Last Updated: September 6, 2017
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  • A player must play in at least 3 games during the regular season to be eligible for playoffs

Next year the following changes should be implemented:

 1 - use the strike zone mat.  these umpires have been total shit since I been here years ago.  They are INCAPABLE of keeping a consistent strike zone.  I propose using the strike zone mat AND making the plate a strike.  This is not new.  GOOD leagues have adopted this.  These umpires are AWFUL and it has never gotten any better.  The strike mat will cut the frustration down.  Then they can focus on the other rules that they don't know.  This is an ongoing issue.  We all KNOW this.


2 - Wood bats.  The league should move to wood ASA bats to pair with the current ball.  This will accomplish 2 things: It will level the playing field so that teams aren't loaded up with $300 bats hitting balls into the trees. From my experience there is not much difference from 1 wood bat to the other.  It will also cut down possible injury.  This is THE ONLY league where there are no bat restrictions.  Being that it is a work recreation league that is ABSURD.  Wood bats are $20-$80 bucks.


These rule changes would make this a better league.

RIP Joe Beard


Wednesday, Sep 20
RHD 2017
El Sabor @ COSP6:00pmFernhill - Field 1

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