Last Updated: October 23, 2014
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Welcome to ROSEDALEHOCKEY.NET, the home of the

Rosedale Minor Hockey Association

**Rosters have been uploaded for ALL division.**
**Please look under 'Teams/Rosters' in the left-side menu.**


The season starts this weekend.

 Saturday will be practices and Sunday will be games.

Novices will be on the ice at 8 or 9 am, Atoms will be on the ice at 10 or 11 am,

Peewees will be on the ice at 12, 1 or 2 pm, Bantams will be on the ice at 3, 4 or 5 pm.

Midgets will have possible games this Wednesday 6 or 7 pm, Friday 8 or 9 pm, and/or Sunday 7, 8 or 9 pm.

Please look at the schedules of the divisions for more information.
We are doing our best to make the season enjoyable for all.

Thank you.

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Oct 24
Lightning @ Coyotes 8:00pm Rosedale Arena
Flyers @ Blue Jackets 9:00pm Rosedale Arena
Saturday,  Oct 25
PRACTICE Coyotes 8:00am Rosedale Arena
Stars PRACTICE 8:00am Rosedale Arena
Lightning PRACTICE 9:00am Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Kings 9:00am Rosedale Arena
Coyotes PRACTICE 10:00am Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Kings 10:00am Rosedale Arena
Lightning PRACTICE 11:00am Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Stars 11:00am Rosedale Arena
Coyotes PRACTICE 12:00pm Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Stars 12:00pm Rosedale Arena
Kings PRACTICE 1:00pm Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Flyers 1:00pm Rosedale Arena
Lightning PRACTICE 2:00pm Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Bruins 2:00pm Rosedale Arena
Kings PRACTICE 3:00pm Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Stars 3:00pm Rosedale Arena
Lightning PRACTICE 4:00pm Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Coyotes 4:00pm Rosedale Arena
Flyers PRACTICE 5:00pm Rosedale Arena
PRACTICE Bruins 5:00pm Rosedale Arena
Sunday,  Oct 26
Stars @ Coyotes 8:00am Rosedale Arena
Lightning @ Kings 9:00am Rosedale Arena
Coyotes @ Kings 10:00am Rosedale Arena
Lightning @ Stars 11:00am Rosedale Arena
Bruins @ Coyotes 12:00pm Rosedale Arena
Flyers @ Kings 1:00pm Rosedale Arena
Lightning @ Stars 2:00pm Rosedale Arena
Kings @ Stars 3:00pm Rosedale Arena
Lightning @ Coyotes 4:00pm Rosedale Arena
Flyers @ Bruins 5:00pm Rosedale Arena
Kings @ Bruins 7:00pm Rosedale Arena
Blue Jackets @ Stars 8:00pm Rosedale Arena
Lightning @ Flyers 9:00pm Rosedale Arena

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Rosedale Minor Hockey Association

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