Last Updated: June 29, 2017
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  • Minnetonka Millers are the 2015 Class A State Champions
  • Don Erdall is the 2015 State Tournament MVP
  • St. Paul Capitals are 2015 Runner Up
  • Minneapolis Cobras take 3rd place in 2015
  • Diamond Cutters finish 4th

Updated Bracket 8/23/16


2016 State Tournament Teams

Park National League


#1 Seed - Mpls. Angels

#2 Seed - Mpls. Cobras

#3 Seed - Mpls. Lakers


St. Paul League


#1 Seed - St. Paul Capitals

#2 Seed - Kelly Fuels Diesel

#3 Seed - St. Paul Shamrocks


Riverview League


#1 Seed - Minnetonka Millers

#2 Seed - St. Louis Park

#3 Seed - Bloomington Bandits


Skyline League


#1 Seed - Continental Diamond 

#2 Seed - Tri-City Shark

#3 Seed - St. Anthony Hogs



Upcoming Game Schedule sponsored by MaxBat

Thursday, Jun 29
Skyline League
St. Paul Mudhens @ White Bear Township7:00pmWhite Bear Township Fields
Frogtown Lake Monsters @ Stockmen's Irish7:30pmMcGuire Field
St. Paul League
St. Paul Hops @ Highland Park6:00pmDunning Stadium
North End Biscuits @ Twin City Saints8:00pmDunning Stadium
Friday, Jun 30
Skyline League
Metro Knights @ St. Anthony Hogs7:00pmSt. Anthony H.S.
St. Paul Mudhens @ Stockmen's Irish7:30pmMcGuire Field
St. Paul League
Twin City Saints @ St. Paul Hops6:00pmDunning Stadium
Wednesday, Jul 5
St. Paul League
North End Biscuits @ St. Paul Hops6:00pmCHS Field-Lowertown Ballpark
Kelley Fuels Diesel @ Shamrocks8:00pmCHS Field-Lowertown Ballpark
Thursday, Jul 6
Skyline League
Frogtown Lake Monsters @ White Bear Township7:00pmWhite Bear Township Fields
Tri-City Shark @ Stockmen's Irish7:30pmMcGuire Field
St. Anthony Hogs @ Metro Knights7:30pmWhite Bear Township Fields
St. Paul League
Highland Park @ Twin City Saints6:00pmCHS Field-Lowertown Ballpark
Shamrocks @ Rosetown A's6:00pmDunning Stadium
St. Paul Hops @ North End Biscuits8:30pmCHS Field-Lowertown Ballpark
Friday, Jul 7
Skyline League
Metro Knights @ Stockmen's Irish8:30pmMcGuire Field
St. Paul League
Kelley Fuels Diesel @ Highland Park6:00pmDunning Stadium
Air Freight Unlimited @ Rosetown A's8:00pmDunning Stadium

For a complete schedule listing, click here!