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Last Updated: September 4, 2015
  • **Fall Registration is CLOSED**
RedLine Athletics Training

Round Rock Baseball and Redline Athletics have teamed together to bring a performance training component to our players.  The training sessions are geared specifically towards baseball.  Redline will provide trainers who will focus on speed and agility to enhance the players awareness and performance while practicing or playing this season. 


During the Fall Season a 30 minute session will be available prior to each scheduled practice time.  This allows for a player to arrive 30 minutes early, on scheduled practice days, to warm up, train and be ready for the on-field practice.


Please sign up on the website if you are interested in participating in this program.  The ideal age of the participant is 7 to 18.  Anyone younger will be accepted on a case by case basis.  Please sign up with the online FORM if you would like more information.  Please do so by Friday 9/11 so RedLine can judge interest and plan.


If you have any questions, please contact Ryan White or call 469-774-9058.

Fall 2015 Picture Days
When:  September 14/15, pictures from 5:45-8:00pm (managers and team parents have each team's exact time)
Where:  Baca Center, 301 W. Bagdad Round Rock, TX 78664
Players need to come in full uniforms and can bring bats for their individual picture if desired.  It is also recommended that coaches wear matching shirts for the pictures if possible.
You can order photos and packages ahead of time by clicking HERE (This saves time on the day of the event for all).  If you have addition questions, please contact the team parent coordinator, Lesa for more information.


During the month of August, the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has been renovating the main parking lot for the Triple Crown Complex (T-ball fields 1-4) of the baseball facility.  Unfortunately, we have been informed that construction will not be completed until approximately mid-September.   We are looking into alternate parking options with the city until construction is complete.  In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER any construction area and stay on the sidewalks to access the T-ball fields (fields 1-4).

Click here to view image of construction area

UPDATE:  (8/24) The city will be making a temporary parking area for the Triple Crown complex to be used until the parking lot construction is complete.  The temporary area will be available when practices begin on 8/31.  Access for the temporary parking area will be through the "Umpire/Board Member" parking area near the Silver Slugger Concession stands.  Please follow the signage and do not block access to the area.  See photo below.


 Click on photo to enlarge


Multi-Purpose Practice Field Use

The lighted multi-purpose practice fields (grass fields with lights) located adjacent to the parking lot by the Triple Crown (6U T-ball fields) and Silver Slugger Complexes (8-10U fields) are RESERVED FOR FOOTBALL during the fall season.   NO RRBL TEAMS will be scheduled to use these fields for fall baseball practices.  Please stay off of these fields during the week this fall.  If you are on the fields during football practices, then you will be asked to leave and leagues will be notified.  The Park Rangers and/or Round Rock PD will be called as necessary.  Thank you for attention to this matter.

Click here to view field image

Field Condition Text and Email List Reset

With the start of the 2015 Fall Season, we have reset the field condition email and text alert lists.  You will need to sign up again for email and text notifications regarding field closures. 
To do this, look at the left side menu at the bottom for the "Join Our E-mail List" and "Get Text Alerts".  Select all groups you would like to receive notifications from.  You can unsubscribe yourself from both in the future if you would like.  If you setup your account with "auto subscribe", you have already been added to the group.

You can also follow RRBL and Round Rock Field Conditions on Facebook for updates as well. 

If you have any questions, please email me Frank Scalet.

2015 General League Information
Fall Registration is closed.
Please review the League and Park Policies.  Click Here.  These rules and policies apply for all RRBL events at Old Settlers Park.
Important Dates to Remember: 
  • Fall Season player registration:  July 1st to August 8th, Click Here for more information.
  • Fall Season select team registration:   August 1st - 10th, Click Here for more information.
  • RRBL Shopping Day at DICK's Sporting Goods:  August 22nd
  • Managers Meeting:  August 22nd
  • Picture Day:  September 14-15th (6-9p), location TBD

Refer to the website calendar to see all listings of upcoming events or field closures for RRBL.

Contact your specific age group commissioner with any questions.  Refer to the main menu, Board of Directors, for all contact information.


RRBL Night - Texas Longhorns

Texas vs. Kansas

November 7th, Game time TBA

Discounted tickets available by CLICKING HERE

Use Promo Code:  RRYBL

Limit availability - first come / first serve / first 100 orders

Longhorn Baseball Camps:

Field Conditions  
During weekdays, the decision is made by 4:00pm and is communicated to RRBL from the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department.  For weekends, we will be notified by PARD as soon as practical in the morning.  We will post the information as quickly as we can to the website, Facebook, and push information via the email list and text message system.  If there is no update posted, then the fields are openThe Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has a field conditions page on Facebook page to communicate field closures.  Please check them out if you have a FB account.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Sep 5
6U Division
Doss 6u @ Munoz 6u 9:00am Field 8
Harvey 6u @ Vasquez 6u 9:00am Field 9
Small 6u @ Seaton 6u 10:15am Field 8
Schmidt 6u @ Mendez 6u 10:15am Field 9
Slimp 6u @ Bujak 6u 11:30am Field 8
8U Division
Valenzuela 8u @ Wilson 8u 9:00am Field 6
Metersky 8u @ Clark 8u 9:00am Field 7
Beech 8u @ Anderson 8u 9:00am Field 10
Hollingsworth 8u @ Campbell 8u 10:30am Field 6
Mazoch 8u @ Betz 8u 10:30am Field 7
Wilber 8u @ Waters 8u 10:30am Field 10
Maldonado 8u @ Studebaker 8u 12:00pm Field 6
Martinez 8u @ Wells 8u 12:00pm Field 7
10U Division
Kallail 10u @ Puckett 10u 9:00am Field 16
Durocher 10u @ Gaylord 10u 9:00am Field 17
Chase 10u @ Kline 10u 9:00am Field 18
Elquist 10u @ Kallail 10u 11:00am Field 16
Metersky 10u @ Skorzewski 10u 11:00am Field 17
Kline 10u @ Rivera 10u 11:00am Field 18
Kratz 10u @ Elquist 10u 1:00pm Field 16
Haberman 10u @ Lauderdale 10u 1:00pm Field 17
Rivera 10u @ Ver Schuur 10u 1:00pm Field 18
12U Division
McGinnis 12u @ Kallail 12u 9:00am Field 12
Carpenter 12u @ Abney 12u 9:00am Field 15
Compton 12u @ McGinnis 12u 11:00am Field 12
Woods 12u @ Viloria 12u 11:00am Field 15
Kallail 12u @ Witt 12u 1:00pm Field 12
Carpenter 12u @ Woods 12u 1:00pm Field 15
14U Division
Emperador 14u @ Winterroth 14u 9:00am Field 13
Emperador 14u @ Berger 14u 11:00am Field 13
Hanson 14u @ Berger 14u 1:00pm Field 13
Monday,  Sep 7
Open Division
PRACTICE CTX Legends 9u 6:00pm Field 7
PRACTICE CTX Legends 12u 6:00pm Field 16
PRACTICE Vipers 12u 6:00pm Field 17
PRACTICE Hellcats 11u 6:00pm Field 18
PRACTICE THZ 18u 8:00pm Field 5
PRACTICE THZ 16u Parcus 8:00pm Field 13
PRACTICE THZ 16u Cryer 8:00pm Field 14
8U Division
PRACTICE Anderson 8u 6:00pm Field 6
PRACTICE Studebaker 8u 6:00pm Field 9
PRACTICE Wells 8u 6:00pm Field 10
PRACTICE Beech 8u 6:00pm Field 11
10U Division
PRACTICE Durocher 10u 6:00pm Field 20
PRACTICE Chase 10u 8:00pm Field 20
12U Division
PRACTICE Carpenter 12u 6:00pm Field 12
PRACTICE McGinnis 12u 6:00pm Field 15

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Friday,  Sep 4
Fields 7 & 18 Closed
Saturday,  Sep 5
Fall League Games 9:00am
Monday,  Sep 7
Fields 8 & 19 Closed
Tuesday,  Sep 8
Fields 8 & 19 Closed

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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