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  • St. Paul Capitals are the 2014 State Champions
  • Website Reset for 2015
  • Good Luck to all teams!

Website Reset - 2015 Season

The website has been reset and teams can begin entering schedules and roster information for the 2015 season.

Minnesota Class "A" Amateur Baseball - 2014 Season

Congratulations to the St. Paul Capitals on winning the 2014 Class A State Tournament


2014 State Tournament MVP is Josh Kubitschek from the St. Paul Capitals


State Tourney Team


St. Paul Capitals

Josh Kubitschek (Tournament MVP)

Ryan Abrahamson

Rick Tossey

Tom Peterson

Mark Groebner

Logan Busch


Minnetonka Millers

Donny Erdall

Derek Mason

Blaine Rutledge

Kyle Dalton


Minneapolis Lakers

Rob Veith

Grant Soderberg

Jack Hogan

Kris Edwards


Lyon's Pub Warriors

Derrick Peoples

Time Mettert

John Spanier


St. Paul Rooster

Tom Doran

Jon Stockton

Sam Fagely


St. Louis Park

Casey Garven

Mike Lueck





Thursday August 7th - Round 1 - Single Elimination

Bloomington Bandits 14, Rosetown A's 8

Lyon's Pub Warriors 8, St. Anthony Hogs 4

Friday August 8th - Round 1 - Single Elimination

St. Louis Park def. Sport and Spine 12-5

North St. Paul Red Roosters def. Minneapolis Cobras 10-9

Saturday August 9th - Round 2 - Double Elimination

Minneapolis Lakers def. Bloomington 8-1

Minnetonka Millers def. Lyon's Pub 6-5

St. Louis Park def. Continental Diamond - Diamond Cutters 6-4

St. Paul Capitals def. North St. Paul Red Rooster 13-0

Sunday August 10th 

Lyon's Pub def. Bloomington 9-0

St. Paul Roosters def. Continental Diamond 6-2

Minnetonka def. Minneapolis Lakers 5-3

St. Paul Capitals def. St. Louis Park 20-3

Friday August 15th

Lyon's Pub def. St. Louis Park 7-5

Minneapolis Lakers def. Red Roosters 8-7 

Saturday August 16th

12 p.m. - Minneapolis Lakers def. Lyon's Pub 9-4

3 p.m. - St. Paul Capitals def. Minnetonka 6-2

6 p.m. - Minnetonka def. Minneapolis Lakers 9-8

Sunday Aug. 16th

1 p.m. - Championship- St. Paul Capitals def. Minnetonka Millers  5-4 (13 innings)


Upcoming Game Schedule sponsored by MaxBat

Saturday,  May 30
Skyline League
Metro Knights @ St. Paul Mudhens 6:00pm Dunning Stadium
Sunday,  May 31
Skyline League
Tri-City Shark @ St. Paul Mudhens 12:00pm Dunning Stadium
St. Anthony Hogs @ Stillwater Loggers 6:00pm Stillwater H.S.
St. Paul League
St. Paul Capitals @  North End Biscuits 3:00pm Como Park H.S.
Monday,  Jun 1
Skyline League
Continental Diamond - Diamond Cutters @ Red Rooster 6:15pm Concordia St. Paul
St. Paul League
Rosetown A's @ Shamrocks 8:00pm Dunning Stadium
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Skyline League
Metro Knights @ St. Anthony Hogs 7:00pm St. Anthony H.S.
St. Paul League
Shamrocks @ Sport & Spine 8:00pm Dunning Stadium
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Skyline League
St. Anthony Hogs @ Tri-City Shark TBA TBA
Stillwater Loggers @ Metro Knights 6:15pm Century College
White Bear Township @ Red Rooster 6:15pm Concordia St. Paul

For a complete schedule listing, click here!