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Last Updated: April 1, 2015
Opening Day
16 Days
2015 - Girls Softball Tournament
Treasures Report March 2015


Hosted by: Head Coach Ron Royster

Date: Tuesday, April 14th

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: RPYBSL Field House

RSVP: Yes with # of Attendees, or No to


The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss as a group ideas for making this a great season and will include ideas on scheduling.  Coach Royster has already talked to some of you about helping out and any others who are interested can let him know at the meeting.  Thoughts shared by Coach on how to start the season is based on a ‘stations’ philosophy (hitting, throwing, catching, etc.) and having at least two parents at each station provided with the tools to effectively teach a specific aspect of the game.  The goal is to ready the children for their eventual move, in 2016 or 2017, to a drafted team and game format.


Please see handouts for medical release and parent code of conduct forms which will need to be completed and turned into Coach Royster at this meeting, the parade, or at least by your 1st session.


Hope you can make the meeting!  Opening day is just around the corner…April 18th!


My apologies to any families who missed the extended deadline, but 2015 registration is now closed.  If you missed your chance this year, please remember to check back in January 2016 for information on the next season.

Thank you to all those who did register!  The number of teams per division has been finalized, head coaches have been identified, and they will be participating in the DRAFT Saturday, March 21st.  After the draft, they will each receive a contact list for their team so that they can reach out to their players and start practices ASAP.  Clinic families will be contacted by Head Coach Ron Royster with an invite for a Clinic Families meeting where you can have the opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Clinic season.

Opening day will be April 18th when all coaches and players are invited to participate in our parade and ceremony (details coming soon).

Thanks in advance to everyone for a wonderful and fun 2015 recreation season!!

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