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November 5, 2015

Town League Registration is Now Open

2015-2016 Town League Registration is now open. 

Rockland Youth Basketball Town League is now accepting signups.

Starting this season we are using a using a brand new registration system. You'll need to take a minute to create a account but that means that future registrations will go even smoother and quicker (it'll also allow you to sign up for text alerts). If you have questions or problems with the signup process you can contact our Information Officer, Pat Glennon at

Town League is $100 per player with a family cap of $175. Travel families receive a $25 discount on the first travel player playing Town League - claim this by entering coupon code Travel1516 during checkout.

Town League will start in Early December and run until Super Saturday in March.

We expect Town League to once again be broken into the following divisions:

Boys Instructional - 2nd & 3rd Grade
Girls Instructional - 2nd & 3rd Grade

Boys Junior League - 4th & 5th Grade
Girls Junior League - 4th & 5th Grade

Boys Senior League - 6th, 7th & 8th Grade
Girls Senior League - 6th, 7th & 8th Grade


November 2, 2015

Fourth Grade Travel Teams

2015-2016 Travel Teams for Fourth Grade Players!

Girls Boys
Aayah Zaynoune Aiden Dolan
Ainsley Cavicchi Angel Bruno Jr.
Alexa Visconte Bill Fitch
Beatriz Rosa Cameron Babcock
Driana Flemings Jai Karani
Emily Tsiantoulas Kevin Maroney
Maggie Elie Nicholai Olsen
Nadia Dutton RJ (Russell) Cheney
Sophie Levy Taylan Keefe


It was hard to do, but we apologize to any fourth grade boys we weren't able to offer a spot to. Especially at this age we try to limit the team size to make sure the boys are getting a good amount of playing time. If you paid your registration fee up front and your son didn't make a team we'll be in touch about refund options. We encourage all (those on a team and those who didn't make it) to play recreational town league basketball this winter to have some fun and keep working on your game.

October 24, 2015

Middle School Travel Teams


Rob Benson Mark Steeves Raul Morrell Bill Gray  Mike Callahan John Leavitt Mike Callahan Pete Moriarty
8A 8B 8C 7A 7B 6A 6B 5
Adrian Quezada  Aaron Steeves Eric Barber Andrew Norton
Andrew Blake
Adam Beatrice Aiden Baar Christopher Armstrong
Andrew Henderson Sean McGuirk Jake Dunham Brennan Keefe Brody Davis Conor Leavitt Charlie Succar Edrick Quezada
Colby Taylor Brian McClain Marco Morrell Bryan Colarusso
Cameron Hogan
Derek Sage Cody Rich Jacob Coulstring
Conor Dolan Joe Murray Robbie Bono Cullen Rogers Daniel Ramos Gavin Norton Derek Keenan James McCoole
Dante Vasquez Anueris Quezada  Sean Belmonte Dylan McCue
Devon Smith
Jacob Belcher Erick Almeida John Paul Emile
Derek Williams  Josiah Durand Sean Kohler Evan Ochenduzko
Evan Burke
Michael McGuirk Jack Lewis Khalil Habboub
Jake Benson  Nick Visconte Stephen Corr Jacob Moore
Kadin George
Ramzeys Youseff Jaden Lewis Logan Rogers
Joe Breadmore Ricky Glavin Tyler Young Jimmy Tsiantoulas 
Kodi George
Steven Vernava Jaiden Rogers Lucas Jones
Julian Tarpy Liam Flaherty   JoJo Nguyen
Matt Viega
  Max Huggins Lucas Leander
Kyle Stec      Patrick Moriarty
Ryan Hindy
  Zachary Achenbach Michael Moriarty
Mike Dutton        Zach Miller      
Steve Murphy Scott Bertram   Jeff Reale   Matt Stec Mark Pulsifer Joe Blaney
8A 8B   7A   6A 6B 5
Alyssa Patten Arianna Esposito   Alana Murphy   Angie Sayah Alanna Gray Anna Ramponi
Avery Ewell Brooke Kimball   Delia O'Rourke   Caroline Lage Amanda Belmonte Bella Dangora
Caroline Elie Catherine Doyle   Emily Donovan   Jordan Stec Darcy McGuirk Charlie Kelleher
Chase Macdonald Jordan Pierce   Hannah Makarski   Joy Sayah Ellery Campbell Emma Radzik
Hannah Murphy Julia Yeadon   Hannah Rich   Julia Elie Emma Burns Lexi McKenna
Hannah Wyllie Katie McGuirk   Kenzie Tsiantoulas   Kathleen Nee Jessica Pulsifer Madison Hermenau
Madison Reardon Lara Glennon   Lauren Draicchio   Lindsay Tsiantoulas Jillian Mitchell Sam Woodward
Maryn Monett Maddie Gear   Lilly Reale    Maddie Murphy McKenzie Leavitt Shea MacDougall
Stephanie Beatrice     Meghan Kirby    Mariead Gallagher Melanie Brady Sophie Reale
          Molly Callahan Mia Flemming Sydney Blaney


*The second 8th grade girls team really isn't viable with only 7 girls. We don't want to turn the girls away in an important year leading up to high school next year. We are seeking 2-4 girls to fill out the roster. If you are interested please let us know by emailing

It was a very difficult decision to have to cut some boys and girls across a number of teams. We wish we could keep everybody. If you had paid prior to tryouts and didn't make a team you will receive a refund. If you wish to play town league (signups opening soon) we can apply a portion of your refund to your town league registration and then refund the difference.