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Saturday, July 15, 2017  
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2017 Football

Welcome to the home of

Royse City Youth Sports Development


May 20, 2017

🐶🏈📣 Good Morning, all. Uniform fittings for Cheer and football will be held on May 20th at the Middle School gym.

Fitting times are as followed:

1:00-2:00 - Kinder, 1st, and 2nd
2:00 - 3:00 - 3rd and 4th
3:00 - 4:00 - 5th and 6th

2:00-2:45 - Kinder, 1st, and 2nd
3:00-3:30 - 3rd and 4th
3:30-4:00 - 5th and 6th

Uniform fittings are mandatory. If for some reason your player absolutely cannot attend fittings, please contact your child's coach. If you are on the football side and your child's team does not have a coach yet please contact:
Steve Kinman skinman@netrx.net or
Justin Montez zetnom97@yahoo.com

It's hard to believe fittings are already here! We look forward to seeing everyone on the 20th! 📣🏈🐶

Volleyball - Spring Season Registration is now open!!!

April 3, 2017

Volleyball registration for the Spring 2017 season is now open.  We have added High School age groups so sign up today! 




2017 Grade Pure Football and Cheer Registration Begins!


Registration for 2017 is now open.  Click the link on the left or right to begin the process.  Registration this year is $65 and there is a $5 discount if you register before March 1st.  Register now to save!

The registration process will look different this year but we will be using more of the features of League Lineup and during the year you will see added features to help you with notifications.  You will now need to sign up for an account on league lineup and when you do they will send an email verification link.  Just follow that link and you can begin the registration process.

We ask that if it is possible you pay with Paypal or a Credit Card because it is much easier to track payments.  

We look forward to the upcoming season as I know you do.  New competition, New rules, New challenges.  We accept them all!  Go Bulldogs!

RCYSD is making Strides!

Hello RCYSD Family!

After much thinking, much discussion, the occasional argument, and lots more meetings and discussion, we have decided to leave the North East Texas Peewee Football League (NETPWFL) and head on over to the Lake Ray Hubbard Football League (LRHFL)!  This is very exciting, not only because we will be playing different towns and creating new rivalry's, but because it will be "Grade Pure" football.  "Grade Pure" means that your children will no longer be playing kids sometimes 2 years older than your child.  It is best said like this;

Kindergarten plays Kindergarten

1st grade plays 1st grade

2nd grade plays 2nd grade

and so on......

USA Football (www.USAFootball.com) has certified the league, where each player, coach and assistant coach are certified through weigh-in and age verification, as well as heads up training programs and background checks, to ensure that safety and the well-being of the players is the #1 priority.

The rules of the game will change as well as some parents have always had concerns about tackle football at young ages and helmet size and weight on 1st graders.  The new setup is like this;

Pre K and Kindergarten - 5 on 5 flag football on a 30 yard field that is 25 yards wide.  The coach will be the quarterback and teams will be small.  This means more playing time for all kids, less physical blocking, pushing, and pulling, and more chances to actually touch the ball and be part of the team.

1st Grade - 7 on 7 Flag football on a 60 yard field that is approximately 33 yards wide.  No coaches will play in this league only the kids.  One exciting rule change is the defense cannot cross the line of scrimmage until a handoff is made.  This allows the play to at least get started instead of every play being made behind the line of scrimmage.  These teams will be smaller as well and afford each child more playing time instead of sitting on the sideline.

2nd Grade - 7 on 7 and Welcome to tackle football.  This will be an 80 yard field approximately 33 yards wide.  These teams will be smaller as well and afford each child more playing time instead of sitting on the sideline.

3rd grade - 6th Grade - 100 yard fields, tackle and regular rules apply.  This is very exciting because in years past 3rd graders could be playing kids that were supposed to be in 5th grade, 4th could be playing kids that were supposed to be in 6th, 5th could be playing kids that were supposed to be in 7th.  Now with the "Age Pure" league, kids will only be playing kids that are equal in age.  This should make for much more competitive games.

What teams will we play in the new league?

Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett, Sunnyvale, and Terrell.  This is the type of competition these kids will go up against in Middle School and High School and we did have requests from the High School coaches to make this move.

At RCYSD we are VERY proud of the Cheer program we have built and the cheerleaders, student coaches, and coaches that have made it all possible!  Cheer will have new competition in the new league but the year end competition and all current cheer engagements will still take place as is.  Much more to be decided and sent out on cheer as the year progresses and we see sign up numbers, etc.



If you would like to sponsor our league or a specific team please contact us!  Royse City kids need your support!