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  • 2014 Fall Racquetball League Championship Playoffs In Progress
  • 2015 Winter Racquetball League Registration To Close Friday, February 6th
  • 2015 Winter Racquetball League Season To Begin February 9th
  • Registration Fee is $65/Non-Member; $35/Member Of Joseph T St Lawrence Center
  • Any questions/inquiries contact Mike Leslie (
Spring Racquetball League Has Begun----League Information/Contacts/Week 1 Matchups
2014 Fall Racquetball League Open Division Playoff Schedule
2014 Fall Racquetball League Has Begun!!!
Congratulations To Our 2014 Spring Champions: David Wolf, Nick Parvis, And PJ Eisma
RRL Racquetball Rules Used By All Divisions
Congratulations Jose Moledo, Joe Sferrazza, Chris Criscera 2014 Winter League Champions!!
Congratulations 2013 Fall Champions---Conrad Chenoweth (Advanced) + David Wolf (Intermediate)
Congratulations David Goldsmith---2013 Summer Open League Champion
Town Of Ramapo Racquetball League Past Champions

Spring Racquetball League Has Begun----League Information/Contacts/Week 1 Matchups

February 19, 2015 – 11:20 AM


The 2015 Spring Racquetball season is ready to begin!  This season we have 12 participants.  We will have two Championship Tournaments.  The Top 6 in the standings will play for the Advanced Title and the Bottom 6 in the standing will play for the Intermediate Title.  Each player will be scheduled for seven matches, the playoffs will be single elimination.

Matches can be scheduled immediately, at you and your opponent’s shared convenience, using your special reservation rights for league matches only.  To ensure availability make reservations prior to the day before  your desired date/time to play (ie. Call Monday for Wednesday) up to a week in advance.  Facility Members can only reserve the courts the day before, so by doing this you will only be competing for space amongst league players.  Just let the front desk (845-753-2324) know you are scheduling a league match.  Please try to keep up with the schedule as much as possible.  Feel free to double up in a week to get ahead or catch up.


Below I have provided all league contacts and the first week’s schedule.  I will be working to get the league website: updated for the Spring Season by week’s end.  Here you will be able to find league contacts, a complete schedule, standings, rules, and all other league information/updates.















Chris Criscera---


Week 1 Matchups

Criscera vs Krivicich

Bergstein vs Parvis

Wolf vs Burkholder

Simchera vs Valenti

Louther vs Hanly

Kersting vs Collins


If you have any questions or run into any problems please contact Mike Leslie ( for assistance.  Good Luck To All Players and thank you for your patience!


2014 Fall Racquetball League Open Division Playoff Schedule

January 29, 2015 – 11:00 AM


Playoffs Are To Begin Immediately.  Good Luck To All Players.  If you have an questions/concerns, please contact Mike Leslie (  Winter season registration will be closing February 6th.  If you have not already done so, please register for the upcoming season at your next match if you'd like to continue playing.  The Winter season will begin February 9th.


1st Round

#1 Wolf vs #8 McGillycuddy---Wolf Advances (McGillycuddy Withdraws) (1)

#2 Krivicich vs #7 Burkholder---Krivicich Wins  (15-7, 15-11) (2)

#3 Parvis vs #6 Louther---Parvis Wins (15-4, 15-5) (3)

#4 Buhse vs #5 Simchera---Buhse Wins 15-2, 15-9) (4)



#1 Wolf vs #4 Buhse (5)

#2 Krivicich vs #3 Parvis---Krivicich Wins (15-12, 15-5) (6)



Winner Game 5 vs #2 Krivicich


RRL Racquetball Rules Used By All Divisions

September 30, 2011 – 11:00 AM

Every league will follow the same set of In-Match rules and reservation rights, but each league will follow a unique scheduling/playoff format to accommodate the varying number of players in each division. Scorecards should be picked up at the front desk upon announcement of arrival and submitted back to the front desk upon match completion.

1) In-Match Play Regulations

a) All In-Match action will follow USRA rules
( under 3.0-Play Regulations)

b) Games are self officiated; unsettled disputes will be determined by Joseph T. St. Lawrence Center Staff on hand in accordance to their best interpretation of above rules and situation described.

c) Coin Flip/Ball Closest to "Back Service Line" determines who serves first; alternate serves each game

d) Goggles must be worn during league matches; available at front desk

e) Games are played straight up to 15 points (no win by two).

f) First to win two games is determined winner

g) Determine if blocks/screens/interferences will be played again, played as is, or point awarded prior to start of match.

h) If the match is tied (1-1), and during the third game, the hour time limit allotted has elapsed, and score of game is also tied, a sudden death point should be played to determine a winner. YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY PAST RESERVED HOUR IF SOMEONE IS WAITING TO GET ON THE COURT!

2) Reservation Rights/Scheduling Matches

a) As league members, you are allowed to schedule ONLY LEAGUE MATCHES as soon as you and your opponent can settle on a common date and time to play. This is a right extended only to league players. To ensure the time slots’ availability please make your reservations prior to the 24 hour rule extended to all Joseph T. St. Lawrence Center members so you are only competing with other league members for your preferred time slot. You can schedule up to two matches a week if you fall behind or need to keep up in the schedule because of any reason (a makeup week may also be worked into the end of the season if deemed necessary). ANYONE WHO MISUSES THIS PRIVILEDGE WILL BE SUSPENDED FROM FUTURE LEAGUES!

b) You are assigned an opponent a week. Schedules/Contacts have been emailed to all and can be found on the league website: Using contacts supplied, find common dates and times amongst the two of you to play match. Call 845-753-2324 to schedule your match using privileges explained above. Any scheduling conflicts should be reported to Mike Leslie ( so he can provide assistance/make ruling.

2014 Fall Racquetball League Has Begun!!!

November 14, 2014 – 06:00 PM

The 2014 Fall Racquetball League Has Begun.  Below is the contact list for those participating:











The regular season schedule has been uploaded to the website.  Just use the schedule tab in the left hand "League Central" column.


Any questions/inquiries please contact Mike Leslie (


Congratulations Jose Moledo, Joe Sferrazza, Chris Criscera 2014 Winter League Champions!!

March 27, 2014 – 04:00 PM


Intermediate Division


Play-in Round:

#4A Valenti vs #5B Garzia---Not Completed

#4B Honey vs #5A Hanly---Hanly Advances (15-9, 15-6)


2nd Round:

#1A Palumbo vs #5A Hanly---Hanly Advances (15-5, 10-15, 11-5)(3)

#1B McGillycuddy vs Winner 1---McGillycuddy Advances (4)

#2A Kersting vs #3B Moledo---Moledo Advances (15-10, 10-15, 15-7)

#2B Boydston vs #3A Chopra---Boydston Advances (15-2, 15-2)



#5A Hanly vs #2B Boydston---Boydston Advances (15-3, 15-3)

#1B McGillycuddy vs #3B Moledo---Moldeo Advances (15-11, 15-6)



#2B Boydston vs #3B Moledo---Moledo Wins (15-12, 15-9)


Congratulations Jose Moledo 2014 Winter League Intermediate Champion!!!


High Intermediate Division


1st Round:

#1 Sferrazza vs #8 Darer (Injured)---Sferrazza Advances

#2 DiSimone vs #7 Bakhtiary---DiSimone Advances

#3 Parvis vs #6 Burkholder---Parvis Advances (11-15, 15-8, 15-9)

#4 Louther vs #5 Simchera---Simchera Advances (15-4, 15-9)



#1 Sferrazza vs #5 Simchera---Sferrazza Advances (15-6, 15-0)

#2 DiSimone vs #3 Parvis---Parvis Advances (10-15, 15-11, 15-11)



#1 Sferrazza vs #3 Parvis---Sferrazza Wins (15-9, 15-1)


Congratulations Joseph Sferrazza 2014 Winter League High Intermediate Champion!!!


Advanced Division


Play-In Round:

#8 Krivicich vs #9 Buhse---Krivicich Advances (15-10, 15-13)


2nd Round:

#1 Criscera vs #8 Krivicich---Criscera Advances (15-0, 15-7)

#2 Chenoweth vs #7 Snell---Chenoweth Advances (15-6, 15-10)

#3 Slutsky vs #6 Salmon---Salmon Advances; Slutsky Injury

#4 Bergstein vs #5 Wolf---Bergstein Advances (12-15, 15-5, 15-14)



#1 Criscera vs #4 Bergstein---Criscera Advances (15-3, 15-9)

#2 Chenoweth vs #6 Salmon---Chenoweth (15-7, 15-9)



#1 Criscera vs #2 Chenoweth---Criscera Wins (15-7, 15-7)


Congratulations Chris Criscera 2014 Winter League Advanced Champion!!!





Congratulations To Our 2014 Spring Champions: David Wolf, Nick Parvis, And PJ Eisma

August 18, 2014 – 05:00 PM

Intermediate League


#2 Schaub vs #3 Burkholder---Burkholder Wins (9-15, 15-8, 15-14)

#1 Eisma vs #3 Burkholder---Eisma Wins (15-11, 15-14)


Congratulations PJ Eisma---2014 Spring Intermediate Champion!


High Intermediate League


#4 Moledo vs #5 McGillycuddy---McGillycuddy Wins (6-15, 15-7, 15-8)


#1 Parvis vs #5 McGillycuddy---Parvis Wins (15-4, 15-3)

#2 Simchera vs #3 Boydston---Boydston Wins (15-10, 14-15, 15-11)


#1 Parvis vs #3 Boydston---Parvis Wins


Congratulations Nick Parvis---2014 Spring High Intermediate Champion!


Advanced League


#2 Telemaque vs #3 Salmon---Telemaque Wins (1)


#1 Wolf vs #2 Telemaque---Wolf Wins


Congratulations David Wold---2014 Spring Advanced Champion!

Congratulations 2013 Fall Champions---Conrad Chenoweth (Advanced) + David Wolf (Intermediate)

February 6, 2014 – 10:00 AM


Advanced Division


Play-In Round:

#8 Fornal vs #9 DiSimone---#8 Fornal Advances (11-15, 15-8, 15-12)


1st Round:

#1 Chenoweth vs #8 Fornal---#1 Chenoweth Advances (Fornal Injury)

#2 Slutsky vs #7 Buhse---#2 Slutsky Advances (15-7, 15-1)

#3 Krivicich vs #6 Telemaque---#6 Telemaque Advances (15-5, 8-15, 15-2)

#4 Snell vs #5 Salmon---#5 Salmon Advances (15-12, 15-14)


2nd Round:

#1 Chenoweth vs #5 Salmon---#1 Chenoweth Advances (15-4, 15-7)

#2 Slutsky vs #6 Telemaque---#2 Slutsky Advances (15-6, 15-6)



#1 Chenoweth vs #2 Slutsky---#1 Chenoweth Wins 2013 Fall Championship (15-12, 10-15, 15-13)


Congratulations Conrad Chenoweth!  2013 Fall Advanced Champion


Intermediate Division


Play-In Round:

#7 Schaub vs #10 Kersting---Schaub Advances

#8 Kreel vs #9 Tableriou---Tableriou Advances


1st Round:

#1 Wolf vs #9 Tableriou---Wolf Advances (15-1, 15-5)

#2 Barbanell vs #7 Schaub---Barbanell Advances (15-7, 15-11)

#3 Darer vs #6 Moledo---Darer Advances (15-6, 15-8)

#4 Burkholder vs #5 Barak---Barak Advances (15-8, 15-6)


2nd Round:

#1 Wolf vs #5 Barak---Wolf Advances (15-10, 15-2)

#2 Barbanell vs #3 Darer---Barbanell Advances (12-15, 15-14, 15-13)



#1 Wolf vs #2 Barbanell---Wolf Wins (15-12, 15-8)


 Congratulations David Wolf!  2013 Fall Intermediate Champion

Congratulations David Goldsmith---2013 Summer Open League Champion

September 23, 2013 – 03:30 PM

Hope everyone had a great summer and enjoyed the league.  Its time for the Championship Tournament.


Please complete matches in a timely manner.  We would like to complete the Championship Tournament around Labor Day.  Elizabeth Howard will not be participating due to a back injury.  If you will not be participating because of injury as well please inform Mike Leslie (


1st Round

#1 Goldsmith vs #8 Weisberg---Goldsmith Advances (Weisberg Traveling)

#2 Salmon vs #7 Darer---Salmon Wins (15-4, 15-0) 

#3 Disimone vs #6 Louther---DiSimone Wins (15-7, 15-7)

#4 Krivicich vs #5 Culianos---Krivicich Wins (15-8, 15-13)



#1 Goldsmith vs #4 Krivicich---Goldsmith Wins (15-7, 15-5)

#2 Salmon vs #3 Disimone---Salmon Advances (Disimone Injury)



#1 Goldsmith vs #2 Salmon---Goldsmith Wins (15-6, 15-1)


Congratulations To David Goldsmith---2013 RRL Summer Open League Champion!!


Town Of Ramapo Racquetball League Past Champions

June 3, 2013 – 02:00 PM


2008 Fall Open League- Rich Munitz

2009 Spring Open League- Rich Munitz

2009 Fall Advanced League- Tom Tenore

2009 Fall Intermediate League- Mitch Darer

2010 Winter Advanced League- Tom Tenore

2010 Winter High Intermediate League- Chris Criscera

2010 Winter Intermediate League- Philip Schaub

2010 Spring Advanced League- Rich Munitz

2010 Spring Intermediate League- Mitch Darer

2010 Fall Advanced League- Rich Munitz

2010 Fall Intermediate League- David Barbanell

2011 Winter Advanced League- Barry Bergstein

2011 Winter Intermediate League- Jim Wanamaker

2011 Spring Advanced League- Tom Tenore

2011 Spring High Intermediate League- Bob O'Neill

2011 Fall Advanced League- Barry Bergstein

2011 Fall Intermediate League- Joe Sferrazza

2012 Winter Advanced League- Chris Criscera

2012 Winter High Intermediate League- Anthony Armenio

2012 Winter Intermediate League- Mike DiSimone

2012 Spring Advanced League- Tom Tenore

2012 Spring Intermediate League- Thomas Beato

2012 Fall Advanced League- Tom Tenore

2012 Fall High Intermediate League- Bill Hamberger

2012 Fall Intermediate League- Riley Brennan

2013 Winter Intermediate League- Bill Krivicich

2013 Summer Open League- David Goldsmith

2013 Fall Advanced League- Conrad Chenoweth

2013 Fall Intermediate League- David Wolf

2014 Winter Advanced League- Chris Criscera

2014 Winter High Intermediate League- Joe Sferrazza

2014 Winter Intermediate League- Jose Moledo

2014 Spring Intermediate League- PJ Eisma

2014 Spring High Intermediate League- Nick Parvis

2014 Spring Advanced League- David Wolf