• Our summer season is underway!
  • Rink shutdown: June 27 through July 29th
  • Our summer season is underway!
  • Make sure you stay current with payments
  • Our summer season is underway!


Next games
May 20
Bulldogs @ Ace of Blades
Predators @ Stallions
May 24
Wolfpack @ Skateful Dead
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The RRHL is an ADULT men's ice hockey league exclusively at the Regency Ice Rink in Lancaster, PA. We began in 2011 as the Regency Rookie Hockey League. As time as progressed and skills developed, we have become a men's recreational league. Our league is a no-contact, no checking league where we pride ourselves on fun and challenging games with good sportsmanship both on and off the ice.


The RRHL is in the process of some transitions as are other leagues run by the Regency Ice Rink. While we began as the Regency "Rookies", the league has become more a recreational level league as the players have improved to a C-level majority throughout the league. With this said, the rink is working on adapting the Regency Intermediate Hockey League and expanding this league to better serve those moderate to higher level skilled players. 

The rink is also in the planning stages for a new "rookie" league. While the RRHL will continually look to add players, we will be selective to players who have attended skills sessions or have limited playing time. Players who have difficulty skating or other skills will be asked to attend skills sessions prior to joining the RRHL. Players who demonstrate above-average abilities may be moved up from the RRHL to other leagues at Regency.

The summer season will continue in its current format but changes will officially take place for the Fall 2018 season.


Effective May 1, 2018, our website URL has changed to www.leaguelineup.com/regencyRRHLPlease make note of this change. Thank you.

  Please take a minute to check out our generous RRHL SPONSORS. Without the support of these area businesses we wouldn't be able to have the league we do. Our sponsors have contributed to help us out with jerseys, equipment, and player fees. We can't thank you enough for your support!