Last Updated: November 16, 2017
Fall 2017 End Of Season Tournament
- 10/24, updates will posted here when available
- 11/4, Update to Schedule
The 2017 Fall EOST is scheduled for Saturday, 11/11 and Sunday 11/12. Since no standings are kept for Fall Season, the seedings were done by a blind draw at the managers meeting in August.  All brackets will be single elimination.  Any updates to game times or brackets will posted here.  
 Pitch Counts are as follows:

1.     Pitchers may pitch up to 95 pitches for 14U (13-14 years old), 85 pitches for 12U (11-12 years old),

and 75 pitches for 10U (9-10 years old) MAX in a day.

·         If a pitcher reaches 61+ pitches in a game, the pitcher must have 4 days of rest prior to pitching another game. 41-60 pitches, 3 days’ rest, 21-40 pitches, 2 days’ rest. If the pitcher pitches less than 20 pitches in a game, he can pitch the next day. If a pitcher pitches 40 or more pitches that pitcher cannot move to a catcher.

·         A pitcher can finish a batter upon meeting the maximum amount of pitches for each limit pertaining to different days of rest. An example of this would be if a pitcher reaches 40 pitches when throwing against a batter. The pitcher may be scored at 40 pitches and finish pitching to that same batter. Once removed from the mound the pitcher will be held to 2 day’s rest for the 21-40 pitch slot. If the pitcher remains on the mound and begins pitching to a new batter, then that pitcher would be held to 3 days’ rest for the 41-60 slot.

·         Pitchers removed from the mound in a game may not re-enter the game as a pitcher.

·         The home team is responsible for keeping the official score book. BOTH teams are responsible for the pitch counts of BOTH teams.

2.     Disciplinary actions for exceeding pitch counts.

·         First offence will end up with a forfeit and suspension of the Manager for the current game, and suspension for the next game on the schedule.

·         Second offence will be suspension for the duration of the season, and the board will determine if the Manager will be allowed to Manage with RRBL again.



If you have any questions about the EOS Tournament, please contact your division commissioner.  Good luck to everyone!

Round Rock Baseball League:

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With the start of the 2017 Fall season, we have reset the field condition email and text alert lists.  You will need to sign up again for email and text notifications regarding field closures. 

To do this, go to the league website and look at the left side menu at the bottom for the "Join Our E-mail List" and "Get Text Alerts".  Select all groups you would like to receive notifications from.  You can unsubscribe yourself from both in the future if you would like.  If you setup your account with "auto subscribe", you have already been added to the group.
A free League Lineup account is required to receive text messages.  You can also follow RRBL and Round Rock Field Conditions on Facebook for updates as well. Click on the link on the right of this page.
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