• Saturday night at the gym for 2nd-8th grade boys and girls (Apr 30-Jul 30)

Ball for All: a Roots basketball camp for special needs athletes

Saturday nights at the gym (2nd-8th grade boys and girls)

Experienced coaches will be on hand at Paski Gym from 7:00 to 8:30pm every Saturday from April 30 through July 30.  The coaches will run specific skills and drills, and will monitor scrimmages. Typically there will be 60 minutes or so of coaches working with players on the skills of the day, followed by 30 minutes of scrimmaging.

Any 2nd-8th graders interested in getting time in the gym are welcome. They do not have to have previously done any Roots sessions.

The $50 fee gives unlimited access to 3 months of weekly sessions. Come every week, or come whenever the mood strikes...it's up to you.  The goal is to give kids some instruction and to foster their love for the game.  (And parents can use this gym time as an opportunity for a quick "date night.")