Last Updated: October 26, 2014
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  • Welcome to Robinson Summer Softball!
  • Our Mission Statement:
  • It is the Goal of the Robinson Girls Youth Softball Association to demonstrate & teach life lessons
  • to the youth of our area while coaching them the skills of softball at the same time.
  • We strive to do this in a fun and safe environment.

Robinson Summer Softball

The address for the city park is 1201 S. Cross St.
League Officers: 2015

President: Kip Randolph
Vice President: Mike Wagaman
Secretary: Angie Robb
Treasurer: Dawn Adams
Members At Large: Marisa Bonnell & Alan Cooley
Equipment Manager: Valerie Elder
12U for 2015    
Coach  Alan Cooley (618) 544-3869        

Brianna Robb

Willow Hoke

Hailey Dean

Marley McKee

Katie Hartke

Lucy List

Katie Elder

Catie Newlin

Patience Steward

Reece Stewart

Bailey Straut

Andrea McKeigan


 10U for 2015


CoachJaime Garrard  (618)554-6732.**

Isabel Heidorn 

Elizabeth Shea

Paige Sanders

Raegon Manhart

Haley Bricker

Adyson Littlejohn

Alexis Davis

Callie Dickerson

Emily McColpin

Erika Garrard












Robinson Summer Softball

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