dirt piles.

No:  Fighting or Bullying.

No:  Climbing on fences.

No:  Soft toss at any of the park fences.


January 27, 2018

Tournaments and Events for the 2018 Season

**If any team attends two tournaments they get the 3rd for half price.**

**Tournament schedules are subject to change until Thursday at 8:00PM. Please check back after this time to get the correct schedule for the tournament. Thanks **

April 21 - 22 All Ages USSSA A/AA $150
May 5-6 All Ages USSSA A/AA $150
May 19 - 20 All Ages USSSA A $50
June 9-10 All Ages USSSA AA $150

"Click here for Entry form" Entry form"

Send Tournament entries to jeff.warden@rogerscountybaseball.com or mail to
Tournament Director Claremore, Ok. 74018

Tournament Information

RCBA Tournaments:
Tournament prices for 6, 7 and 8 Under are $125.
Tournament prices for 9 to 14 & Under are $150.

Entry Fees: All entry fees must be paid before your first game in the Tournament. If a team withdraws from a Tournament once the bracket has been drawn, they will be responsible for paying the entry fee anyway.

Rainouts: Matters due to weather will be based on games played. Full refund on no games started. Half refund on one game started and no refund on two or more games started.

Team Rosters: All team rosters must be online at USSSA. Players may not be added after a team has played their first game.

Extra Hitter: If a team starts with an extra hitter they must finish the game with an extra hitter. If the team is not able to finish the game with the EH position then there will be an automatic out when that position is scheduled to bat.

Baseballs: Each team will provide 2 - "DOLA" or equivalent baseballs per game. It is up to each team to retrieve baseballs when they are out of play.

Pitching Rules: RCBA Follows USSSA Rules

9U - 12U 3 6 8
13U - 14U 3 7 8

Tournament Gate Fees:  All prices are per day.  Adults - $4.00.  Children - $3.00.  Seniors - $3.00.  Kids under 5 are free.

State Gate Fees: All prices are per day. Adults - $5.00. Children - $4.00. Seniors - $4.00. Kids under 5 are free.

Trophies: Each player (up to 13) on 1st and 2nd Place team will be given a trophy. Trophies will be handed out after the completion of the final game for that division.

No: Pets, Coolers or outside food or drink allowed in ballpark. No Exceptions. Team Water jugs are permitted.

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