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Last Updated: April 18, 2014

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Field Conditions  
4/17 - All fields are open today for games and practices
During the weekdays, the decision is made by 4:00pm and is communicated to RRBL from the city.  We will post the information as quickly as we can to the website, Facebook, and push information via the email list and text message system.  If there is no update posted, then the fields are open. The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has a field conditions page on Facebook page to communicate field closures.  Please check them out if you have a FB account.

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Spring 2014
Mid Season Tournament
It took us much longer than we had anticipated, but the MST is finally in the books. Thank you for everyone's patience as we scrambled to reschedule around 2 rain outs.  The final brackets are below.  Congratulations to everyone.  See you at the end of season tournament.
   Champion  Runner Up
 Division 6U   Devil Rays  Nationals
 Division 8U D1  Rockies  Devil Rays
 Division 8U D2  Red Sox
 Division 10U D1  Angels  Dodogers
 Division 10U D2  Pirates
 Division 12U   Giants
 White Sox
 Division 14U   Yankees  Rockies

Umpire Evaluation Form
We have reactivated the umpire evaluation form for the spring 2014 season.  Please check the forms link on the right side menu from the main page.  Provide as much information as possible when filling out the form, good or bad. The feedback will help the umpire incharge for RRBL.

Field Condition Text and Email List Reset

With the start of the 2014 Spring season, we have reset the field condition email and text alert lists.  You will need to sign up again for email and text notifications regarding field closures. You can also follow RRBL and Round Rock Field Conditions on Facebook for updates as well.
Look at the left side menu at the bottom for the "Join Our E-mail List" and "Get Text Alerts".  You can unsubscribe yourself from both in the future if you would like.

If you have any questions, please email me Frank Scalet.

Spring 2014 Information 
Important Dates to Remember: 
4/3 - Mid season tournament starts
5/4 - Round Rock Express League night
5/12 - End of season tournament starts
5/17 - Closing ceremonies
5/20 - Allstar practices begin

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 19
4U Division
Pirates 4u @ Cardinals 4u 9:00am Field 1
Braves 4u @ Rangers 4u 10:00am Field 1
Mets 4u @ Astros 4u 11:00am Field 1
6U Division
Royals 6u @ Astros 6u 9:00am Field 3
Twins 6u @ Red Sox 6u 9:00am Field 4
Devil Rays 6u @ Indians 6u 10:15am Field 3
Braves 6u @ Cubs 6u 10:15am Field 4
Mets 6u @ Cardinals 6u 11:30am Field 3
Rangers 6u @ Rockies 6u 11:30am Field 4
White Sox 6u @ Yankees 6u 12:45pm Field 3
Tigers 6u @ Nationals 6u 12:45pm Field 4
8U Division 1
Astros 8u @ Dodgers 8u 9:00am Field 8
Devil Rays 8u @ Dodgers 8u 10:30am Field 8
Devil Rays 8u @ Rangers 8u 12:00pm Field 8
Nationals 8u @ Rockies 8u 1:30pm Field 8
8U Divsion 2
Yankees 8u @ Tigers 8u 9:00am Field 10
Reds 8u @ Giants 8u 9:00am Field 9
White Sox 8u @ Indians 8u 10:30am Field 10
Royals 8u @ Angels 8u 10:30am Field 9
Cubs 8u @ Braves 8u 12:00pm Field 10
Mets 8u @ Red Sox 8u 12:00pm Field 9
10U Division 1
Twins 10u @ Astros 10u 9:00am Field 17
Phillies 10u @ Tigers 10u 9:00am Field 7
Braves 10u @ Red Sox 10u 11:00am Field 17
Cubs 10u @ Dodgers 10u 11:00am Field 7
Devil Rays 10u @ Royals 10u 1:00pm Field 17
Yankees 10u @ Angels 10u 1:00pm Field 7
Giants 10u @ Cardinals 10u 3:00pm Field 17
10U Division 2
Indians 10u @ Nationals 10u 9:00am Field 18
Rockies 10u @ White Sox 10u 11:00am Field 18
Pirates 10u @ Mets 10u 1:00pm Field 18
Reds 10u @ Rangers 10u 3:00pm Field 18
12U Division
Giants 12u @ Braves 12u 9:00am Field 12
Tigers 12u @ Cubs 12u 9:00am Field 15
Angels 12u @ Rangers 12u 11:00am Field 12
White Sox 12u @ Yankees 12u 11:00am Field 15
Astros 12u @ Red Sox 12u 1:00pm Field 12
Rockies 12u @ Twins 12u 1:00pm Field 15
14U Division
Cubs 14u @ Twins 14u 9:00am Field 13
Cubs 14u @ Red Sox 14u 11:00am Field 13
Yankees 14u @ Astros 14u 1:00pm Field 13
Red Sox 14u @ Rockies 14u 3:00pm Field 13
Monday,  Apr 21
6U Division
PRACTICE Devil Rays 6u 6:00pm Field 1
PRACTICE Cardinals 6u 6:00pm Field 2
PRACTICE Twins 6u 6:00pm Field 3
8U Division 1
PRACTICE Rangers 8u 7:30pm Field 10
PRACTICE Astros 8u 7:30pm Field 11
8U Divsion 2
PRACTICE Angels 8u 6:00pm Field 10
PRACTICE Yankees 8u 6:00pm Field 11
PRACTICE Tigers 8u 6:00pm Field 8
PRACTICE Reds 8u 7:30pm Field 8
10U Division 1
PRACTICE Braves 10u 6:00pm Field 19
PRACTICE Phillies 10u 6:00pm Field 20
PRACTICE Giants 10u 8:00pm Field 17
PRACTICE Twins 10u 8:00pm Field 6
PRACTICE Yankees 10u 8:00pm Field 7
10U Division 2
PRACTICE Pirates 10u 6:00pm Field 17
PRACTICE Nationals 10u 6:00pm Field 18
PRACTICE Reds 10u 6:00pm Field 6
PRACTICE Rangers 10u 6:00pm Field 7
PRACTICE Rockies 10u 8:00pm Field 18
12U Division
PRACTICE Rockies 12u 6:00pm Field 12
PRACTICE Cubs 12u 6:00pm Field 16
PRACTICE Tigers 12u 8:00pm Field 12
14U Division
PRACTICE Cubs 14u 6:00pm Field 13
PRACTICE Twins 14u 6:00pm Field 14
PRACTICE Rangers 14u 8:00pm Field 13
PRACTICE Rockies 14u 8:00pm Field 14

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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