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Last Updated: April 27, 2015


  • Field Work opportunity this weekend ... Saturday, April 25th starting at 8 a.m. and Sunday, April 26th starting at 9 a.m.  If you can help, see Loren Harms at the Wolf/Adase fields then; sign in and out each morning to have hours worked counted toward volunteer requirements.
  • Concession stands sign-ups for all families who are required to complete volunteer time can be found through the link below.  Schedule is subject to change with rain postponements and reschedules; hours only count when the game takes place.  It will be each family’s responsibility to complete their own time.  A report is on our web site to show you how many hours are needed and how many are fulfilled as the season progresses.  Work Bond checks will be returned as your requirement is met.  You will have flexibility to sign up for any games on a first come-first served basis.

  • Game schedules are posted; on 4/24 I did notice some games after 6/5 were missing so I manually added them.  Check in to the web site often for the latest on games to capture any postponements, cancellations, reschedules, etc.  You can also sign up for text alerts through this site to receive texts for other volunteer opportunities and rain delays/cancellations.
  • Medical Release and Parent Code of Conduct Forms (found in our handouts section) should be completed and submitted to your Team Mom ASAP.
  • Picture Day will be the morning of Saturday, May 16th.  Each team will receive an assigned time to arrive for their picture.  More details coming soon!

Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Apr 28
Boys 7-8
Carlo @ Enamorado 5:45pm Adase
Boys Seniors
Palmarozzo @ Mets 7:00pm HS - Field B
Girls - Teeners (1st-2nd)
Jayhawks @ O'Connell 5:45pm Wolf
Girls - Seniors (6th-8th)
Serna @ Rams 8:00pm Elmora - A
EP2 @ Lippin 8:00pm Wolf
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Boys 9-10
Harms @ Larach 5:45pm Adase
Boys 11-12
Silva @ Landi 8:00pm Adase
Boys Seniors
Ceceri @ Palmarozzo 7:00pm HS - Field B
Petrosky @ A's 7:00pm Teener
Girls - Teeners (1st-2nd)
Molinaro @ Roselle 6:00pm Roselle
Girls - Majors (3rd-5th)
K1 @ Swirz 5:45pm Wolf
Valdes @ GW1 6:30pm Garwood
Girls - Seniors (6th-8th)
GW2 @ Schwarz 8:00pm Wolf
Thursday,  Apr 30
Boys Seniors
Petrosky @ Mets 7:00pm HS - Field B
Yankees @ Palmarozzo 7:00pm Teener
Girls - Teeners (1st-2nd)
K3B @ Royster 5:45pm Wolf
Girls - Majors (3rd-5th)
Downey @ K2 6:00pm Kenilworth - DiMario Park
Girls - Seniors (6th-8th)
Schwarz @ EP2 7:30pm Elizabeth Port
Lippin @ AuTigers 8:00pm Elmora - A
K1A @ Serna 8:00pm Wolf
Friday,  May 1
Girls - Teeners (1st-2nd)
O'Connell @ Wildcats 6:00pm Elmora - A
Girls - Seniors (6th-8th)
Serna @ Scott 8:00pm Wolf

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday,  Apr 28
Weaver 6:00pm
Carlo 7:30pm
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Harms 5:00pm
Schwarz 6:30pm
Crown 8:00pm
Thursday,  Apr 30
Palmarozzo 5:00pm
Royster 6:30pm
Landi 8:00pm
Wednesday,  May 6
Exec Board Meeting 7:30pm Field House
General Meeting 8:30pm Field House
Saturday,  May 16

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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