Last Updated: January 31, 2015
  • Welcome to the 2014 Revere Junior Patriots Season !!!
  • Welcome to the 2014 Revere Junior Patriots Season !!!
  • Welcome to the 2014 Revere Junior Patriots Season !!!
  • Welcome to the 2014 Revere Junior Patriots Season !!!
  • Welcome to the 2014 Revere Junior Patriots Season !!!
2015 Season Begins
181 Days
Revere Pop Warner Football & Cheering Banquet
SuperBowl Squares
Prepare you taxes and earn money for RJP


Revere Pop Warner Football & Cheering Banquet

Date: Thursday, February 26th
Time: 6:00pm
Where: Wonderland Ballroom
1290 North Shore Road
Ticket price: $25.00 Adults and $15 Children
(Participants are free, but must still pick up a ticket at ticket sales to enter the banquet. Also equipment must be returned to receive banquet ticket)


Tickets can be purchased at Revere Youth Center

Thursday, January 29th from 6:30pm to 8pm or Saturday January 31st 10:30am to 12:00pm at the Rec Center

NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR, so be sure to get them in advance.

There is a $5.00 MBTA charge to park in the parking lots

Equipment Return

Please note: No banquet tickets will be given until equipment return is compete and any outstanding balances are paid in full.



50/50 Fund Raiser == > Pick your Square !!! 

  $20    P  A T R I  O  T  S $20  
    1 0 6 3 8 4 5 7 9 2  
  7  Karen Alba  Roland Gendreau Linda Amiro  Cale Anjoorian  Rich McManus  Keri Wiswall  Andrea Belschner  Chris Panzini  Karen Hurley  Luke MacPhail  
 S 0  Lauren Brammer  Angela Schmidt Amanda Cappola Robert Jr.  Michelle Leonard  Lovell Chalmers  Mike D  Daryl M.  Jen McCarthy  Pat Keefe  
E 1  Serena  Michelle Tomasia  David Botti  Steve Cappola  Adrienne Maguire
 John Hurley  Sally S  Amy McManus  Don B.  Karen Alba  
A 6  Natalia MacPhail  Gina Raffa  Paul Belschner  Jackie Aurigemma  Don B.  David Botti  Jacque Murray  Lisa Gendreau


Anthony Sacco

 Salvi Ternullo  
H 2  Lynne White  Camille Voyer  Daryl M.  Jimmy M  Joseph Demers  Yolanda LaRose  Lainie Dellorfano


Kathy Maguire

Lisa Poole  Brianna Roderick  
 A 4  Karen Hurley  Warren  Ryan Angelo  Joe & Alex Robin Panzini  Mark M  Ed Sullivan  James Ternullo  Kelly Capozzi  Eddie M Q1 = $250
 W 5  Peter Sacco
 Pat Keefe  Lisa Poole  Jen McCarthy  Jessica Ternullo


Bobbie Colella

 Orsen Howell  Tommy Belschner Jr  Jimmy Rab.  Michelle Leonard Q2 = $250
 K 8  Sam Karshis  David Botti  Larry Tosi  Jen Duggan  Nancy P.  Eddie M  Laurine Yandoli  Karen Hurley  Jackie Cappola  Tracie Holden Q3 = $250
 S 3  Keri Wiswall  Joe & Alex  Amy McManus  Tommy Belschner Jr  Craig Elam  Maureen Demers  Lauren Brammer  Mike Pikard  Angela Schmidt  Michelle Tomasia Final = $250
  9  Mark M  Lovell Chalmers  Michelle Merino  Kristen Karshis  Karen Hurley  Gina Raffa  Jessica MacPhail  Jackie I.  Tracy Sullivan  Adrienne Maguire  


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RJP D3 - National Champions

December 8, 2014




RJP C2 - National Champions

December 9, 2014




RJP B3 - National Champions

- Total Highest Score

- Spirit Award

December 10, 2014




RJP A3 - 4th in the Nation

December 12, 2014







Congratulations to the D Football Team for an Awesome Season!! Great accomplishment getting to the Eastern Mass Semi-Finals!!






We want to congratulate all the Football and Cheering teams for another great year!



We also want to thank all the Coaches and Volunteers for their help, support, and dedication through out the season!


Good luck to all the teams that are advancing!!!