Last Updated: January 27, 2015

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  • All Star coaching app DUE 2/12/15. See Handouts.
  • League coaching apps DUE 3/21/15. See Handouts.
  • SAL always looking for volunteers to help out. Let Kim Royce know if you are interested.

All Star coaching applications due February 12, 2015. See Handouts tab to left.


League coaching applications due March 21,2015. See Handouts tab to left.


Opening Day will be May 15th and 16th.


Stay tuned for registration dates and times. Early registration discounts offered.


SAL is open for any child from any community.


SAL major boys division plays 50/70 modified HS rules.

* Tweet all of your fun photos from the ballpark this summer!  Use hashtag:  #selmaball14

* Follow us on Twitter @SALBaseball and Facebook- Selma Athletic League

* Driving directions for Tri County teams in the "Links" section.

108 Days
New Scoreboards are up and running!!! Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen.