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Who are we:

Riverside Youth Association is one of the founding teams in North Texas.  We teach the fundamentals of youth football by stressing the importance of teamwork, to children in the community between the ages of 4 through 12.  The goal is to develop a love the game at an early age and at the same time introduce them to discipline and hard work.

What do we do:

The Coaching Staff at Riverside Youth Association encourage the players to maintain satisfactory grades in school as a step towards keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors.  Every effort possible is taken to keep cost down while continuing to raise the standards of youth football. 

Why do we do it:

Our goal is to provide our children the ability to play competitive youth football and cheer close to home.  Our motto is "HARD WORK PAYS OFF"....  At Riverside Youth Association we promote safe fun youth athletics, and cheer activities while providing exciting games and fun experiences for our children and our fans.

How can I speak with someone?

Call Coach Anthony at 817 915-4830 or email