Last Updated: April 28, 2016

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  • Opening Day is May 2nd and 3rd 2016

Uniforms will be handed out Saturday and Sunday.  Each team is assigned a time to that you can pick up your uniform.  We ask parents/family to pick them up their childs uniform to make sure everyone gets the size they ordered. We wont be able to give out uniforms earlier than the time listed and they will be packed up after your assigned time to make room for the next teams.  If you cannot make the time listed or have several children playing you can pick up Sunday between 6 and 8pm.  Click here for the schedule or it is under handouts to the left.


Thank you for your patience and understanding in doing this.  We have 38 teams this season to get sorted and passed out.

SAL Game Schedule Week 1 2016

Below is the schedule for May 2 through May 6.  We are working on the full schedule to upload on to the website. Hopefully we will have that by the weekend.

Listed by league and coaches last name. 

Selma League Week 1 Game Schedule 2016
Date  Start Time  Location  Visiting Division  Visiting Team  Home Team
5/2/2016 7pm Brave Boys Intermediate Longfellow Felton
5/2/2016 7pm Bluebird Girls Intermediate Richardson Morgan
5/2/2016 7pm Raider Major Boys Andrews Parker
5/3/2016 7pm Bluebird Junior Girls Haughn Carter
5/3/2016 7pm Raider Minor Boys Andrews Estep
5/3/2016 7pm Brave Rookie Girls Dodd Dudley
5/4/2016 7pm Brave Boys Intermediate Dodd Kinder
5/4/2016 530pm Brave Coaches Pitch TBAll Coffman Lewis
5/4/2016 615 pm Brave Coaches Pitch TBAll Sites Dargo
5/4/2016 530 pm Bluebird Girls Intermediate Wellman Richardson
5/4/2016 7pm Bluebird Junior Girls Cox Swallow
5/4/2016 7pm Raider Major Boys Boggs Andrews
5/4/2016 530 pm Raider Minor Boys Andrews Duncan
5/5/2016 630 pm Bluebird 10U Boys Tri C Selma  
5/5/2016 7pm Brave Boys Intermediate Alberson Segraves
5/5/2016 530 pm Raider Coaches Pitch TBAll Cook Dely
5/5/2016 615 pm Raider Coaches Pitch TBAll Sites Keihn
5/5/2016 7pm Raider Coaches Pitch TBAll Carpenter Parks
5/5/2016 530 pm Brave Pee Wee Tball Hill Line
5/5/2016 615 pm Brave Pee Wee Tball Hicks Nickels
5/6/2016 6pm Bluebird 10U Girls Tri C Selma  
5/6/2016 8pm Bluebird 10U Boys Tri C Selma  
5/6/2016 530pm Raider Coaches Pitch TBAll Cook Carpenter
5/6/2016 615pm Raider Coaches Pitch TBAll Parks Dely
5/6/2016 530pm Brave Pee Wee Tball Robbins Johnson
5/6/2016 615pm Brave Pee Wee Tball Hill Nickels
5/6/2016 7pm Brave Rookie Girls Koger Lovell
5/6/2016 7pm Raider Coaches Pitch TBAll Dargo Lewis
No games Saturday and Sunday, a new schedule with open times for practices will be posted Monday 5/2

SAL Picture Schedule 2016

Below is the picture schedule for Opening days Monday May 2nd and Tuesday May 3rd.

It is listed by league and coaches last name. Example  Major Andrews is Major boys league and Jeff Andrews is the coach.  

Picture packets will be handed out at uniform pick up.  Please arrive a few minutes early and be ready to be photographed at the scheduled time. 

Pictures will be taken on Brave field in the outfield.


Monday May 2nd Photographer 1 Photographer 2 Photographer 3 Add In
5 PW-Hill PW-Line PW- Nickels 8U Boys All Stars
515 PW- Robbins PW- Johnson PW-Hicks 12U Boys All Stars
530 Major-Andrews Major-Parker/Cope Major-Boggs  
545 GI Richardson GI Wellman GI Morgan  
6 BI-Dodd BI-Alberson BI-Felton  
615 BI-Longfellow BI-Kinder Bi-Segraves  
Tuesday May 3rd Photographer 1 Photographer 2 Photographer 3  
5 CP Lewis CP Dargo CP Parks Add In
515 CP Coffman CP Keihn CP Carpenter 10U Boys All Stars
530 CP Cook CP Dely CP Sites 10U Girls All Stars 
545 Minor Andrews Minor Estep Minor Duncan  
6 RK Dodd RK Dudley Jr  Swallow  
615 Jr Cox Jr Carter Jr Haughn  
630 RK Koger RK Lovell    
TBAll Parades Begin at 6pm on Brave Field Peewee on Monday and Coaches Pitch on Tuesday  




Here are some questions that have been asked.

When will we have schedules?  Now that teams are completed we will start working on schedules. We should have them posted by April 26th at the latest.  They will be on the website under schedules. Your coach will let you know what the team name is.


When will we get uniforms?

We will have a uniform pick up schedule posted the end of next week (.April 22)  There will be a date a time for your team to pick up their uniforms.  The schedule will be posted on Facebook and the website. Each player receives a full uniform.


When is opening day and pictures?

We will have opening night on 2 nights this year.  It is too crowded and parking is an issue when everyone is at the diamonds on one night.  Monday May 2nd and Tuesday May 3rd are the nights for opening night events.  Teams will have pictures taken one of those nights and some teams will begin their season with their first games!  Obviously we cannot play everyone in those evenings but everyone can participate in the events going on.  TBall teams will have a parade around Brave Field and have a banner contest.  We will post a picture schedule by April 26 on the website.


When can I turn in or pick up raffle tickets?

The concession will be open at approximately 530 to 830 each evening during the week to pick up or drop off raffle tickets. Raffle tickets need to be turned in by 8pm May 3rd.


Please remember that all coaches and helpers are volunteers! We try hard to make our league fun for the summer but it takes alot of work.  Please help us out by picking up trash if you see any and even dumping cans if full, taking toilet paper to the restrooms or helping pick up paper towels ect.  Thanks to everyone who has helped this year so far and lets have a great summer of ball!!






SAL Game Schedule Week 1 2016
SAL Picture Schedule 2016