Last Updated: August 24, 2016
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  • Welcome to Robinson Summer Softball!
  • Our Mission Statement:
  • It is the Goal of the Robinson Girls Youth Softball Association to demonstrate & teach life lessons
  • to the youth of our area while coaching them the skills of softball at the same time.
  • We strive to do this in a fun and safe environment.

Robinson Summer Softball

The address for the city park is 1201 S. Cross St.
 Members of the 2017 14U Robinson Dynamite Team are:   Members of the 2017 10U Robinson Dynamite Team are:    Members of the 2017 12U Robinson Dynamite  Team are:

1. Katie Hartke                                                                        1. Zya Bricker                                                                          1. Ella Baxter
2. Bailey Strauch                                                                     2. Brooklann Carter                                                                 2. Cadance Brashear
3. Katie Elder                                                                          3. Tamara Franklin                                                                  3. Haley Bricker
4. Valerie Wright                                                                     4. Brynn Griffin                                                                        4. Alexis Davis
5. Kara Reider                                                                         5. Annika List                                                                          5. Erika Garrard
6. Catie Newlin                                                                        6. Eva Herman                                                                        6. Halle Gower
7. Mikayla  Hammond                                                              7. Maddy Miller                                                                      7. Sydney Harmon
8. Kyrsten White                                                                      8. Megan Parker                                                                    8. Isabel Heidorn
9. Lucy List                                                                              9. Emily Shilder                                                                      9. Katelyn Jones
10. Jasmine Escobedo                                                          10. Kylee Weber                                                                     10. Madalyn Myers
11. Caeley Aldrich                                                                  11. Katie Winterrowd                                                              11. Maci Smith 
12.Patience Steward                                                              12. Ava Beard                                                                        12. Madison Utterback                                                             
Coach: Dan Strauch                                                               Coach Erica List                                                                      Coaches:
Asst. Coach: Jason Hartke                                                    Asst. Coach Robbin List                                                             Jaime Garrard
                                                                                                                                                                                                Eric Gullett
                                                                                                                                                                                                Doug Heidorn



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