Last Updated: March 28, 2017


Dick's Sporting Goods Team Coupons for 2017 

Dick's Sporting Goods is providing all RRBL coaches, players, and families the ability to use the following coupons anytime they shop for sporting goods at Dick's through out the 2017 Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.  The following coupons do not expire until November 30, 2017.
The coupons will save you on baseball apparel, gloves, cleats, bats as well as save you money on regular(non-baseball) items throughout the store as well.
Baseball 2017 Team Packet Coupon: Click Here


Team Sports 2017 Team Packet Coupon Link: Click Here
Thank you to Dick's Sporting Goods for their continuing sponsorship of RRBL. 


Registration Closed
Click on the following link for a quick view of the League Policy document or go to the left side Main Menu link "League/Park Policies" to view all league, city and park policies.
Contact the League President or specific age group commissioner with any additional questions.  
Refer to the main menu, Board of Directors, for all contact information.


With the start of the 2017 Spring season, we have reset the field condition email and text alert lists.  You will need to sign up again for email and text notifications regarding field closures. 

To do this, go to the league website and look at the left side menu at the bottom for the "Join Our E-mail List" and "Get Text Alerts".  Select all groups you would like to receive notifications from.  You can unsubscribe yourself from both in the future if you would like.  If you setup your account with "auto subscribe", you have already been added to the group.
A free League Lineup account is required to receive text messages.  You can also follow RRBL and Round Rock Field Conditions on Facebook for updates as well. 
If you have any questions, please email the webmaster.

  3/9, 6:18pm, SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY, All play suspended for lightning in the area.
Field condition information will be posted here as soon as it is available to us.  If no information is posted, then the fields are open and available for scheduled RRBL events only.  Decisions regarding field conditions are made by City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) employees.  On weekdays, decisions are typically made by 4:00pm and communicated to all leagues that use Old Settlers Park.  On weekends, field condition decisions are made by PARD employees as early as reasonably possible and then communicated to the leagues.
We recommend that you sign-up for our "Field Conditions Text & Email Alerts" for the most timely notifications.  
You can also follow RRBL and Round Rock Field Conditions on Facebook for updates as well.
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Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Mar 29
4U Division
Yankees PRACTICE6:00pmField 1
Reds PRACTICE6:00pmField 2
6U Division
Braves PRACTICE6:00pmField 3
A's PRACTICE6:00pmField 4
Select / Open
THZ Baseball 10U PRACTICE6:00pmField 6
CTX Legends 9U PRACTICE6:00pmField 7
Halos 8U - Wells PRACTICE6:00pmField 8
Halos 8U - Valenzuela PRACTICE6:00pmField 9
CTX Legends 7U PRACTICE6:00pmField 10
Rock PRACTICE6:00pmField 11
Hellcats 12U PRACTICE6:00pmField 16
Chiefs PRACTICE6:00pmField 17
THZ Baseball 12U Loter PRACTICE6:00pmField 18
THZ Baseball 11U PRACTICE6:00pmField 19
CTX Legends 12U PRACTICE6:00pmField 20
Texas Fire 11U PRACTICE8:00pmField 16
THZ Baseball 12U Thornton PRACTICE8:00pmField 20
Thursday, Mar 30
6U Division
Angels PRACTICE6:00pmField 1
Tigers PRACTICE6:00pmField 2
Cubs PRACTICE6:00pmField 3
Pirates PRACTICE6:00pmField 4
Astros PRACTICE6:00pmField 8
Cardinals PRACTICE6:00pmField 9
8U Division
Reds PRACTICE6:00pmField 6
Rockies PRACTICE6:00pmField 7
Royals PRACTICE6:00pmField 10
Twins PRACTICE6:00pmField 11

For a complete schedule listing, click here!