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Last Updated: April 27, 2015
  • **Spring registration is closed**

Field Conditions  
Update 4/25 (9:00) - Good News.  We just received word that some of the fields will be ready to play at 12pm.  Games scheduled on the following fields are delayed 3 hours and will begin play at 12pm (updated game times are shown on the web site):
  • 4U/6U - Fields 1-4
  • 8U - Fields 10 and 11
  • 12U - Fields 12 and 15

Games scheduled for all other fields are cancelled (Fields 6-9, 13, 14, 16-20 cancelled)

Update 4/25 (8:10) - Many of the fields are still very wet and the city is working to get some of them playable.
  • All 10u and 14u games are cancelled today. 
More updates will be posted as we have some more information.  We appreciate your patience as they try to prepare the fields.  We need to play as many of the games as we can today; right now the T-ball fields are the priority.
During the weekdays, the decision is made by 4:00pm and is communicated to RRBL from the city.  We will post the information as quickly as we can to the website, Facebook, and push information via the email list and text message system.  If there is no update posted, then the fields are openThe Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has a field conditions page on Facebook page to communicate field closures.  Please check them out if you have a FB account.

RRBL Express League Day

Part 2 - Reschedule

Our hometown team and partners at the Round Rock Express have worked with us to reschedule our league night and pre-game parade that was rained out on Opening Night.  The Express provided us with an additional 22 tickets per team May 2nd game against Nashville.  Game time for this game be 6:05pm and includes a post game concert by ZooDust ( a 90's tribute band).   The pre-game parade for the league players will start at 5:15pm. 

Team Parents:  Ticket packets will be included when you pick up your teams pictures.  Pictures will be available for pick-up by the designated team parent at the Silver Slugger Complex (Fields 6-11) on Thursday night, 4/23, from 5:00-7:30pm and Saturday, 4/25, from 9-11am.  If you have already picked up your team pictures, then contact the team parent coordinator (Lesa Lambert) about getting your Express tickets.

Remember you can order extra discounted tickets at with the promo code of "baseball" and choose either "Infield Reserved" or "Berm Lawn Seating" to receive the discount.

Please say thank you to the Express Staff when you see them at the game.  Let's have the largest turnout ever for RRBL Night.    See you at the Dell Diamond.


Spring 2015 Information
Please review the League and Park Policies.  Click Here.  These rules and policies apply for all RRBL events at Old Settlers Park.
Important Dates to Remember: 
  • League Championship Tournament - Week of May 11, exact dates TBD
  • Closing Ceremony - May 16
  • All-Stars - June 1-28 

Refer to the website calendar to see all listings of upcoming events or field closures for RRBL.

Contact your specific age group commissioner with any questions.  Refer to the main menu, Board of Directors, for all contact information.

Spring 2015
Mid Season Tournament
The rain finally gave us a break and the 2015 MST is in the books.  The final results are below.  Congratulations to everyone.  Final brackets can be found HERE.
   Champion  Runner Up
 Division 1 6U   Yankees  Reds
 Division 2 6U   White Sox  Rockies
 Division 1 8U  Astros  Rangers
 Division 2 8U  Yankees
 Division 1 10U  White Sox  Astros
 Division 2 10U  Giants
 Division 12U   Red Sox
 Division 14U   Rangers  Royals

Field Condition Text and Email List Reset

With the start of the 2015 Spring Season, we have reset the field condition email and text alert lists.  You will need to sign up again for email and text notifications regarding field closures. 
To do this, look at the left side menu at the bottom for the "Join Our E-mail List" and "Get Text Alerts".  Select all groups you would like to receive notifications from.  You can unsubscribe yourself from both in the future if you would like.  If you setup your account with "auto subscribe", you have already been added to the group.

You can also follow RRBL and Round Rock Field Conditions on Facebook for updates as well. 

If you have any questions, please email me Frank Scalet.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Apr 27
Open Division
PRACTICE Texas Tornados 13u 6:00pm Field 5
PRACTICE Jets 14u 8:00pm Field 5
4U Division
PRACTICE Rangers 4u 6:00pm Field 3
6U Division 1
Reds 6u @ Braves 6u 6:00pm Field 9
Royals 6u @ Yankees 6u 6:30pm Field 1
6U Division 2
Rockies 6u @ White Sox 6u 6:00pm Field 1
Rangers 6u @ Red Sox 6u 6:00pm Field 8
Rockies 6u @ Dodgers 6u 7:15pm Field 8
Angels 6u @ Twins 6u 7:15pm Field 9
8U Division 1
Rays 8u @ Astros 8u 6:00pm Field 7
Braves 8u @ Rangers 8u 6:00pm Field 10
Giants 8u @ Royals 8u 6:00pm Field 11
Red Sox 8u @ Dodgers 8u 7:30pm Field 7
Pirates 8u @ Rockies 8u 7:30pm Field 10
8U Division 2
Cardinals 8u @ Reds 8u 6:00pm Field 6
Cubs 8u @ A's 8u 7:30pm Field 6
10U Division 1
Rockies 10u @ Yankees 10u 6:00pm Field 17
Astros 10u @ Cardinals 10u 6:00pm Field 18
White Sox 10u @ Twins 10u 8:00pm Field 17
Rays 10u @ Braves 10u 8:00pm Field 18
10U Division 2
Red Sox 10u @ Cubs 10u 6:00pm Field 20
Angels 10u @ Giants 10u 8:00pm Field 20
12U Division
Reds 12u @ Astros 12u 6:00pm Field 12
Twins 12u @ Braves 12u 6:00pm Field 15
Red Sox 12u @ Yankees 12u 8:00pm Field 12
Cardinals 12u @ Rangers 12u 8:00pm Field 15
14U Division
Rangers 14u @ Red Sox 14u 6:00pm Field 14
Cardinals 14u @ Astros 14u 8:00pm Field 14

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Apr 27
Fields 2 & 13 Closed FIELD CLOSED
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Fields 2 & 13 Closed FIELD CLOSED
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Fields 2 & 13 Closed FIELD CLOSED
Thursday,  Apr 30
Fields 2 & 13 Closed FIELD CLOSED

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Round Rock Express