Updates Sunday April 22

Click here for uniform pick up on Saturday April 28 (this will be added to the form). Please come at the assigned time. This way we can make sure each player gets the size they ordered.  We have too many teams and divisions that receive different items, and its not possible to have it all out at one time.  There is an open time listed that you can pick up any players uniform also. PLBoys Daniel Kleutsch isn't listed, they are 1-2 with all the other Pony league teams.


Click here for picture schedule- Make sure to pick up a picture form at uniform pick up


Click here for Opening day parade and games for week 1, with 38 teams, not everyone can play on opening days. If you do not play in Week 1 you will play the first of the following week.

League updates April 22

April 19, 2018

All teams have been picked now. You should hear from coaches about your practices. If you have not heard from a coach please text 748-1887 with players name and division. 





We are looking for reliable hard working Umpires and concession workers for this season.  Everyone loves our concession, it makes Selma special but it also is alot of hard work to have all the specials, if you are hard working and like customer service, send your name, phone and email along with qualifications and 2 references to,  Also umpires are what makes each evening run smoothly!! We need reliable people for those positions also.  Emails the same info above to